The Roots of Apple’s Retail Stores

During the mid-90s, Mac users were prone to dealing with poorly trained and ill-maintained Mac sections in big box computer and electronics stores. These environments did not foster customer loyalty, nor did they help differentiate the Mac user-experience from Windows.

My First iMac

When I saw the other My First Mac articles, I figured I’d share my story too. My Macintosh experience begins in 2003. My school had two Bondi blue iMacs, and these things were always unplugged.

Cult Macs Adored by Collectors

One of the things that sets Macs apart from other computers is their longevity. People don’t just throw them away. Macs tend to soldier on long after their spec sheets say that they’re “obsolete”. This may explain another phenomenon almost unique to the Macintosh subset of the computing world: Mac collectors. It’s understandable when you […]

SheepShaver Brings the Classic Mac OS to Intel Macs and Leopard

Early in 2006, I wrote an article for Low End Mac entitled VNC, Basilisk II, and SheepShaver: 3 Ways to Run Classic on an Intel Mac. In it, I noted that the then-new Intel-powered Macs were unable to run older Mac software in called Classic Mode, but that there were at least a couple of […]