Short Takes 9/16/99

Short Takes, September 16, 1999 Jeremy’s CSM Bundle 2.0.1 Available No PRAM Backup Battery in iBook Apple Extends Repair Support for WallStreet 13.3″ Screens Beyond Warranty Period Another PowerBook USB PC Card Adapter Apple’s 22″ LCD Cinema Display Support not Limited to Sawtooth G4s 400 MHz Upgrade for PowerBook 2400? MacCave Journal On Line MR […]

Short Takes 9/13/99

Short Takes, September 13, 1999 USB CardBus Adapter for PowerBooks Gerry’s ICQ d32 Released Possible Data Corruption When Reading Audio CDs with PowerBook G3 Series Lombard “Help” Files Missing after OS 8.6 Clean Install Moore’s Mailbag

iCab Preview 1.7: The Best iCab Yet

1999: Now that I’ve been using the latest v1.7 preview build of the German iCab browser for several days, I’m happy to report that it is definitely more stable on my computer than its predecessor, v1.6a, was – and I can’t overemphasize how much more convenient I’m finding the new Save As Text function, which […]