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DiskWarrior 3 Preorders, FireWire/USB2 PC Card, DVD-R for G3 and G4 PowerBooks, and More

This Week's PowerBook and iBook News

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2003.03.28

Except as noted, prices are in US dollars.

Alsoft Taking Preorders for DiskWarrior 3 for OS X

DiskWarrior is the most highly decorated Mac disk repair utility ever. It repairs disks that no other program can repair. New hardware monitoring helps protect your data from drive malfunctions.

DiskWarrior 3.0 provides Mac OS X native directory repair. This version is not a simple port to Mac OS X; extensive changes have been made to the application, allowing DiskWarrior to take advantage of advanced technologies in Mac OS X. The new version offers dramatic speed improvements, supports file journaling and Mac OS X RAID, offers full Unicode support, conforms to Apple's security standards, uses Mac OS X's native memory model, and rebuilds directories on disks as large as 2,000 gigabytes (2 terabytes). DiskWarrior 3.0 ships on a Mac OS X bootable CD.

Brought forward to DiskWarrior 3.0 are all the features of previous versions that are still applicable to Mac OS X. (The new version does not include DiskShield; Mac OS X's protected memory and journaling features provide the functional equivalent of DiskShield.)

Added to DiskWarrior is the ability to monitor drive hardware and warn you of impending drive failure. When a drive mechanism fails, the data on the drive can be lost - with an expensive data recovery service being your only option to retrieve your data. DiskWarrior can be configured to automatically check your drives for possible drive malfunction, giving you the opportunity to back up your data before a drive failure. When a drive is in danger of malfunction, you can choose to have DiskWarrior display an alert, send an email, or run an AppleScript.


To rebuild the directory on a Mac OS Standard (HFS) or Mac OS Extended (HFS+) disk, DiskWarrior requires a Mac OS computer with a G3 or higher processor and at least 128 MB RAM, regardless of what operating system is installed on the disk to be rebuilt. The disk to be rebuilt must be locally connected, must not be write protected, and must have a valid partition map.

If you plan to rebuild the directory on your startup disk, you need to start up from another disk capable of booting into Mac OS X 10.2.x, such as the DiskWarrior CD. (DiskWarrior cannot be run while booted from the Apple Mac OS X install CD.)

If you wish to enable DiskWarrior's automatic hardware monitoring, you will need to install the DiskWarrior application on your computer. To install the DiskWarrior application, you must have a Mac OS computer running OS X 10.2.1 or later with at least 128 MB RAM. Installing DiskWarrior is not required to run the application from the DiskWarrior CD to rebuild a disk directory.

Current DiskWarrior Owners: How to Get the DiskWarrior 3.0 Upgrade

If you own any previous DiskWarrior version (2.x or earlier), you can preorder the DiskWarrior 3.0 CD Upgrade directly from Alsoft. The upgrade costs $39.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. You must provide your DiskWarrior serial number when ordering, as well as your name, address, credit card number, and expiration date. When your CD has shipped, we will send a notification to the e-mail address given in the order. We estimate that DiskWarrior 3 CDs will begin shipping in early April.

If you purchased a new copy of DiskWarrior on or after February 1, 2003, you are eligible for a free upgrade; you will only be charged for shipping and handling. If you purchased DiskWarrior and received a coupon for a free upgrade to version 3.0, you are also eligible for a free upgrade.

If you purchased a full ($29.95) upgrade to version 2.1 on or after February 1, 2003, you can apply your purchase price - but not shipping and handling costs - to your 3.0 upgrade. (This offer does not apply to customers who purchased a $12.95 update CD.)

Your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.

When you order the DiskWarrior 3.0 upgrade, you will receive the DiskWarrior 3.0 CD. This Mac OS X bootable CD includes the following:

  • DiskWarrior 3.0 application
  • DiskWarrior manual in PDF format
  • Sample DiskWarrior AppleScripts
  • DiskWarrior Read Me
  • Quick start manual

Note: Unlike some previous versions, DiskWarrior 3.0 does not come bundled with PlusOptimizer.

Editor's note: I have my copy on order. After the hard drive problems I've been wrestling with for the past two days, I wish DiskWarrior 3.0 were already shipping and on my TiBook's hard drive. More on that later. dk

Orange Micro Announces Combo FireWire and USB 2.0 PC Card

The OrangeCombo PC Card is a unique, compact solution. With a single card you can upgrade the capabilities of your laptop with FireWire and USB 2.0.

The OrangeCombo PC Card adds a two FireWire ports to your Mac laptop computer. Now you can OrangeCombo PC Cardtake complete advantage of the latest high performance USB 2.0 peripherals.

