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First Mac and iPhone Compared, Upgrade Mac mini RAM, Mac Data Recovery, iPhoto 9.1.1, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2011.01.03

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2 Apple Revolutions Compared: First Mac and First iPhone

The Original MacintoshMacworld's Christopher Breen observes that no two Apple products share a closer parallel history than the original iPhone and the original Macintosh computer - each revolutionary for its time. The Macintosh 128K was the first mainstream computer to include a graphical user interface similar to ones that are still the industry standard today, while the iPhone was the first minicomputer to masquerade as a cellular telephone, pioneering a primarily touch-based user interface with limited physical buttons and no stylus.

So how does Apple's original landmark product, the Mac, compare to the current version of the iPhone? Breen takes a look, comparing processors, memory, displays, operating systems, and respective sales performance.

30 Stunning HD Photo Wallpapers for Your Mac

wallpaperAppStorm's David Appleyard says:

"Interested in finding a beautiful new desktop wallpaper for the holiday period? I've collected a selection of thirty vivid photo wallpapers, all available in a huge resolution for your 30" monitor!

"These are bright, bold, and colourful - perfect to chase away those winter blues! I hope you enjoy the collection, and I'd love to see a few of your own suggestions in the comments."

Apple Updates

How to Upgrade Memory in an Intel Mac mini

An updated Apple Knowledge Base article explains how to remove or install memory into your 2006 through 2010 Mac mini computer in an illustrated tutorial.

How to Upgrade Memory in a Mac Pro

An updated Apple Knowledge Base article says: how to remove memory from or install memory into your Mac Pro computer in an illustrated tutorial.

Products & Services

Take My Mac Provides a Convenient Method to Trade in and Sell iPhones, Macs, iPads, and iPods

PR: Take My Mac is a re-commerce service that allows Apple users to sell and recycle devices in any condition - including all iPhones, Macs, iPads, and iPods. Top dollar is paid for all devices and satisfactory service is provided to every customer. Take My Mac is geared toward filling your wallet with cash instead of letting harmful electronic materials trickle into landfills.

Take My Mac announces their new, hassle free, and environmentally conscious online service dedicated to anyone seeking to trade in new, used, and broken Apple devices. By focusing directly on the Apple niche, Take My Mac provides a satisfying way to sell Apple products. The company eliminates the expensive and exhausting selling process for all consumers who would endure the selling process themselves.

By providing this reliable, free service throughout the United States, Take My Mac ensures that the selling/recycling process is fast, secure, simple, and highly rewarding. For assurance, Take My Mac will gladly take all Apple electronics without hesitation. When consumers fill out a detailed form describing their device on the service's website, Take My Mac promptly replies back with an above market value quote that exceeds offers from many competitors.

If the consumer accepts Take My Mac's quote, free shipping is provided for the device being traded in. After Take My Mac receives the device, an inspection process is performed to confirm the initial value, following an issuing payment either by PayPal or check to the device's old owner. After payment is sent, the customer has successfully sold their Apple device.

Overall, Take My Mac is devoted to meet the needs of all customers. The service has served hundreds of satisfied customers who are overjoyed with how simple, straightforward, and friendly the trade in process is.

Rob H. from Los Angeles, California happily testified, "This was a most pleasant surprise & an online buyback service that not only caters to Apple products, but also offers a quote that far exceeded at least six other purchasing websites. Though you won't get an instant quote, which turns out to be a plus. Your item is reviewed by a person and the process is much more customer friendly than I've seen anywhere else. I had my quote in less than 24 hours and the rest of my experience was wonderful. Responses to emails are answered quickly and with a big e-smile. What they say they will do on their site is exactly what they'll do. They are a first-rate company I would recommend to anyone."

Pleased customers like Rob makes founder and president of Take My Mac, Andrea Bebirian, feel accomplished. "Take My Mac's vision is to expand this service to dominate our competitors. We're here to solve a problem - which is to specifically provide an eco friendly option for Apple device owners to trade in their unwanted electronics in order to upgrade to newer technology or to gain extra cash. We're here to work together as a team with our new and reoccurring customers. Quotes other companies offer make my heart sink for the fact that if people are seeking to trade in their Apple devices, they deserve more than a fair value for their efforts. I hope that Take My Mac can rapidly expand to offer this service to thousands of Apple device owners seeking a simple solution to sell devices."

By trading in your gadget, thousands of computers, cell phones, and other electronics will avoid becoming a statistic to the growing amount of electronic waste in landfills.

