My First Mac


  1. From Big Iron to Personal Computers, Steve W. Young, 6/11. Mac an elegant machine compared with Windows boxes.
  2. From Apple II to Macintosh, Mr. Dennis, 6/23. Mac a natural next step for this Apple user.
  3. Detour on the Dark Side, Kurt W. Appling, 6/28. Mac much more forgiving than Windows computers.
  4. My Last Mac, Walter, 7/6 (updated 7/9/1999 and again on 12/6/2001). "I am sorry, my heart bleeds at the thought, but I am getting out of Apple."
  5. Avoiding Wintel Nightmares, Alexander Stuart Robinson, 7/12. "The Mac seemed the ideal computer. We brought it home and never looked back."
  6. In From the Start, Gary Adams, 7/20. From punch cards to Power Macs.
  7. From Calculator to Macintosh, Josh Rodefer, 7/26. "I've benefited from some recent 'backward migration' by picking up some surplus older Macs."
  8. Destiny Brought Us Together, Abigail Morell, 8/4. "I was doing as much work as possible on the PowerBook 145b, leaving my poor Pentium II-350 to gather dust in a corner of the room."
  9. Since Third Grade, Julie Fugett, 8/10. "Once I got experience using the Mac, I was hooked. It seemed common sense to pick the Mac over the PC."
  10. Salvation Army Macs, Ian R. Campbell, 8/16
  11. Joy and Frustration, Bobbie Snow, 8/24
  12. Nine years on Macs, Michael Taylor, 9/4
  13. Five years with Macs, Vincent Crowley, 9/21
  14. Mac Happiness, Michael A. Stanhope, 9/29
  15. Love at First Sight, Willy Wang, 10/7
  16. From home computers to a real computer, Bonaventura Di Bello, 10/13
  17. Macs Work With Me, Tom Gabriel, 10/25
  18. Macs for design, Lynn, 11/18
  19. From Fat Mac to iMac, Wayne Crannell, 11/26
  20. Salvaged Compact Macs, "Adam Ant," 12/2


  1. Ten Years with an SE, Matt Wolanski 1/12/00
  2. PC to Mac and back and back, "Rob the Hood," 1/18/00
  3. Hooked on Macs, Jay Patel, 1/24/00
  4. Lucky Me!, Richard J.E. Dalziel-Sharpe, 2/1/00
  5. A knowledgeable Mac bigot, Kevin Thomas, 2/8/00
  6. The long and winding road, Mike Butler, 2/15/00
  7. Absolutely essential, Hans Echterbecker, 2/22/00
  8. A boy and his Mac, Glenn Dawes, 3/1/00
  9. A rescued Fat Mac, Jonathan Wise, 3/6/00
  10. Under my skin, Katherine (BondiBlue2), 3/14/00
  11. The compelling Mac, Sean C. Cunningham, 3/21/00
  12. Complete PC nut goes Mac, Fred Forney, 3/29/00
  13. Macs get the job done, Todd H. Cheong, 4/11/00
  14. From Road Apples to Golden Apples, Mark Looper, 4/24/00
  15. A total Mac nerd at 13, Scott Baret, 5/2/00
  16. My First Mac: Ten years an Apple user, Brandon Dimcheff, 5/9/00
  17. Raised in a Six-Color World, Jeff Brown, 5/16/00
  18. A computer I understood, Cheryl Hanna, 5/23/00
  19. Second chance with Macs, Robert Little, 6/2/00
  20. A Love of Simple Elegance, b.b., 6/6/00
  21. SEs and Classics and PowerBooks, oh my!, Marco Maggiora, 6/14/00
  22. First Mac short stories, 6/22. Short stories from three Mac users.
  23. The Cure for "Mac Envy," Dave Beekman, 6/28. "After almost ten years, I've finally found the cure for Mac envy: buy a Mac."
  24. When Randy met Mac, Randy Peterson, 7/4. "Maybe I finally had real work to do, and getting it done was more important to me than the mental exercise of coaxing a computer into submission."
  25. Salute to a Classic II, Max Thom Stahl, 7/11. "What I remember most was the games."
  26. Midlife Mac lover, Chris Volpe, 7/18. "I once vowed I'd never own a computer, but that began to change when I left journalism in 1998...."
  27. My First Mac Clone, Spencer, 8/15. Sometimes your first Mac isn't even made by Apple.
  28. An Old Friend, Somewhere in Boxes, 8/22. "My first computer was the Quadra 660AV. It was the first computer I had ever owned."
  29. Mac Classic: My lowest low-end Mac, Devon L. Strolovitch, 8/29. Ten years with a Mac Classic.
  30. It Wasn't Even a Mac, Gregg Eshelman, 9/5. The vMac emulator hooked him on the Mac.
  31. From Small Beginnings, Chris Lawson, 9/14. The love affair with the Mac began with a small SE in 1988 and has grown to include two dozen Macs.
  32. Mac Obsession, Heather Anne Hurd, 9/19. "I decided it was time to "take the plunge" and get a computer in 1997."
  33. PC techie finds Macs great, Luc Delorme, 9/26. An avid PC user and techie learns to love the Mac.
  34. My First Mac Was the First Mac, Jonathan Fletcher, 10/4. "In 1985, I bought a Macintosh 128K from a friend who couldn't grasp the potential of this little miracle...."
  35. I Love My iBook, but I Miss My Mac SE, John T. Moltz, 10/10.
  36. Sold on Mac for 10 Years, Melvin Ah Ching, 10/16. "The difference between the PC and Mac class was about as different as night is to day. The Macs were friendly and extremely easy to learn and use."
  37. Macs in a class of their own, Greg N. Weinstein, 10/23. "At work I have to use a PC, and I don't enjoy it."
  38. Our first Macs, Mike Masino, 11/7. "My first Mac was really my roommate's first Mac...."
  39. The easy computer, Al Miner, 11/14. "Nothing in my experience had prepared me for a computer that was easy."
  40. Mac Dreams, Niran Sabanathan, 11/20. "After seventeen years of disdainful PC use, I was tired. I was tired of 'The Blue Screen of Death' every three or four hours...."
  41. First and second Macs, Kirk Lane, 11/30. Mac Classic "not exactly a glorious machine," but LC with color -- whoa!
  42. My friend's first Mac, Katherine Keller, 12/15. Wintel user buys a PowerBook for a friend - and maybe gets hooked herself.
  43. Leaving Wintel behind, Michael Zuhlke, 12/19. From relentless upgrades to a sane, stable PowerBook.


