iMac iMpact

1999 – They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Well, Apple, I hope you’re flattered. Lately I’ve seen many iMac iMitations. From a real computer that had the same colors as the iMac to the iToaster, iToilet, and chiaMac.

Mac OS 8.6 Makes iMac More Stable

1999 – You yell as your iMac running Mac OS 8.5 crashes again. You’re getting tired of your iMac crashing many times a day. You also think the only way to stop it is to throw it out the window – but there is another solution.

Fixing and Preventing Hard Drive Crashes

1999 – Lately, many people have been telling me that their iMacs have been giving them many problems. They’ve been reporting crashes, freezes, and other various maladies. I’ve been able to relate to these people, since my own iMac (which I renamed “the useless green lump” – until I fixed it.) was crashing too, for […]

Mac Alive and Kicking

1999 – Lately, many people have been saying to me, “Ha! You have a Mac! Macs are dead!” Well, I don’t think they are. The Mac might’ve been a bit unconscious for a while, but it most definitely isn’t now.

Hard Drive Failure

1999 – It happens to the best of us, and it will probably happen to you eventually. Yep, it’s the one thing we all say won’t happen, but always does – a hard drive failure. I’ll show you how to safeguard your iMac from disaster, and, aside from some sort of disk drive, it won’t […]

iMac Troubleshooting

1999 – Like any other computer, the iMac, has it’s occasional problem. I’m not talking about a problem like, “Oh no, I got lime, but I wanted grape” or “Where’s the serial port?” I’m talking about bigger problems, like the devastating flashing question mark.

The Wow Factor

1999 – When I told my friends and family that I had just bought a new iMac, I got pretty much the same response: “Eww! A Mac!!! Gross.”

iMac Flaws

1999 – Every computer has its flaws. The iMac is a computer, but, unlike other computers, you can very easily fix the iMac’s minor flaws. Oh, the iMac is also different than other computers, because it’s really cool looking. Today I’ll give you some easy tips to fix the problems you might have with your […]

iMac, Trendsetter

1999 – When I first saw the original iMac, I knew that it would definitely be a trend setter, and definitely make a big iMpact on the world. I was right – the Bondi Blue Bombshell is definitely a trend setter, not only for other computers, but for many other things as well. Let’s review […]

iMac iMproved

1999 – I remember the day I first heard of the iMac. I thought to myself, “Hey, this new computer can’t be much cooler.” But I was wrong. At Macworld Expo in San Francisco, one of the coolest new computers was announced, the new iMac.