Color Classic with Sonnet Presto Benchmarked

The Color Classic (also sold as the Performa 250) uses a 16 MHz 68030 CPU, but the Sonnet Presto accelerator provides either a 25 MHz 68040 or a 68LC040 (a 68040 without a math section), which are much more powerful. But how much more powerful is it?

Color Classic Benchmarked

The Color Classic uses a 16 MHz 68030 CPU, so performance should be comparable to a 16 MHz Mac IIcx or Mac LC. The tested unit also has a 16 MHz 68882 math coprocessor. The hard drive is an 80 MB Apple branded drive formatted with Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5.

Guide to P1 Features

1999: Apple’s upcoming consumer portable, code-named P1, fills the missing “fourth box” of Apple’s systems portfolio. The P1 is still about 3 months from its expected introduction, but it has been generating a lot of buzz since early December. Although no details have been confirmed, many Mac experts and people familiar with Mac technological progress […]

The Dispute

1999: Did you hear the one about the two 16-year-old boys in Canada who registered – and have now been threatened by Apple’s lawyers? If not, read Teen in Dispute with Apple Over Domain on Cnet.

Why Am I Having Problems with My 1 MB L2 Cache?

1999 – It’s been three weeks since my last column, yet the email keeps pouring in. I hate to admit it, but I’m about two months behind on your letters, so I’ll be keeping a low profile on Mac Daniel (one or two columns a week) until I catch up.

A Perfect Compact Mac

1998: I miss the little guys. You may remember them. The original Macintosh (just Macintosh, no other name or model number). The 512K and 512K enhanced. The Plus. The SE and SE/30. Then the Classic and Classic II.

The Essential PowerBook User’s Handbook

Unfortunately, not everyone knows the joys of networking with a friend in a coffee house or the pleasure of completing a report on your front porch. However, to those of us who do, or soon will, we at the Menagerie of Macs have created this handbook for your edification, enjoyment, and daily use.

Menagerie of Macs #4

I have a problem with the Pentium III. I have big problem, and I’m not alone. Several large privacy organizations are throwing a fit over it. It seems like a good enough processor, starting at 500 MHz and peaking at 800 MHz, but there’s something else. All this over a little three-letter acronym. The PSN.

Why Mac Users Aren’t the Stiff Necked

A certain Mac-basher implied that Mac users want to make everyone else use Macs. Well, that may be true in his world of beliefs. Actually, it might be entirely true in the US; I don’t know. I have never been outside Europe, so I cannot (and will not) say anything about Mac users in America.

iMac Flaws

1999 – Every computer has its flaws. The iMac is a computer, but, unlike other computers, you can very easily fix the iMac’s minor flaws. Oh, the iMac is also different than other computers, because it’s really cool looking. Today I’ll give you some easy tips to fix the problems you might have with your […]

Mac Y2K Problems

1999 – Articles circulated in the past few days – see Cnet and Yahoo+ stories – note that Mac users shouldn’t be too smug about the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem. The Mac is not immune.

Apple’s Good Moves

1999: It feels good to be right. Last August, I asked, “Is Apple Too Popular for Its Own Good?” – and I suggested that Apple needed to outsource iMac production if it wanted to increase market share.

Spend $4,320, Get Free iMac

1999 – A few days ago, started giving away free Windows PCs. Ho hum Compaq Presarios. The Mac community yawned – or snickered. But now One Stop Communications is offering a free iMac. In fact, they’re offering a total of 25,000 free iMac.