USB Is Enough

1999 – When the iMac first came out, you either loved it or you hated it. Most of the people who loved it, loved it because of its all-in-one case design, low price, good software, and really cool color. Most of the people who hated it, hated it for two reasons: It’s a Mac, and […]

Third Voice Revisited

1999: Third Voice is a plugin for Internet Explorer for Windows that allows Third Voice users to append comments to pages on the world wide web. These comments are available to anyone who uses Third Voice. The biggest objections have come from webmasters. We really don’t like the idea of people putting notes on our […]

Third Voice: One Voice Too Many

1999: Who would have thought that a PC software product could make such waves in the Mac community? But that’s what is happening: The appearance of Third Voice has caused quite a stir, prompting articles, emails, and long threads in various forums.

Convergence: Count On It

1999: Convergence is the coming together of separate streams. In this case, the streams of personal computers and television. In Why Convergence Won’t Happen, Rabbe Sandelin says that it isn’t going to happen.

iMac Talks to PowerBook, Part 2

1999 – You have an iMac, you have a PowerBook, and you have a few ways to connect them (see Part 1) – but none of them seem fast enough or cheap enough, so you want more options. Never fear, there are plenty more ways to connect Macs.

Should I Get a Used Power Mac 7500 or a Beige G3?

1999 – JP writes: I just read a bunch of your articles, and I got a kick out of them. If I had more time for writing, I would focus in the same area. My experience is limited between 20 MHz 68030 to 33 MHz 68040, but I sure know just about everything in that […]

Tomorrow’s iMac

1999.06: No, this article isn’t about C2, the second-generation iMac expected Real Soon Now. This is about where computers, including the iMac, are going over the next few years.

Is the iMac Passé?

1999: It’s been less than a year since the iMac first shipped, but already we’re seeing signs that the “Bondi Bombshell” may have peaked.

Third Voice and Copyright

1999: I received the following email from Larry Rosenstein in response to Hands Off My Site. He raises some good points that those interested in the Third Wave debate should consider.

iMac Talks to PowerBook

1999 – Many iMac users want to be able to do their work on the road, but we have come to the painful realization that it is quite hard to put your iMac on your lap during an airplane ride. So many of us have bought a PowerBook to be able to compute on the […]

Multi-Processing: Benefits of a Secondary Processor

How an application runs, and what gains in speed may be seen on a multi-processor (MP) Mac OS computer, can be confusing. Understanding a little of how multi-processing works with software applications will help you properly set your expectations when selecting applications designed for MP and begin using them.

Hands Off My Site

1999: Have you heard about the new electronic sticky notes that Third Voice lets users put on websites? Maybe not – after all, the software only runs on Windows computers with Internet Explorer. Although a lot of visitors to this site use Windows and IE, my target audience is Mac users.

What Is BlackBerry?

1999: “BlackBerry is the first complete, secure, integrated, wireless email solution for the mobile professional. Microsoft Exchange users can now enjoy untethered access to their corporate email wherever they go.”

Cal State Is Going Windows

June 1999 – An employee of Cal State informed me that the final decision has been made: The California State University (Cal State, CSU) Chancellor’s Office has put a freeze on future Macintosh purchases and will begin buying Dell PCs over the summer.

WebMate, Apple’s Consumer Portable

1999: Whether you call it the P1, Consumer Portable, iBook, or WebMate, Apple’s newest portable Macintosh is shaping up to be a real winner. For consistency, we’ll call it the WebMate in this article.

The Apple Store

1999: Have you heard that Gateway now sells as much equipment through its storefronts as it does via phone, mail, and online orders? Talk of the Web for the past week has been that Apple should do the same thing. After all, they have very little control over CompUSA and Sears, let alone the hundreds […]

Feeling Left Behind?

1999: Change is the very nature of the computer industry. From the first computer kits to the first personal computers. From the 8-bit Apples, Commodores, and TRS-80s to the pseudo-16-bit IBMs, and then to the graphical Lisa and Macintosh.

iCab, Pro and Con

1999: There’s a lot to like about iCab, the Mac-only browser from Germany – but is it good enough to replace Netscape or Internet Explorer?

The Perfect iMac

1999 – “Woah, it’s so perfect – I can’t wait to turn it on again!” I say. “This new iMac is so great!’