iPhoto Is Missing One Important Feature

2002 – I agree with most who’ve tried out Apple’s new iPhoto software: It has an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn, can manage large numbers of photos easily, and meshes nicely with iTunes and iMovie, Apple’s other digital hub software for consumers.

Quicksilver 2002 Power Mac G4

Apple first hit the 1 GHz mark in January 2002 – and doubled 1 GHz G4 performance with a dual-processor model. Although these look like the earlier Quicksilver model, they run 800 MHz, 933 MHz, and dual 1 GHz G4 processors.

Why Microsoft’s .NET Is .Not for Me

2002 – My students sometimes joke with me that if they don’t say they like Macs, I’ll ruin their grades. Of course, I wouldn’t ever make my computing preference a factor in a grade; other than the fact students must complete assignments on a computer, I’m not so narrow-minded (or unethical) as to do such […]

Myth Mongering Still a Popular Pastime

2002: Why is it that the tired old argument that Macs need more market share rears its ugly head every time Apple releases something great? For the last three years, Apple’s products have consistently drawn good reviews and admiring glances. On the software side, Macs (thanks to FreeBSD) are once again becoming respected in IT […]

Beige Power Mac G3 Benchmarks

For months now, the Beige Power Mac G3 has been the most popular profile on Low End Mac, indicating to us that it’s the hottest low-end Mac out there. We recently rated it a Low End Mac Best Buy – but with reservations if you plan to run Mac OS X.

Installing OS X on a SuperMac S900

Like many of you out there, I had been salivating over Mac OS X since it arrived last year. There was one small issue: I was using a Umax SuperMac S900, and 604e support was less than forthcoming from Apple, so unless there was a new Apple G3 or G4 machine in my future, I was […]

Educational Standards and Benchmarks on the Web and in the Classroom

2002 – The communication gap between teachers and software companies is hindering the adoption of technology by “technology resisters” and the adoption of standards by veterans waiting for the latest fad to expire. Apple knows a little about this, probably more than any other computer vendor, but even they don’t get it in a fundamental […]

Going Ten, Step 1: Preparation

2002 – This is the first on an ongoing series as Low End Mac prepares for and jumps into the world of Mac OS X. Unlike others who submit articles for 10 Forward, I haven’t used 10.1 yet, but I’m preparing to.

Macworld Expo Wrap-up

Macworld San Francisco 2002 has come and gone, and the new flat-panel iMac has finally arrived. The iWalk was shown to be a Photoshop daydream, and the 1.0+ GHz Power Macs predicted by the rumor sites are still in the future.

The Digital Hub Is Incomplete

2002 – On the face of it, Apple’s digital hub strategy seems to be progressing well. At Macworld San Francisco 2002, I saw how iPhoto nicely complements iMovie’s intuitive design. I got to touch an iPod for the first time – boy, it sure is tiny – and as I reported yesterday, I got to […]

Redefining Apple’s Market

2002: No doubt about it, the new iMac G4 is a machine that people will either love or hate. Apple has again rewritten the rules of how a computer should look and perform. With the release of the new iMac, however, Apple has further blurred the line between the consumer electronics and computer worlds. Apple […]

Macworld and the New iMac

2002 – I’m sitting in one of the lobbies at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, having made a pass through the entire exhibit hall, up and down every aisle. This is my first Macworld, and I’ve learned a few things, seen some things, and talked to a bunch of people.

14″ 600 MHz iBook G3 (Early 2002)

Apple addressed perhaps the biggest objection to the otherwise nearly perfect iBook by introducing one with a 14″ screen at the January 2002 Macworld Expo in San Francisco – all in a package just a pound heavier than the 12″ iBook. The larger screen doesn’t have any more pixels, but the pixels are bigger, making […]

Remotely Control Your Macs: Timbuktu vs. Apple Network Assistant

2002 – One of the difficulties of working in a lab full of Macs is that students sometimes wander off and do things they’re not supposed to do. Our district has filtering software, but as several news reports have recently pointed out, no filtering software is perfect. Teachers simply have to be aware of what […]