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DayStar's nPOWER System Tester is being provided to DayStar Resellers in an effort to give them better troubleshooting solutions. This application is functionally complete, with the exception of a polished user interface. The main test applications are made easily available through the 'Tests' menu.

Note: nPOWER System Tester should only be run from a hard drive. Also, before running nPOWER System Tester, reboot your system with extensions off (using the shift key at boot) and be sure that you remove any debuggers (such as MacsBug, TMON, Metronub, or Jasik's Debugger) from the System Folder.

Tests Menu Options

Processor Card Test (PCT)

Selecting 'Processor Card' from the 'Tests' menu automatically begins the Processor Card Test. The PCT consists of six components that verify the functionality of the processor card. These steps include:

Step 1: Divide Test
Step 2: Task Speed Test
Step 3: Scheduling Test
Step 4: MP Test
Step 5: Faulty Task Test
Step 6: Toss Test

If you experience errors in the Processor Card Test, try disabling the system extensions and running the test again. If you continue to experience problems, contact DayStar Technical Support.


Selecting 'SCSI' from the 'Tests' menu automatically begins the SCSI Test. This test performs a read/write test on all drives attached to the computer, including network volumes (which also allows you to test the reliability of the Ethernet connection and hardware).

If you experience errors in the SCSI Test, try the following:

  • Make sure that only the last device in both the internal and external SCSI chains are terminated.
  • Make sure that you install a terminated drive into the last internal SCSI connector in order to properly terminate the bus.
  • Make sure that no devices are using SCSI ID 5.
  • Make sure that each SCSI device on the internal and external bus have their own unique SCSI ID.
  • Update the drivers on the troublesome device.
  • Run Apple's Disk First Aid or Norton utilities on the troublesome device.
  • Replace the cables in the external SCSI chain with known good, high quality cables.

Memory Test

The Memory Test verifies the integrity of the Random Access Memory (RAM) in the computer. To properly run this test, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Memory' from the 'Tests' menu.
  2. You will be asked if you wish to 'Run the complete test set'. The default is 'y' for yes. Selecting 'n' for no, runs a shorter version of the test.
  3. You will be asked if you wish for the test to 'Run forever'. The default is 'y' for yes. Selecting 'n' for no, runs one iteration of the test.
  4. If you selected 'Run forever' you must type 'Command Period' to stop the test.
  5. Check the error log in the Scriptable Text Editor. (If the Scriptable Text Editor cannot be launched nPOWER System Tester will report a warning and continue on with the test.)

If you experience errors in the Memory Test, try the following:

Remove all but one DIMM and run the test again. If the problem goes away, one of the other DIMM modules is causing the problem. Try adding the DIMMs back one at a time until you pinpoint the bad module. Note: Installing DIMMs in an interleaved configuration leads to tighter timing requirements for the memory. If a DIMM is on the edge of the required tolerances, it may work in a non-interleaved configuration and fail in an interleaved configuration.

Run Above 3 Tests.

Selecting 'Run Above 3 Tests' from the 'Tests' menu automatically runs all the above tests (Processor Card, SCSI & Memory Tests). The SCSI test is repeated 5 times and the Memory Test runs for 10 minutes. If an error occurs during this test a dialog box will appear and inform you of the type of error.

Floppy Drive Test

The Floppy Drive Test writes a file to the floppy disk and then reads it back. The test then verifies that the data it wrote is the same as the data it read.

Memory Interleaving Test

This test checks to make sure that all memory in the computer is interleaving

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