Marketing Campaign Bombs in Redmond

Low End Mac apologizes for the panic created when LED signs promoting our website were mistaken for bombs yesterday in Redmond, Washington. We just assumed people would recognize our friendly Mac mascot, as the compact Mac shape is iconic.

Roadmap to Intel’s Past, Present, and Future Icons

My wife seldom pays attention to the latest trends in technology unless it directly affects her business (photography). I will occasionally tell her about major events, such as the switch of Apple products from PowerPC to Intel CPUs, or whether or not Bono has decided to use his left or right hand while signing his […]

Apple Product Development and Sales Cycle

As a long time Apple news junkie, I keep up with the trends. Over time, I began to notice a disturbing, often repeated, pattern in the development of new products at Apple. That’s when I sat down and created this easy to follow flowchart explaining Apple’s product development and sales cycle, that I like to call the […]

Still Yet Even More Bumper Snickers

These new Bumper Snickers are sure to tickle your fancy! If you want to let the world know what you’re about, print ’em out and hot-glue ’em to your car. If anyone gets irritated with your new sticker, just tell ’em you found it “somewhere on the Internet”.

This Old Mac

We’re here at the workspace of John Quimble, a Mac SE/30 owner who is seeking to upgrade. The crew of This Old Mac is filming John’s renovation of his old computer into a new machine.

Dead (and Undead) People Don’t Use Windows

2001 – In light of the recent admission by Microsoft that “funded advocacy groups” have sent letters from dead people to newspapers in support of the beleaguered* computer software company, Apple Computer has issued a press release noting the tremendous advantages the Macintosh computer has for “the dead or recently unliving.”

Universal All Purpose Mac Rumor Generator

Now you too can generate Mac rumors just like the professionals do! All you have to do is select one of the options in each of the pop up menus below; when you’re done, just print the rumor out or copy it and email it to your favorite news site! If you go to all […]

Pentium Threatens Planet

Madame Chairperson, Esteemed Members of this August Committee, Members of the House of Representatives, and Mr. Speaker of the House of Representatives: Thank you for allowing me to address you on this most urgent matter.

Mac Advocate Glossary

2001 – Here is a partial glossary of terms you are likely to encounter when discussing supporting the Mac platform with a longtime Mac user. If you have more contributions, tack them on in the message board.

If TV Characters Used Real Computers

2001 – MacCentral will occasionally post “famous people” sightings, where celebrities and others use Macs as props or as tools in public. I was thinking about this the other day, and wondered if people in TV shows used computers as much as real people – and real computers, not those 67-point font monsters that say […]

A Day With a Typewriter

The Royal Quiet De Luxe portable typewriter is about a ten pound machine capable of printing single page documents not wider than 9 inches and of indeterminate length. It was designed to allow the user to continue working while on board trains and in hotel rooms, but it was never practical for air travel, due […]