NewerTech NuStand Alloy Desktop Stand for Mac mini

NuStand Alloy Desktop Stands for iPad and Mac miniPR: Newer Technology, Inc. (NewerTech) has announced the NewerTech NuStand Alloy desktop stand for holding and displaying a Mac mini in a stable, modern, and elegant design with added placement flexibility.

Space-Saving Unique Look for 2010 Mac Mini

By orienting the 2010 Mac mini into an upright vertical position, the NewerTech NuStand Alloy for Mac mini provides a unique, yet highly secure way to display a 2010 Mac mini. Besides creating a custom appearance and easier access to all ports and connections, the NuStand Alloy for Mac mini main benefit is greater placement flexibility of a 2010 Mac mini on a crowded desktop or in a space limited home theater cabinet. Nonskid rubber feet provide stable operation while the satisfyingly smooth rubberized aluminum finish preserves the NuStand Alloy's elegant beauty.

NuStand Alloy Product Line Highlights

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body.
  • Silicone center offers gentle yet secure grip.
  • Rubberized aluminum finish is soft to touch, yet highly scratch resistant.
  • Nonskid rubber feet for stable operation.
  • Lightweight (3.5 oz) for easy portability.

"While the NewerTech name has been synonymous with performance upgrades in the Mac community since 1984, we continue to add unique accessories that deliver enhanced Mac and iDevice use to our product line," says Grant Dahlke, Brand Manager, Newer Technology Inc. "The NuStand Alloy desktop stands visually enhance an iPad or Mac mini while giving users new display and operating conveniences."

The NewerTech NuStand Alloy desktop stands are available immediately for $24.99 MSRP from NewerTech's exclusive distributor, Other World Computing (OWC), as well as through the retail channel.


Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac

PR: Wondershare Software announces release of its new flagship software, Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac, which can recover lost data including documents, archives, photos, videos, and audio files quickly, safely, and thoroughly on Mac OS X.

Wondershare Data RecoveryWondershare Data Recovery for Mac is comprehensive Mac data recovery software to recover Mac data from accidental deleting, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, unexpected power failure, and other unknown reasons. It can recover Mac data from lost, deleted, logical corrupted and formatted Macintosh hard drives, iPod, USB drives, SD cards, digital cameras, mobile phones, and MP3/MP4 players. Compatible with HFS+, FAT16/32, and NTFS file system volumes, this non-destructive Mac file recovery software ensures safe Mac file recovery without modifying the original data saved on your Mac machine or any other storage media. Versatile preview function lets you enjoy Mac data recovery in advance.

"We are excited to further mature data recovery solutions. From the wide complimented data recovery solution for Windows OS, the R&D team of Wondershare Data Security Software Department has accumulated precious experience of developing data recovery solution for Mac." says Mr. Robert Lee, Wondershare's Data Security Software Department manager, "There are a growing number of Mac users who are in need of Mac data recovery software. We hope our newly released product will well satisfy and benefit them."

Key Features of Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac 1.0.0:

  • Deleted Recovery and Deep Recovery to thoroughly recover your Mac data
  • Read-only application ensures safe data recovery for Mac
  • Versatile Preview function lets users enjoy Mac data recovery in advance
  • Support most of all file formats and any devices which can be recognized by Mac machine.
  • Complete wizard and easy-to-use interface let users perform Macintosh data recovery easily.

Single user license regular price: $89.95

Introductory sale Price: $69.95 (offer valid until Feb, 25th, 2011)

DiskAid 4.5: Use Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as an External Drive

DiskAidPR: DiskAid is a tool for PC and Mac that enables the use of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as an external mass storage device. DiskAid gives access to the device's file system, transfers text messages (SMS) to computer, allows copy, edit or renaming of files and folders on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly from the desktop. Using a USB connection, it is the safest and most reliable way to access device's files and folders. Used with FileApp or FileApp Pro transferred files and documents can easily being accessed on the device.


  • USB file transfer
  • Copy Files & Folders between your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and your computer
  • Transfer Text Messages (SMS) from iPhone to computer
  • View files on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with FileApp & FileApp Pro
  • Automatic applications and folder discovery
  • File Sharing support with all compatible applications on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad


  • Auto detection feature, just plugin it in
  • Files and Folders Browser
  • Drag & Drop files and folders
  • Double click on files for quick view (launches appropriate application)
  • Device's free memory displayed
  • Create shortcut to any file or folder
  • Feature rich file organization including internal move, folder creation, renaming... etc.
  • File & Folder information window
  • Access any application supporting File Sharing
  • No jailbreak needed (except for Root folder access)
  • Supports iTunes 10
  • Supported iPhone OS versions : 3.0 to 3.2, iOS 4.x
  • New: iOS 4 compatible

