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The Menagerie of Macs - Issue 5

The Menagerie of Macs

Issue #5



See? No letters. This is another reason that I might go under. You guys don't write enough. :-)

Administrative Information

SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE: Send a blank e-mail with this heading to <MacManA9F4@aol.com> and the appropriate action will be taken.

BACK ISSUES: You may request certain issues that you have not recieved for up to three months previous the current one.

STAFF: If you would like to submit something for the 'zine but are not sure what to do please send mail with this heading. If you've already done something, send it on in.

SUGGESTIONS: If you would like to see something please send me a message. You're the ones that count!

LETTERS/JOKES: I think these speak for themselves.

PROBLEMS: If you have a question or a problem you can send it here.


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