The OrangeCombo PC Card adds two USB ports to your laptop computer. This new technology is "backward compatible" with all USB 1.1 devices as well as USB 2.0 Hi-Speed devices. This means users can run all existing USB peripherals simultaneously with any new USB 2.0 devices at their rated speeds. The OrangeCombo will give you up to 480 Mbits/second data transfer speeds with USB 2.0 devices. That's 40 times faster than the standard USB 1.1 data transfer rate of 12 Mbits/second!

The OrangeCombo includes free video editing software, so you can make desktop movies on the move. Now you can shoot and edit you movies with your laptop.

FireWire Features

  • One 6-pin and one 4-pin external 1394a FireWire ports.
  • OHCI Compliant 1394 Host Controller; 100 Mbit/s (12.5 MB/sec); 200 Mbit/s (25 MB/sec); 400 Mbit/s (50 MB/sec)
  • Provides FireWire BUS power on the 6-pin port only when using the included power supply. The FireWire ports will work without the power supply with any devices that come with their own power supply (also known as self-powered devices).
  • Connect up to 63 devices, internal or external
  • Supports Plug-and-Play Specification
  • Complies with Standard for a IEEE-1394 High Performance Serial Bus/ i.LINK
  • Up to 16 consecutive cable hops of 4.5 meters
  • Support for digital video in full size, full motion video of 720 by 480 pixels at 30 frames per second
  • Isochronous and Asynchronous data transfer
  • Function Control Protocol (FCP)
  • Connection Management Protocol (CMP)

USB 2.0 Features

  • Two auto speed selectable Type A USB ports, supports all USB speeds. EHCI based 480 Mbits/second USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compliant. OHCI based 12 Mbits/second USB 1.1 compliant.
  • Provides 5V, 500 mA of power per port when using the included power supply. The USB ports will work without the power supply with low power devices that draw 100 mA or less, typically mice, keyboards, joysticks and any self-powered devices.

Package Includes:

  • One 6 foot 6 pin to 4 pin FireWire cable
  • 120 VAC to 12 VDC power supply adapter
  • One 6 foot USB 2.0 certified cable
  • Windows drivers, Mac OS 10.2.x drivers

System requirements:

  • One available 32-bit Type II CardBus slot; Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) or newer; PowerBook G3 Series or PowerBook G4; not compatible with original ("Kanga") PowerBook G3
  • G3 333 MHz or faster
  • 80 MB RAM

Shipping April 2003.

Table Tote Portable Workstation

Many have experienced it themselves or seen others suffering through it - people sitting in a lobby or airport trying to get some work done by balancing a laptop computer and a load of papers precariously on their lap. Now a new portable product called the PC TableTote removes that awkward problem, giving new meaning to the term "lap of luxury."

The PC TableTote gives business travelers and consumers a portable workspace to carry with them. PC TableToteThe collapsible table is a versatile, stable workstation that can be used in a variety of situations such as airports, hotel or building lobbies, even park benches and hallways. When folded, the patented PC TableTote is a 13 x 11 inch sturdy, space age composite stand that - at only one inch thin - fits easily into a briefcase, laptop case, or backpack.

When in use, the table is adjustable to a height of up to 30 inches tall, and the surface work area extends to a width of 18 inches to allow for optimum desk workspace. The lightweight PC TableTote weighs less than 3 pounds and sets up in seconds. It is designed for the business traveler, student, or anyone who can use a portable workstation for laptop use, writing, giving a presentation, or even eating a meal.

Design Features

  • With aluminum legs, weighs 2.6 lbs. & can support up to 18 lbs.
  • Telescoping aluminum legs will hold up to 18 lbs. evenly distributed; more than enough for laptops and presentation projectors.
  • Height adjusts from 13 inches to 29 inches
  • Folds for easy carry
  • For laptops & projectors
  • All-in-one Workstation
  • Slide in-out Mouse Tray
  • Document holder
  • Expandable table surface
  • Great for college students with limited living space
  • Constructed of a space age fiber composite filled plastic. This material is injection molded & has superior strength and durability but still maintains a very low weight for ease of transporting.
  • The transport size is 10-1/2 inches wide, 13 inches long, and 1-1/8 thick fully compacted

"There is nothing else like this compact, multipurpose table on the market," says Doug Gibbs, PC TableTote Designer. "As a frequent business traveler, I often found myself without a stable workspace when waiting in a lobby or giving a PowerPoint presentation," Gibbs says. "I wanted to design a product that would be compact enough to be portable, yet sturdy enough to be stable and user friendly."

The PC TableTote sells for $49.99 and is available through various retailers.