New in version 4.5:

  • Copy text messages (SMS) from iPhone to Mac OS X or PC Windows computer

Interface improvements

  • Displays icon from every app available to DiskAid (with advanced option to show non 'File Sharing' Apps too)
  • Displays creation and last modification date of files
  • Toggle alert message warnings
  • Toggle display on the device a 'Sync in Progress' message while data is being transferred to and from the device
  • Toggle views of DiskAid's Toolbar and Navigation pane

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where some images were missing when copying a large Camera roll
  • Fixes an issue when long file paths were used when copying from a Windows machine
  • Allows resetting message warnings in Settings
  • Plus a lot of minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Developer's comment: Upgrade to DiskAid 4.5 is a must for every iPhone user, as it brings text message (SMS) transfer to computer. The wealth of fixes and improvements makes it worth for every other user. adds iPhone SMS transfer, enhancements to data transfer controls, file creation and modification date display, toggling of Toolbar and Navigation views, and other changes.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard)
  • PC Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Supports iPhone V1, 3G, 3G S and 4
  • Supports iPod touch V1, V2 and V3
  • Supports iPad

DiskAid sells for $9.90

PocketMac for BlackBerry Updated to 5.0.4

PR: PocketMac for BlackBerry facilitates two-way synchronization for BlackBerry smartphones and Mac OS X.

Seven Quick Reasons To Get PocketMac for BlackBerry:

  • It won't brick your phone...
  • You'll get 31 days of free phone support...
  • Includes both Microsoft Office 2011 (Outlook 2011) and Entourage 2008 support...
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee...
  • Sync with iCal, Address Book, Outlook 2011, Entourage 2008 and much more...
  • Tested and retested for over 600 man-hours before release...
  • The original Mac-to-BlackBerry sync solution inventors...

What Does PocketMac for BlackBerry Do?:

  • Sync Outlook 2011/Microsoft Office 2011 - Now, sync your Outlook 2011 data to your BlackBerry with PocketMac for BlackBerry. This is a two-way sync. [Please note that Outlook 2011 only syncs contacts right now. This is not our decision, but rather the only sync feature Microsoft included with Outlook 2011. For more, visit: As soon as Microsoft releases new sync features we will support them.]
  • Entourage - BlackBerry Sync - Sync Entourage 2008 Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, & Notes to and from your BlackBerry device. (Does not include Exchange Server.)
  • iCal - BlackBerry Sync - Sync iCal Calendar and Tasks to and from your BlackBerry device.
  • iTunes Synchronization - Sync your songs from iTunes to your BlackBerry.
  • Install 3rd Party Applications - Now, install 3rd party applications from your Mac to your BlackBerry.
  • Daylite - BlackBerry Sync - Sync Contacts, Calendars & Tasks between Daylite and your BlackBerry device.
  • Stickies - BlackBerry Sync - Now, sync Stickies Notes to your BlackBerry device.
  • iPhoto Synchronization - With PocketMac for BlackBerry, you can sync photos from iPhoto to your BlackBerry.
  • Password Support - PocketMac For BlackBerry fully supports BlackBerry passwords. Just enter your password and sync - it's that simple.

USB Charge While Sync - The moment you plug your USB-supported BlackBerry device into your Mac and PocketMac starts to sync, your BlackBerry device will be automatically charged.

System Requirements For PocketMac for BlackBerry:

  • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 Intel Only. (PowerPC Macs not supported)
  • 50 MB free disk space on your Mac
  • 1 Available USB Port
  • For Music and Photo syncing, a BlackBerry device with a microSD memory expansion card
  • One of the supported BlackBerry devices =see below

Optional Requirements:

  • Only for Entourage Synching Options: Entourage 2008 or Microsoft Office 2011

Supported Devices:

  • RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800
  • RIM BlackBerry 9530
  • RIM BlackBerry Storm 2 9550
  • RIM Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230
  • RIM Blackberry 8900 Curve
  • RIM Blackberry 8530 Curve
  • RIM Blackberry 8520 Curve

PocketMac for BlackBerry sells for $29.97

Apple Releases iPhoto 9.1.1 for Snow Leopard

PR: The iPhoto 9.1.1 update adds new email options to iPhoto '11, improves overall stability, and addresses several other minor issues. Specific fixes include:

  • Adds a preference allowing photos to be emailed using an external email application
  • Adds "Classic" and "Journal" themes to email.
  • Photos attached to an email can now be sized to Small, Medium or Large
  • Improves reliability when upgrading a library from an earlier version of iPhoto
  • iPhoto now correctly preserves the sort order of Events after upgrading a library
  • Event titles displayed in headers can now be edited in Photos view
  • Addresses a problem that could cause duplicate photos to be added to a MobileMe album
  • Scrolling overlay now correctly displays ratings when photos are sorted by rating
  • Photos are now sorted correctly when a rating is changed and photos are sorted by rating
  • Fixes a problem that could cause text formatting controls to become inaccessible when editing a calendar

