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the listserv for users of PPC 603-based Macs

From the "Welcome to PPC603" email sent to new subscribers.

I. Introduction.

Welcome to the Macintosh PowerPC 603 Mailing List. This list exists for users to discuss issues unique to their PPC 603 machines. Many Performa models, for example, contain unique features not found in other flavors of Apple architecture. Discussion about the software and hardware impacts of these types of differences is what this list is based upon.

This mailing list is NOT...

  1. A list for general Macintosh help ***
  2. A bully pulpit to organize lawsuits, etc. against Apple or anyone else
  3. The Performa Problems & Solutions (Web Page) Mailing List (although that page's owner is very involved in this list)
  4. A loudspeaker to Apple Computer, Inc. Yes, certain Apple employees happen to subscribe to this list, but it is voluntary on their part.

II. Mailing List Administrivia.

  1. To unsubscribe: send email to listserv@listserv.uh.edu with the message
    in the message body. Do not send to ppc603@listserv.uh.edu. Do not send to ppc-request@listserv.uh.edu. Do not send any listserv command(s) anywhere but listserv@listserv.uh.edu. You will be emailed a confirmation request, to make sure you are you, and that you are sure you want to leave. Simply reply to that message with "ok" (w/o quotes) as the sole word in the message body, and the command will take effect.
  2. When you first sign on, you get messages individually, as they are posted. For some people, this volume becomes too heavy. If this is the case, the DIGEST MODE allows for one single posting to arrive in your mailbox covering all the posts of the day, relieving the mail load. To switch to the DIGEST MODE, write
    in the message body to listserv@listserv.uh.edu. If you want to go back to the individual delivery schedule, substitute NODIGEST for DIGEST.
  3. The default setting when signing on is for your posts not to come back to you. This is usually because you have your own copy of the sent message, and seeing your own post doesn't do you any good, so why waste bandwidth? But for some people, seeing their own post is a comfort, knowing that it got through. To change this behavior, write (all commands, of course, to listserv@listserv.uh.edu):
    SET PPC603 ACK
    to get a small acknowledgment that your post went through ok, or
    to get your post back in its entirety. The commands "SET PPC603 NOACK" and "SET PPC603 NOREPRO" reverse this behavior, respectively.
  4. Sometimes the listserver may tell you that you aren't subscribed when issuing one of the above commands. Obviously you are subscribed, but the problem is that your email address has changed completely (from ISP to another, but you are getting your mail forwarded), or in a way you didn't suspect - user@mail.host.com and user@host.com may both be valid email addresses for you, but to the listserv software, they are two different hosts. To see what the problem is, send the command
    SCAN PPC603 matchstring
    to listserv@listserv.uh.edu, where "matchstring" is something constant in your email. For example, I may want to find myself by querying all people at UH by issuing the command "SCAN PPC603 uh.edu", or I could issue the command "SCAN PPC603 ecantu" -- either one will accomplish my task.
  5. WEB PAGE FOR LIST ADMINISTRIVIA (added 3/22/98): A web page now exists for you to manage your subscription, search past issues, etc. This can be found at http://listserv.uh.edu/archives/ppc603.html.
  6. LAST RESORT: If everything above fails, don't hesitate to contact me at ecantu@uh.edu. But please, please, if you get errors, please forward them to me. It saves me VAST amounts of time to start halfway into a problem than at the beginning. If the listserv software is giving you errors, forward them to me with your request, and I will see to it as soon as I can. Send me a message like, "Get me off this damn list, nothing works," with no additional information, and I promise I'll take my sweet time.

III. Before you post, READ THE FAQ!

There are many issues which come up over and over again on the list. Whether the issues are raised again due to software upgrades or new users asking old questions, many times relevant topics can turn into useless debate. The serial port/streaming audio issues are perfect examples.

New users especially, please make yourself very familiar with the FAQ list at http://junior.apk.net/~rjl/performa/faq.html. For everyone else, if you have any doubt what you are writing may not be correct, either make that condition plain, or don't post at all. I've lost count of careless misinformation written lately, and also those things which were opinion being passed off as fact. Be responsible when writing.

IV. Netiquette and Basic Rules.

I take netiquette very seriously - not because I'm the fussy type, but because it just makes life better for all concerned. I have a few rules for my list, some are cast in stone and will not be tolerated, others I just let other users point out if it really bothers people. I try not to let my personal pet peeves dictate policy, but I don't claim to be free of subjective judgment.

  1. Don't ever, EVER, under any circumstances attach files, text or otherwise, to the list. Doing so is not only highly rude, but possibly dangerous. I don't know what's on your system - it may be rife with viruses for all I know - and you just potentially spread it to over 650 people. Didn't think about that did you?
  2. ALWAYS THINK. Look at your email headers to make sure it's going where you think it's going. Ask yourself if those destinations are appropriate.
    1. If something's off topic, mark it off topic.
    2. If something's off topic, then by definition, all replies should go to the sender, not to the list.
    3. Public "Me toos" are some of the worst email abominations. Don't.
  3. QUOTE RESPONSIBLY. Few things are worse than seeing 2 screenfuls of quoted text only to find a 2-3 line reply. Only quote what's necessary to make your point and establish context, nothing more. Don't be lazy. See #2.
  4. THINK ABOUT YOUR "SUBJECT." Most people scan through email based on the "Subject" header. The majority of people don't actually read word-for-word all the email in a list, and whether or not they even read yours at all depends on the subject you supply. Especially for the DIGEST subscribers, replying to the digest to have "Re: PPC603 DIGEST for Feb 21, 1997..." will almost definitely get your message skipped.

*** Mark your machine name, OS version, or whatever (if applicable) plainly in the subject header. If you're asking about a 6400's GeoPort write a subject like, "[6400] GeoPort problems." People will be your friend for life.

Violations of these, depending on which one, may result in an embarrassing, public e-flogging.

V. Conclusion.

I hope the information gained by your subscription helps you with your Macintosh. Although I run this list, it really is a list for the subscribers - you make it work. Be polite, be responsible, and most of all, have fun!!

See you on the list,
Enrico Cantu mailto:ecantu@uh.edu

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