Stealing from Xerox?

Okay, this isn’t a joke so much as something I found interesting. Apparently when our good friend Mr. Jobs accused our other good friend, Mr. Gates, of stealing interface ideas, he replied like this: “No, Steve. I think it’s more like we both have this rich neighbour named Xerox, and when you broke in to […]

Myth II Review

Myth II: Soulblighter is finally out! It took its sweet time getting here, but it has finally gotten to the stores. But was it worth the wait? What about the bug that delayed its release two weeks? Should I get it? These questions will be answered (unless I forget some).

The Future Looks Good

I remember a time when the Mac was the laughing stock of the computer industry. It had “no software” (unless you compared it to, say, Amigas, Ataris, or other ‘toy’ computers). The market share was decreasing (but still large enough that companies in other markets would kill for it). Worst of all, there were virtually […]

Menagerie of Macs #5

This month I was planning on writing a nice little piece on the personal style of the Mac. A little article that talked about how cool they are with their aesthetics, design, and following. But that is no more. Due to some unaccounted for problems I will be writing about the possible advent of the […]


The Columbine massacre in Colorado has been on my mind – and probably yours as well. It’s very troubling on any number of levels.

A Stray Thought: Are All Mac Users Left-wing Liberals?

“Don’t lie to me, Gustav! You’re a stinkin’ Mac user!” – Ratbert, from a Dilbert comic strip, in which he proposes a “Holy War” in order to “standardize on one computer” by having the company “identify and eliminate the deviant users of Macintosh, Unix and – God help us – OS/2 Warp” “What if half the […]

Hard Drive Failure

1999 – It happens to the best of us, and it will probably happen to you eventually. Yep, it’s the one thing we all say won’t happen, but always does – a hard drive failure. I’ll show you how to safeguard your iMac from disaster, and, aside from some sort of disk drive, it won’t […]

C2, the Next iMac

1999: I think Apple surprised most of us by releasing the iMac Revision D at 333 MHz instead of 300 MHz. A lot of us had expected the lower speed, possibly coupled with a boost to 64 MB of RAM or the addition of a DVD player, neither of which happened.

The Business iMac?

1999: Once upon a time there was a compact computer called the Macintosh. It used small disks, a small keyboard, and a small screen. Then a company called Radius invented a revolutionary device: a full page display for the Macintosh. Unlike conventional displays, this was a portrait monitor – taller than it was wide.

Statistical Lies

1999: Mark Twain is purported to have said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Whether he actually said it or not, the fact remains that statistics can and do lie. Of all computer users, Mac users should know it best.

333 MHz iMac (Rev. D)

code name: Lifesavers Skipping right past 300 MHz and coming on the market just three months after the 266 MHz Revision C iMac, the Revision D iMac runs at a speedy 333 MHz. In addition to a 25% faster CPU, the iMac 333 ships in the same five colors: tangerine, grape, lime, blueberry, and strawberry.

PowerBook 1400/117, a Compromised Mac

The PowerBook 1400 was available in several different configurations, including two different displays (dual-scan and active matrix) and three different CPU speeds (117, 133, and 166 MHz). Only the 117 MHz version merits a Road Apple rating – and only because Apple left out the Level 2 (L2) cache.

Replacing the Hard Drive in a Mac IIcx, IIci, or Quadra 700

The Macintosh IIcx, IIci, and Quadra 700 share the same case design, and some users have found it a challenge removing the hard drive. That’s a shame, because the IIcx was designed for ease of construction. Apple demonstrated assembling one from part in under two minutes, if I recall correctly. You can use any standard […]

Is Apple Bruised?

1999 – If you haven’t read Fred Langa’s latest anti-Mac tirade, you’ve missed a great compilation of misinformation and innuendo. (By now most Mac users know that Fred Langa seems to have a low tolerance for Apple Computer, the Macintosh, and especially the iMac.)

iMac Troubleshooting

1999 – Like any other computer, the iMac, has it’s occasional problem. I’m not talking about a problem like, “Oh no, I got lime, but I wanted grape” or “Where’s the serial port?” I’m talking about bigger problems, like the devastating flashing question mark.