Meshing Low End Macs with Sony Gaming Gear, Part 2

I left off in part 1 discussing the necessary steps to get everything put together that will allow you to have total media bliss and harmony on both your PS3 and PSP using a low-end Mac to stream the content. Moving forward, there are just a few more things to consider that will allow you to squeeze […]

Remembering the Hi-Res PowerBook G4

A little over seven years ago, on October 19, 2005, Apple introduced the Hi-Res PowerBook G4. These 15″ and 17″ notebooks were the last Macs that would don the PowerBook moniker. 15″ and 17″ hi-res PowerBook G4 The biggest thing I remember about them is how they flew in a bit under the radar, since […]

Mac Blu-ray Player 2.4.0 Lets Macs Display Blu-ray Movies

Mac Blu-ray Player has been around now for a little over a year, but until the UJ-267, which I recently reviewed, and the UJ-167, which both arrived mere weeks ago, there were no internal Blu-ray drives for the Unibody MacBook Pro. This limited Blu-ray playback to external drives on these late model portables, which needless […]

Adobe Flash Has Left PowerPC Macs Behind

This is somewhat old news, but Adobe announced the end of PowerPC (PPC) Mac support with the latest release of Flash Player (v10.2) in February 2011. (Read the system requirements page for Flash Player 10.2 for further details.) Although content created for Flash 10.1 and earlier will continue to work, anything that requires version 10.2 […]

12″ PowerBook G4 to the Rescue Once Again

Greetings Low Enders! Sorry for the hiatus, but the holidays were busy for yours truly. Presents, getting ill, getting better, and MacBook Pro trouble, all while gaining some new tech and crazy upgrades galore kept me bogged down this holiday season. Now that the insanity is over, it’s time to get back to Low End […]

Better Audio Output from Macs without Digital Audio

As a follow up to my previous article, Digital Audio Output: Apple’s DVD Player vs. VLC Player, I am taking things a step further. I thought about all the other PowerPC Macs out there, including various PowerBooks, iBooks, iMacs, eMacs, and earlier (New World ROM) Power Macs that lacked onboard digital audio (or, in the […]