Performa 5300CD

The Performa 5300 was the second PowerPC (PPC) Mac with an integrated multiscan 15″ monitor, sharing the design of its predecessor, the 5200. Although the PPC 603 CPU was superior to the older 601, the computer architecture kept performance of this 100-120 MHz model comparable to an 80 MHz Power Mac 7100.

PowerBook Duo 2300c

The PowerBook Duo 2300c was Apple’s only PowerBook Duo based on a PowerPC CPU. To make the 2300c compatible with Duo Docks for earlier models, the 100 MHz 64-bit PowerPC 603e CPU was used on a 33 MHz 32-bit bus, which seriously compromised performance.

PowerBook 190

The PowerBook 190 was Apple’s last model based on a Motorola 68040 CPU. The base model has a 640 x 480 4-bit passive matrix grayscale display; the 190cs has an 8-bit color display.

PowerBook 190cs

The PowerBook 190 was Apple’s last model based on a Motorola 68040 CPU. The 190cs has an 8-bit dual-scan passive matrix color display. Apple eliminated the internal modem bay and the ethernet port found in the previous 500 series, forcing buyers to acquire these items separately.

PowerBook 5300

The PowerBook 5300 was Apple’s first PowerBook based on a PowerPC CPU. Due to fire problems with the original LithIon battery (which was recalled before it reached the consumer market), plastic chipping from the case, and poor performance (among other things), we label it a Compromised Mac. (It was also the butt of a lot […]

Power Mac 8500 (Workgroup Server 8550)

Using the same case as the Power Mac 8100, the 8500 (a.k.a. 8515) was the first Mac minitower with a replaceable CPU daughter card. Unlike the first generation of Power Macs, the 8500 has PCI slots and uses the PowerPC 604 processor, a significantly improved, second-generation PPC design.

Power Mac 7500

Apple introduced a brand new case design with the Power Mac 7200 and 7500, one with a slide-off cover, an extra internal drive bay (compared to the Power Mac 7100 they replaced), and a flip-up drive/power supply assembly, providing easy access to the motherboard.

Power Mac 7200

The Power Mac 7200 was the entry level second-generation Power Mac, part of the first group of Macs to use the PCI bus instead of older, slower NuBus. Originally produced in 75 MHz and 90 MHz versions (a.k.a. Power Mac 7215/90), the slower model was phased out when the 120 MHz model was introduced in […]