WiFi Woes (Hopefully) Solved

Can you remember a time before pervasive wireless Internet access? I can. On June 21, 1999, Apple’s Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s consumer laptop – the iBook – during his keynote address at that season’s Macworld conference.

WiFi CardBus Adapters Compatible with Mac OS X

This page covers CardBus WiFi hardware that is compatible with Mac OS X. CardBus uses a 32-bit data bus that’s faster than the 16-bit bus used by PCMCIA/PC Card devices, which are covered in WiFi PC Cards Compatible with PowerBooks Running Mac OS X.

WiFi PC Cards for PowerBooks Running Mac OS 9

This page covers PCMCIA/PC Card WiFi hardware that is compatible with the Classic Mac OS. A few of these devices are compatible with Mac OS 8.6; all of them are reported to work with Mac OS 9, and most also have drivers available for some versions of Mac OS X.

WiFi for Desktop Macs Running Mac OS 9

Older Macs may not have a slot for Apple’s AirPort Card, and even if yours does, you may want higher throughput than 802.11b WiFi offers – 802.11g will give you nearly five times as much bandwidth.