FireWire 800 Power Mac G4

The January 2003 Power Mac G4 was the first to require OS X. It was also the first with FireWire 800 ports. A good rule of thumb: If it has FireWire 800, it isn’t meant to boot OS 9, although we have heard of a workaround. The FireWire 800 model was also the first Power Mac with a Bluetooth […]

Who’s Taking a Beating, Apple or Quark?

2003: Mac OS X is rapidly gaining ground, and Apple is cracking the whip by more or less eliminating Mac OS 9 booting in their latest machines. Software developers are hopping on the OS X party wagon and releasing software for OS X like there’s no tomorrow. So where’s Quark in this?

Risk and Safety at Macworld Expo

2003: If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that Apple released a number of upgrades and applications yesterday. While I’m certain that some people were disappointed, I suspect that Apple hit just the right balance between risk and safety.