75 Mac Advantages Revisited

Once upon a time Apple Computer issued a document called 50 Macintosh Advantages, which became 75 Macintosh Advantages in 1997, a document that purported to list 75 different advantages the Mac OS had over its chief competitor, Microsoft Windows 95.

75 Mac Advantages, Part 5

2001 – For those of you new to this series, this is a look at the old 75 Macintosh Advantages brochure put out by Apple in the pre-iMac days. Many of the advantages still exist, but some have fallen by the wayside. There are references to OS X here, but my general attitude is that if […]

75 Mac Advantages, Part 4

2001 – We continue the review of the old Apple 75 Macintosh Advantages brochure here, attempting to update it to Mac OS 8.6-9.1 vs. Windows 95/Me/2000 as much as possible.

Origin of the 75 Mac Advantages

I’ve gotten all sorts of interesting mail regarding the revised 75 Mac Advantages series I’ve been working on, but by far the most interesting letter I got was this one from Dan Edelen, the original author of the 75 Macintosh Advantages booklet. With his permission, I am reprinting his letter here for you read about […]

75 Mac Advantages, Part 3

2001 – There’s been a hiatus in the Mac Lab Reports, a column I have been writing consistently once a week for several months, while I did research for this entry, especially regarding QuickTime. I’ve wrestled with that one in particular because of the issues surrounding the implementation of multimedia on PCs.

75 Mac Advantages, Part 2

2001 – Based on reader feedback, I learned there are some advances in the latest version of Windows that negate some of the advantages I wrote about in Part 1. I bow to their superior knowledge of the Windows platform (I use both platforms but am a mere user, not a network administrator or suchlike) and so, I’ve […]

75 Mac Advantages, Part 1

2001 – In this series of articles I will be taking a look at Apple’s venerable 75 Macintosh Advantages brochure issued a couple of years ago but mysteriously missing from its website today. Or perhaps not so mysteriously; after Mr. Jobs and Mr. Gates declared a truce to the Windows/Mac OS wars, many of the […]