Mac Classic: My Lowest Low-End Mac

It was my last year of high school, and I had just moved up from typewriter to a handed-down word processor. There was an anonymous DOS clunker waiting for me to take to college. That orange-on-brown Zenith-whatever was like our old Chevy Malibu: it got you where you needed to go, but you were sort […]

Color Classic Mini FAQ

Hi! I thought it was about time to make a FAQ (or sub-FAQ) to deal with all the Color Classic (Colour Classic outside the USA) questions out there, which seem to be on a Möbius type path. So, here it is. What I have done, is combined much of my email correspondence to answer many […]

Linux for PowerPC

2000: Linux and I have had a love-hate relationship since early 1996. Boot magazine (now Maximum PC) included Debian Linux with one of its 1996 issues. OS/2 was becoming a lost cause, and I had just gotten my first network administrator gig. While strong with Windows NT, my Unix skills were still muttering back then.

Screens of Plastic Could Be Fantastic

2000: Last week, Lee Dye of the Los Angeles Times reported on a research project by Ghassan Jabbour, an assistant research professor in the optical sciences department at the University of Arizona in Tucson, whose team is developing thin computer display screens so flexible that they can be folded and tucked away in your pocket.

Apple Ditching G4

8/17/2K: Intel has announced that the Pentium 4 will hit 2 GHz next year, forcing Apple to completely rethink its game plan. It’s decision: Abandon the G4 except on graphics workstations.

Be Thankful for Apple Secrecy

2000: There was a time (so I’m told) that Apple leaked like a sieve with bullet holes in it. Everyone knew which products were coming out and when. Specs were freely available, and rumors were often true. What a long way Apple has come.

The Cube: Just What We Ordered?

2000 – With the introduction of the amazing new Apple Pro Keyboard (welcome back, full-sized keys) and the Apple Pro Mouse by Apple at Macworld New York, came something so new, so different, so amazing – the new Power Macintosh G4 Cube.

Mac OS X Server 1.2

2000: It is amazing how time flies when you move from New York to California. Soon after my previous article, I purchased a car and drove cross-country to California via the Bible Belt. While the Bible Belt is not my lifestyle of choice, I have always been fascinated by it.

2000: Being a Low End Mac reader, you’ve probably also been to the numerous articles on other Mac advocacy sites whose stories are linked to in the Around The Web section of the home page.

Borg Sue Apple Over Cube

2000 – Late Tuesday evening, Apple Computer was served legal papers by the Borg. They are suing Apple over the shape and name of their newest computer, the Power Mac G4 Cube.

Berst Misses the Boat Again

2000: If the PC press can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. In the wake of the success of Macworld Expo, Jesse Berst felt that he had to get in his digs somehow. I quote: “Apple is painting itself into a corner and the latest releases prove it.”