The Round Mouse That Could Have Been

Life was simple when the iMac came in only one color, Bondi blue. The computer, keyboard, and mouse were all trimmed in Bondi blue and looked great together. Third party manufacturers could come close enough to Apple’s color to look good as well. And then Apple changed everything with Macs in different colors.

About The Rumor Mill

Okay, for those of you unsure about The Rumor Mill, here’s the lowdown: it’s a farce. There are no contacts at Apple Computer. There are no leaks from anyone reaching us. There is no Anne Onymus.

Sudden Impact: Apple’s Great Asteroid Hoax

If you’ve been following the legal ruckus surrounding Apple’s “Asteroid leak” case, you know what happened: Someone leaked details of Asteroid, a breakout box for use with GarageBand, and some websites published the info. Apple then subpoenaed their email records to discover the identity of the leaker, and the websites went to court to protect […]

Apple’s Top Secret ‘Project Comet’ Unveiled

2005 – While Apple is busy suing AppleInsider and others over leaks regarding their “Asteroid” project, our unusually reliable source – an illegal immigrant subcontracted to clean Apple’s research labs when she couldn’t get the same kind of work at Walmart – has helped The Rumor Mill scoop all the legitimate rumor sites.

eMac II Brings Apple to the Gates of Dell

2003 – Just when you thought it was safe to recommend an eMac, Apple thows another wrench into the works, the eMac II, or so our anonymous janitor at One Infinite Loop leads us to believe based on reconstructions of shredded documents and late night visits to the design labs while in a drunken stupor.