Apple says this update is recommended for all users of iPhoto '11.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.3 or later

File Size: 62.09 MB

Product Key Finder Free Registration Key Retriever Utility for Mac

PR: Mac Product Key Finder is freeware program for recovering lost product keys (or making backup before it's too late) for software installed on your Mac. This small tool will scan your Mac for installed applications and show your product keys (serial numbers). You can save this list to a file ( HTML, XML, CSV, PDF and text file) or print it. Currently, list of supported software is quite small (only 69 programs now, including Microsoft Office 2008/2011, Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS5, Parallel's Desktop, Panic applications, etc.), but you can help us, by sending us request to add other programs, and we will check if it is possible to add them.

Also Mac Product Key Finder will show you your Mac OS serial number, serial numbers for your iPods, iPhones, iPads which you have connected with iTunes before - this can be very useful in case you'll lost or somebody stole your expensive devices to report these numbers to police.

Limitations and System Requirements

  • No limitations, it is free
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Intel or PowerPC.
  • Program doesn't use Internet connection - so you should feel safe about your data, since it will not be sent somewhere

Which software product keys Mac Product Key Finder retrieve?

Mac Product Key FinderRecover Keys (Mac edition) supports 69 software packages, including:

  • 1Password
  • Adobe After Effects CS4
  • Adobe After Effects CS5
  • Adobe Contribute CS4
  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS2
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS3
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS4
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Design Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Production Premium
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Web Premium
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  • Adobe Fireworks CS4
  • Adobe Flash Builder 4
  • Adobe Flash CS3
  • Adobe Flash CS4
  • Adobe Flash CS5
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Adobe InCopy CS5
  • Adobe InDesign CS4
  • Adobe InDesign CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
  • Adobe Premiere CS4 Pro
  • Awaken
  • Balsamiq Mockups
  • BibblePro
  • CleanApp
  • CleanMyMac
  • Cocktail
  • Delicious Monster
  • DEVONThink
  • DiskAid
  • FileMaker
  • ForkLift
  • iBiz
  • iDive
  • iFinance
  • iRip
  • iWork
  • MacFamilyTree
  • MacRabbit CSSEdit v2
  • Microsoft ExpressionMedia
  • Microsoft Office 2008
  • Microsoft Office 2011
  • Mind Manager
  • NetShade
  • OmniFocus
  • Panic Coda
  • Panic Transmit
  • Panic Unison
  • Parallel's Desktop
  • Pixelmator
  • Screenium
  • TechTool Pro
  • TextMate
  • WhatSize
  • Your iPods, iPads and iPhones serial numbers
  • Your Mac computer serial

Free ClamXav Antivirus Software for Mac Updated to 2.0.9

PR: ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X. It uses the tried, tested and very popular ClamAV open source antivirus engine as a back end.

New in version 2.0.9:

  • Scanning engine updated to ClamAV 0.96.5
  • Improved stability during scan.
  • Fixed issue where ClamXav Sentry was incorrectly reporting infected files if a certain string was in the filename.
  • If you're on OS X 10.4 or are having trouble installing this update, download the new version from
  • If you have edited freshclam.conf and clamd.conf by hand, you can find your old files inside /tmp.
  • If you don't know what that last line means, you can probably ignore it!

Back in the days before OS X, the number of viruses which attacked Macintosh users totaled somewhere between about 60 and 80. Today, the number of viruses actively attacking OS X users is . . . none! However, this doesn't mean we should get complacent about checking incoming email attachments or web downloads, for two reasons. Firstly, there's no guarantee that we Mac users will continue to enjoy the status quo, but more importantly, the majority of the computing world use machines running MS Windows, for which an enormous quantity of viruses exist, so we must be vigilant in checking the files we pass on to our friends and colleagues etc. For example, if you're a wise person and you've turned MS Office's macro support off then you're not going to notice that virus which is hiding inside this month's edition of Extreme Ironing.doc which your friend sent you. If you then forward that document to a less wise person who has not turned off the macro support, then you have most likely just sent him a shiny new Pandora's Box with a sign saying "Open this end"!

Don't forget, if you run VirtualPC you can still become infected and lose valuable data on your Mac even though technically you're running Windows inside a sandbox. VPC will run any application you tell it to, virus or no virus, it doesn't know the difference. You can protect yourself slightly by not using VPC's "shared folders", but that's a useful feature which you shouldn't have to be without.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Please consider making a donation to the further development of this free software.

