MP3 Forever!

2000: The latest craze in the computing/music/real world is Napster, the notorious MP3 sharing program. There is a lot of controversy over this program. Many musical artists, like Dr. Dre and Metallica, are suing Napster. They are doing this because many people are using Napster to distribute MP3s of their music to other computer users.

Internet Radio

2000: One of the problems of living out in the suburbs, where there are many trees and tall objects, is poor radio reception. Is there any solution to this problem for those who like to listen to the radio? Of course there is – Internet radio.

Software to Make Life Easier

2000: Many people can go through their computer-using career and never download a program to make their life easier. Why? Because they don’t know which programs to download. You don’t have to be one of those people because today I’ll review some helpful programs you never knew you needed until now.

Netscape 6 and Other Betas

2000: It’s always good to have the latest released version of programs. What’s even better is getting the latest pre-release version of programs. Pre-released versions of programs are called beta or alpha software. I am testing out three pre-release programs at present.

The Mac Library

2000: One of my other duties at Low End Mac, besides writing the articles you love to read every week, is helping out at the LEM Help Desk. Here, people email me (and a few others) with Mac questions. Most of the time, these questions are simple “how do I . . .” questions. Whenever […]

Preview: AOL@school

2000: There is only one internet consumer that AOL doesn’t have a monopoly on – America’s schools. Well, not anymore. AOL will be soon releasing a new version of their software specifically for schools called AOL@school. As one of AOL’s “valued” beta testers, I was able to get ahold of a pre-release version of this […]

Macs and AOL 5.0

2000: One problem that bugs AOL users who use Macs is the fact that the Mac version of their software is always the last to be updated. AOL for Windows will be released, and the Mac version will be released three months later. Finally, after many months of having AOL 5.0 for Windows out for […]

Macs Play MP3

2000: MP3s are the latest fad in the computer world. Many people use this file format to play their favorite songs. However, there have been many shortcomings to this new file format. With today’s tips, you’ll be able to get up and running with MP3s faster and easier than you’d ever thought possible.

Surfing the iNet

2000: You do everything with your Mac: You do your banking, talk to your friends, do your shopping. You do almost everything – well, now you can even send Mac-oriented cards to your friends! Apple has unveiled it’s free service to any computer users (not just us people with superior computers). This service is called […]

ViaVoice for Macintosh

1999: One of the greatest programs developed for the Windows platform is Voice Dictation. Voice Dictation is a program that types what you’re saying when you talk into a microphone attached to your computer. There were many programs on the market that do this: Dragon Naturally Speaking, ViaVoice, and many others. However, none of these […]

Macs and Y2K

1999: The latest news from Microsoft headquarters is that they will be delaying the final release of Windows 2000 (Win2K) until the later half of 1900. Nope, this isn’t true; it’s just a joke (in fact, I didn’t even make it up). But, this joke does have some truth.* Many Windows users will be hit […]

Holiday Decorations

1999.12: You decorate your home for the holidays, so why not decorate your Mac, too? No, I’m not suggesting you put Christmas lights all over your computer, but instead use software to do it.

Secure Your Mac

1999: Many people buy the iMac as a family computer, which means that many different people share it. Sometimes you’ll want to keep the people sharing your computer off certain areas of it, so that’s why people have developed security programs for the Mac. Today I’ll teach you some of the ways to keep your […]

Free Mac Internet Access

1999: Free internet access is a big thing in the Windows world. Many people are currently using free ad-based internet services instead of pricier ones, such AOL and Erols. Free internet services was a relatively unfilled niche in the Mac computing world, except for a few companies that offered Mac versions of their software. However, […]

iMacs for All

1999.10: If you’ve ever ordered a pizza with someone, you’ve experienced it. No two people ever want the same thing. I guess this is the same when ordering a computer. Now people can finally have the computer that’s suited to them – last week, Apple introduced it’s new iMacs. These are the new iMacs that […]

Mac OS 8.6: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

1999.10: An old saying goes, “If it’s free, it probably is too good to be true.” After a few months of using Mac OS 8.6, Apple’s new, free upgrade to the Mac’s operating system, I believe that this saying is holding true.

Run Windows on Your Mac

1999: Many people want compatibility with the Windows world without being forced to give up the ease and all around greatness of the Macintosh. Enter Connectix Virtual PC. This little wonder of a program lets you run Windows and Windows programs on your Mac.

Apple Needs to Make More Kinds of Macs

1999: No, it’s not because it’s easy to use. Nope, it’s not because of it’s stability. Nope, not that either. The real reason Windows is so popular is that there are so many computers that support it.

Easier Computing

1999: Computers were designed to make our lives easier, right? So why do they make our lives harder? Every day you need to do so many things just to get a few emails. How exactly is this easier?

Enter the iBook

1999 – Many people have tried to copy Apple’s idea of a cool translucent plastic space age looking computer. Well, now Apple’s done it themselves. Enter the iBook.

A Computer on Every Desk

1999 – A new age of Macintosh computing is among us. For many years, the Mac has just been waiting to defeat the Windows-based box as the computer of choice. Apple now has a chance.


1999.07.07 – They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I’m sure Apple isn’t flattered.

USB Is Enough

1999 – When the iMac first came out, you either loved it or you hated it. Most of the people who loved it, loved it because of its all-in-one case design, low price, good software, and really cool color. Most of the people who hated it, hated it for two reasons: It’s a Mac, and […]

iMac Talks to PowerBook, Part 2

1999 – You have an iMac, you have a PowerBook, and you have a few ways to connect them (see Part 1) – but none of them seem fast enough or cheap enough, so you want more options. Never fear, there are plenty more ways to connect Macs.

iMac Talks to PowerBook

1999 – Many iMac users want to be able to do their work on the road, but we have come to the painful realization that it is quite hard to put your iMac on your lap during an airplane ride. So many of us have bought a PowerBook to be able to compute on the […]

The Perfect iMac

1999 – “Woah, it’s so perfect – I can’t wait to turn it on again!” I say. “This new iMac is so great!’