The Digital Hub Gets Rolling

2001: Steve (and that other guy named Bill) has been droning on about how the PC is moving away from being a single-purpose machine shoehorned under the desk and becoming the center of the new digital universe. They’ll control all the digital devices and become the command center of digital activities.

Hello, Newton

2001 – Apple (read: Steve Jobs) killed off the Newton on February 27, 1998. At least one company attempted to buy the Newton OS from Apple, only to be told that it was unavailable since Apple had future plans for it.

Original iPod

Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPod at a special event on October 23, 2001. The new device was a hard-drive based MP3 player with a well thought out menu system and room for 1,000 songs. It would to change Apple Computer forever.

Gambling on Apple

2001: A class action lawsuit was launched against Apple yesterday: Milberg Weiss Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Computer, Inc. and its CEO.

667 MHz 15″ PowerBook G4 (VGA)

Just nine months after releasing the first titanium PowerBook, Apple replaced it with two faster models – this is the faster of the two. Both models share the same logic board, but they run the bus and CPU at different speeds. The 667 MHz CPU in this model runs on a faster (133 MHz vs. […]

12″ 600 MHz iBook G3 (Late 2001)

A little over five months after Apple released the first Dual USB iBook (a.k.a. iceBook), they replaced it with this 600 MHz – 20% faster – model available in DVD, CD-RW, and ComboDrive versions. Changes include a faster CPU, a faster system bus (100 MHz vs. 66 MHz) and a larger hard drive (15-20 GB, […]

11 Things You Might Not Know Your Mac Can Do

2001 – I find that casual users of the Mac OS do not investigate the features of the operating system as thoroughly as necessary to achieve the greatest efficiency. Perhaps that is because Mac users tend not to read the manuals for their computers (if there is a manual to read), or maybe it is […]

Tanzania and Tanzania II Motherboards

The Tanzania motherboard was introduced in October 1996 and supports PowerPC 603e and 604e processors on a 40 MHz system bus. This motherboard was used in the Power Mac 4400, Motorola StarMax 3000 and 4000, Power Computing PowerCurve and PowerBase, and Umax SuperMac C500 and C600, as well as some lesser known clones.

Evangelists Unite!

2001: The consumer acceptable version of Mac OS X (version 10.1) is now out of the gate and on track to be the standard operating system in the Mac universe. It’s time to start beating the drum.