MCE Technologies Announces DVD Recordable Upgrades for PowerBooks And iBooks

MCE Technologies LLC announced internal DVD recordable upgrades for the PowerBook G4, PowerBook G3 (FireWire/Bronze), iBook (Dual USB), as well as several desktop models.

"We are truly excited to be the only company to provide such a comprehensive offering of DVD recordable upgrades and solutions for the Mac at a time when DVD-R technology and market demand are just reaching critical mass," states Arnie Ramirez, president of MCE. "In the coordination of such an offering, we have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and information on video and data DVD creation on the Mac that we will make available to our customers through our website and through our knowledgeable technical support and customer service teams."

The just-announced MCE DVD-R upgrades for G4-based PowerBook systems are compatible with Apple's DVD Studio Pro, iTunes 3, Finder Burning and, while not officially supported by Apple, iDVD 3.

MCE DVD-R upgrades for G3-based PowerBook and iBook systems are compatible with iTunes and Finder Burning and also ship with a basic Mac-compatible DVD authoring software for the creation of video DVDs as well as video CDs (VCDs). It is the only DVD authoring software of its kind compatible with G3-based machines.

The DVD authoring software is only compatible with Mac OS 9 at present, however users will receive a voucher for a free upgrade to the Mac OS X version of the DVD authoring software slated for release by the end of April. In addition, all models ship with Roxio's Toast Lite to facilitate the creation of data DVDs.

Prices range from $279 to $449 depending on model. Comprehensive specification and compatibility information for each model is listed on the MCE website.

The 17" PowerBook Sleeve From Booq

It's finally here - the innovative and stylish PowerSleeve17 laptop sleeve optimized for the new PowerSleeve1717" PowerBook G4. Made from real durable ballistic nylon, this padded, top loading laptop case with sturdy snap lock offers room for your PowerBook's power adapter, iPod, and other accessories.

PowerSleeve17 comes with Booq's signature detachable shoulder strap, which simply snaps on and off - entirely unique among compact laptop sleeves. The full-features PowerSleeve sports seatbelt-nylon straps, a breathable and movable shoulder pad, and Booq's stylish black & metal zipper pulls. Be among the first in the world to receive a brand-new PowerSleeve17 and preorder right now!

PowerSleeve17 features:

  • 17" PowerBook carrying case with thick high-density polyurethane foam protection
  • made from tough and weather-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon exterior and super non-scratch velvet-type interior lining
  • large front flap pocket for small items, power adapter, disks or cards
  • large back pocket for documents, media, iPod etc.
  • padded carrying handle for extra comfort
  • strong seatbelt-nylon detachable shoulder strap with snap-on functionality
  • padded, movable and breathable shoulder pad
  • equipped with Booq's cool black & metal zipper pulls

FireWire Depot Announces External FireWire/USB2 Hard Drive Enclosures and soon to arrive 1394b (FireWire 800) enclosures

With such products as the AMS MPD 2.5" enclosure with an internal rechargeable battery so you will not require bus power or eat up the battery life of your laptop, the original Cutie enclosures, and the Speedzter2, FireWire Depot is now shipping the newest version of the Cutie family, the Cutie DX ($124), and the newest entry, the Cutter 2.5" enclosure ($119).

Knowing the needs of the user community, all of the enclosures can be bus powered from either a 6-pin FireWire port or a USB port. The FireWire/USB enclosures offer three connectivity solutions in one for Mac, PC, and Linux users: FireWire, USB 2.0, and USB 1.1. The device transfers data at speeds up to 400 Mbps (FireWire) and 480 Mbps (USB 2.0), 40 times faster than standard USB 1.1 connections. Since USB2 is backward compatible with USB 1.1, you can use it anywhere. The enclosures also support booting from the enclosure (based on the machine and OS you are using).

All enclosures are compatible with Mac OS 8.6-9.2.2 and OS X, Windows 98SE to XP, and Linux distributions.

The AMS, Cutie, Cutie DX, and Cutter enclosures all accept 9.5 mm laptop drives (currently as large as 60 GB).

Identifying PowerBook G4 I/O Ports

Apple has released a knowledge base article on identifying the input/output (I/O) ports of PowerBook G4 computers.

PowerBook G4 models included:

  • PowerBook G4
  • PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • PowerBook G4 (DVI)
  • PowerBook G4 (1 GHz/867 MHz)
  • PowerBook G4 (12-inch)
  • PowerBook G4 (17-inch)

Spam Kills Another Free Email Service, which recently launched a very nice free email service with POP3 and SMTP support, has decided to terminate free email due to massive abuse by scum-sucking vermin - a.k.a. spammers.

