PowerBook 1400 G3 Upgrade Deal, Full Size PDA Alternative, Wireless Router Deal, High Capacity Batteries, and More

Except as noted, prices are in US dollars. PowerBook 1400 G3 Upgrade Deal RadTech: New Online Supplier of ‘Book Accessories Dana PDA-based Alternative to a Laptop Computer Netgear MR314 Wireless Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch for $79.88 PowerPad High Capacity Laptop Accessory Batteries PC Card Modem/Ethernet Cards Bargain ‘Books PowerBook 1400 G3 Upgrade Deal Megamacs […]

Bloggers, Macs, and the OS X Blues

2002: In my previous column, I touched on the idea that as more people switch, Apple will have to become more attentive to customer needs. In the same vein, Apple has to realize that they are gradually gaining a higher profile in the weblog “blogosphere”.

The Dying Art of Plain Text Email

What is happening to email? Once upon a time, email was nothing more than plain text that came to you on a blank screen in a font that could be read by just about anyone. Now two new forms of email have appeared. The first is mildly annoying; the second is wildly impractical for Macs […]

Triassic Mac

Triassic Macs? Since the creation of the Abandonware Petition in the late 1990s, the use of epoch terms for the evolution of life started to be applied to low-end Macs. The battle cry Allow Jurassic software to roam free became a common phrase among vintage computer users.

OS X: Of Docks and Roadblocks

2002 – As I said last time, the more I use Mac OS X, the more I like it. This is especially true since replacing the stock 10 GB Toshiba drive (4200 rpm, 1 MB cache) with a larger, faster 20 GB IBM Travelstar drive (5400 rpm, 8 MB cache).

Switchers Mean Apple Must Work Harder

2002: As more people switch over to the Mac, Apple will have to be more diligent and responsive to consumer needs. This is would appear to be self-evident. If there are more consumers, there are more people to get annoyed with your products or what might be perceived as corporate arrogance. Apple is surely familiar […]

The Mac and Windows Compatibility

2002 – One thing that has really been overlooked about the Mac is its excellent compatibility with Windows. While compatibility has long been a part of the Mac OS (including PC Exchange and DOS cards for Quadras and early Power Macs), in the past couple years it really has been ignored as a feature.