iPhone 4 (GSM)

With the iPhone 4, Apple introduced its Retina Display. The screen was the same size as on previous iPhones, but with twice the vertical and horizontal resolution. It was a revelation.

Tiger vs. Leopard: There Is a Clear Winner

Time and things move slowly in the Hatchett computer universe. I have recently moved from using my trusty G3 Pismo PowerBook (from 2000) to a 12″ PowerBook G4 from 2003. Since the 12-incher has an 867 MHz processor, I was able to install the Leopard (OS X 10.5) operating system, and after a small period of time, I […]

Mac mini (Mid 2010)

For the first time since the G4 Mac mini was introduced in January 2005, Apple came up with a new form factor for its smallest desktop. Where all previous Minis had been 6.5″ square and 2.0″ tall, the new model measures 7.7″ square and just 1.4″ high. It also uses unibody construction like Apple’s notebooks. […]