MacTVision HD - Revolution in an App

PR: With another blow dealt to traditional television, MacTVision Technologies announces MacTVision HD for Mac OS X, an update to their revolutionary application that allows users to watch over 2,600 free, network TV, news, sports, and specialty channels on their Mac, instantly, on demand. The app features searchable, updating, interactive TV listings, which include over 13,000 programs with thumbnails and descriptions. As more and more television viewers discontinue their cable or satellite service and move to Internet-based TV, MacTVision offers a complete, integrated solution that requires no additional hardware or monthly fees.

Displayed in full screen mode, MacTVision's scrollable database of Listings appear in a window that occupies the top one third of the Main window. The Listings window contains nine columns, and listings may be ordered according to any of the nine columns: Name (of TV show), Type (TV, Streams, Videos, Radio, or Media Apps), Category (Movies, Action, Comedy, etc.) Language (English, Spanish, German, etc.), Favorites, Rating, My Rating, Details (short summary), and Featured. Selecting a popular show from the Name column, e.g. Desperate Housewives, brings up three new windows that occupy the bottom two thirds of the screen: Summary, Sources, and Episodes.

The summary window provides an overview of the program's premise. "What dark secrets lie behind the well-manicured front lawns of Wisteria Lane? Murder? Suicide? Sex? Adultery? Try all the above, and that's just the first episode. Desperate Housewives has enraptured millions with its steamy tales of supposedly mild-mannered suburbanites. Whether it's Lynette struggling to raise her three rambunctious boys, or Gabrielle trying to prove she's more than just a token trophy wife, the women of Desperate Housewives never fail to keep the thrills coming and the audience's temperature rising."

The Sources window lists the various outlets through which the program can be obtained: Hulu, Channel4, CTV1, or CTV2. The first on the list is selected by default. Finally, the Episodes window indicates that 20 episodes are loaded and may be scrolled through. Each episode listing consists of a still from that episode, the episode's title, a complete description, and a large blue button to begin playback. Pressing the Play button launches the MacTVision View screen, and the program begins.

Feature Highlights

  • Over 13,000 Video Stream Programs from TV and Video Networks
  • Over 2,600 Popular TV, News, Sports, and Specialty Channels and Growing
  • Full Popular TV Shows Instantly, On Demand
  • Built Especially For Apple Mac Users

Easy to Use, with Quick Search Features

  • Best Programs from Fox, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, Syfy, etc.
  • Hundreds of Popular Underground Channels and Local Stations Worldwide
  • Supports HD Video on Channels Streaming HD Content
  • Channels From All Over The World - Watch Shows You Can't Usually Get
  • Thousands Of Local TV & Internet Channels Also

Original Online TV Shows

  • MacTVision Lists Each Episode of a TV Series to Locate a Show Quickly
  • Refresh Entire Listings Database with 1 Click
  • Full Length Hollywood & Independent Movies
  • Live Broadcast News & Sports Channels
  • Full Control Panel - TV, Streams, Radio, and Apps
  • Integration With Hulu, YouTube, Justin.TV, Revison3, and More
  • Favorite Streaming Internet Radio Stations
  • Rate Favorite Shows
  • Customize and Edit Listings - Manage All Viewing from the MacTVision Panel
  • Hundreds of Countries Listed - Select Programs from Any Country
  • Auto Removal Of Dead/Broken Channels, Keeping Content Fresh
  • Free Lifetime Product Updates
  • Online TV Made Easy for Macs
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees

Although the application requires no setup, and users can start watching TV immediately, there is a settings panel where advanced users may choose video display options and download recommended, free software. Also included are settings to bypass transnational content blocking by means of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The app includes a short instruction manual, a direct link to the MacTVision web page, and advanced proxy connection options.

"MacTVision is designed as an integrated video bookmarking service," says MacTVision Technologies Director of Support, Steve Carnagy. "We knew we could not be the only ones out there that would like such a service. "The MacTVision software is designed to be a one stop portal that integrates an array of different video services such as YouTube, Hulu, Revision3, Justin.TV, and thousands of others across the world." "We feel 2011 is the year that online television will become a fire, and this is our way to help fan the flames."

Language Support: US English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Russian

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • Intel or PPC processor
  • 25.2 MB

MacTVision HD is $39.95 and available through the MacTVision website or Cnet. This is a one-time fee, with free upgrades for life; there are no monthly fees or any additional costs. A free demo copy of MacTVision is available. Review copies are available upon request.

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