A notice posted on the eOrders email page informs users:

"We regret to inform you that we have discontinued our Free Email Account Service. Much of our time, money, and effort has been directed to the prevention of reoccurring abuse. We would love to keep our free system running for everyone to use; unfortunately the majority of new email accounts registered daily abuse our system. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused."

To temporarily reactivate your account to retrieve items, contact an eOrders Representative from the link on the Web page.

IOXperts 802.11b Driver 1.0.2 802.11b driver For PC Cards

The IOXperts 802.11b driver for Mac OS 8-9 and 802.11b driver for OS X let you use non-Apple 802.11b cards with your PowerBook.


  • Support for 64 and 128 bit WEP all cards except Intel PRO/Wireless 2011
  • Support for AppleTalk
  • Support for listing available networks.
  • Support for the AirPort Password Algorithm

Getting started

  • Open the Network System Preference. It should ask you to add a new device, say yes.
  • Open the IOXperts 802.11 System Preference, and configure it for your network.

Supported cards

  • Addtron AWP-100 IEEE 802.11 DS 11 Mbps PCMCIA Card
  • Asante AeroLAN Wireless Adapter PCMCIA (AL1011 Rev A)
  • Asante AeroLAN Wireless Adapter PCMCIA (AL1011 Rev B)
  • Avaya Wireless PC Card
  • Belkin Wireless Notebook Network Card
  • Buffalo Wireless PCMCIA Card (WLI-PCM-L11G)
  • Compaq WL100
  • WL110
  • Dell Truemobile 1150 mini-PCI Wireless PCMCIA Nic Card for Notebooks
  • D-Link 11 Mbps Wireless CF Card (DCF-650W)
  • D-Link 11 Mbps PC Card Wireless Adapter (DWL-650)
  • ELSA AirLancer MC-11
  • EnGenius EL-2511 CD Plus Wireless PCMCIA Card
  • Enterasys/Cabletron 11 Mbps High Speed Radio Card
  • HP 11 Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card hn220w
  • IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card 128 (09N9904)
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2011
  • Linksys WPC11 Instant Wireless Network PC Card (v2.5)
  • Linksys WPC11 Instant Wireless Network PC Card (v3.0)
  • Lucent WaveLAN Gold*
  • Lucent WaveLAN Silver*
  • Netgear MA401
  • Nokia C110 Wireless LAN Card
  • Nokia C111 Wireless LAN Card
  • Proxim/Farallon Skyline 802.11b PC Card for Notebooks
  • Samsung MagicLAN SWL-2100N
  • Samsung MagicLAN SWL-2000N
  • SMC EZ Connect 11 Mbps Wireless PC Card (SMC2632W)
  • Sony VAIO Wireless LAN Card (PCWA-C100)
  • Toshiba Wireless LAN PC Card
  • Yamaha Wireless LAN Card YML-11B5
  • Z-Com XI-300 IEEE 802.11(b) PCMCIA card
  • Z-Com XI-300B IEEE 802.11(b) PCMCIA card
  • Zoom ZoomAir PC Card with Internal Antenna Model 4100

System requirements:

  • Mac OS 8, 9, or X 10.1.5 or later
  • PC Card slot
  • PowerBook that includes PC Card Manager 3.0
  • A supported 802.11b card

The IOXperts 802.11b drivers are $19.95 demoware

The first time you use the driver, and again when the demo period expires, you will see a dialog that allows you to enter a serial number or purchase the driver. Clicking on the "Buy" button will connect you with eSellerate to purchase a serial number.

Each serial number is uniquely associated with one card. You can use the card on as many machines as you like, but you need a separate serial number for each card you want to use.

Bargain 'Books

There are two different versions of WallStreet running at 233 MHz, the cacheless MainStreet version and the later Series II with a level 2 cache. It's not always possible to determine from the vendor's listing which is being offered, so we've included links within this paragraph to the two models. The same goes for the PowerBook G4/667 (Gigabit Ethernet/2001) and G4/667 (DVI).


Wegener Media

  • PowerBook 5300cs, 8/775 MB, 10.4" color LCD, floppy, $59.99
    • One year extended warranty, $40 extra
    • 16 MB RAM expansion, $20
    • New Megahertz XJACK 56k PCMCIA modem, $24.99
    • MV16-EN internal ethernet/video card, 1 MB VRAM expansion, $20 (free installation)
  • PowerBook Lombard G3/333, 128/4/CD-ROM, 60 day guarantee, $599.99 - $699.99 with a 30 GB hard drive installed

PowerBook Guy

Small Dog Electronics

For more deals on current or recently discontinued models, see our Best PowerBook G4 Deals and Best iBook Deals.

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