  1. Macs by Mistake, Scott Holder, 01.05. "Finally, like Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, I came to the realization that Macs were not only good, but better than Windows."
  2. Still waiting, mas, 01.23. His wife has had several Macs, but he's not yet had one to call his own.
  3. From Plus to Power Mac, Jsteel2001, 01.30. An eight year pilgrimage from Mac Plus through Quadras to Power Macs.
  4. Transformed by a taste of fruit, Keary Ortiz, 02.06. "'Why do we need so much fruit?' It was an honest question when the young boy pointed to the huge box his father brought home that day."
  5. A Mac education, Tony Petramala, 02.09. His parents kept buying Windows computers, but what he really wanted was a Mac.
  6. Mac in the middle ages, James Brock Clark, 02.20. "Under the heading of 'use it or lose it,' we have a near perfect exercise machine for the human mind."
  7. I was roundly unimpressed, Daniel Usmar, 02.27. "If I wasn't a compulsive geek, I would have run away."
  8. The only computer worth using, Walt, 03.06. Pentium-powered Presario can't replace beloved Mac, "the only computer worth owning."
  9. Really my first Mac, Katherine Keller, 03.13. After giving away her first PowerBook before even using it, the author replaced it with a newer model.
  10. Lifting the lid, Mike Jardine, 03.20. "I was inspired to go where most fear to tread, removing the lid from the LC and getting inside."
  11. Beige is fine, Torsten Enn, 03.27. Three-year-old beige G3 continues to meet demands.
  12. Confessions of a DOS queen, Bonnie Wren, 04.20. "A long, long time ago, in a university far, far away, I was a DOS queen. I wasn't born that way...."
  13. Always back to the Mac, Derrick Mims, 04.25. Despite financial setbacks and occasional Wintel machines, Derrick always goes back to the Mac.
  14. Leaving cold Win2k behind, Jim Champlin, 05.18. After using a Mac, Windows is cold and impersonal.
  15. Mac: A dream fulfilled, Ryan Sutter, 05.23. "The dream that I had in tenth grade of having a Mac and creating with it was a reality - and every bit as good as I had dreamed."
  16. I'll never forget the first time, Jeff Adkins, 06.15. I'll never forget that first time I moved a mouse and made the cursor draw a picture!
  17. You hate Windows - Get a Mac, David W. Murray, 06.19. "His advice boiled down to: 'You do not hate computers, Grasshopper. You hate Windows. Get a Mac.' With some trepidation, I did."
  18. Happiness is a Pentium Mac, Quinn Evans, 06.26. "This computer is my baby, and I'll never turn back to the cold and crash-happy Wintel systems."
  19. Overheated IBM leads to air cooled iMac, John Twelker, 07.03. I was so disgusted with IBM that I went down to my local Apple reseller and bought my first Mac.
  20. 20 minute Mac expert, Gregg Thurman, 07.10. When I asked about training on the Mac, they said I was already an expert. They were right.
  21. Five-year-old Mac lover, Korin Hasegawa-John, 07.17. Thanks to ClarisWorks, Mac addiction started early.
  22. Hooked on low-end Macs, Frank C. Modica, 07.24. A chance encounter with a Mac Plus leads to low-end Mac addiction.
  23. It was a pleasure, Joan Gordon, 07.26. Just the pure ease of getting it to do what I wanted was a pleasure unlike anything I had ever tried before.
  24. Macs, MIDI, and making music, Chris Boring, 07.31. From the horror of Wintel to the joys of making music on the Mac.
  25. Mac replaces Apple II, David Owens, 08.02. "In an instant, the Mac had replaced the Apple //c in my heart."
  26. Work and play on the Mac, Sarah Beck, 08.07. The object of my desire wooed me with his father's 128k by making MacTalker say things I cannot repeat here.
  27. PC user finds Mac clearly superior, Vince Anderson, 08.09. Mainframe, Unix, and Windows user sold on "clearly superior" computing platform.
  28. Macs meet my needs, Flint Million, 08.14. Sometimes I find myself not touching my PC for as long as a few days - my Mac fulfills all the needs I have at the time.
  29. My StarMax FrankenMac, Louis van Lammeren, 08.16. End of the clones leads to an inexpensive, long-term investment.
  30. My own little computer war, Carl Hult, 08.21. After using Windows, the Mac seemed puzzling, but in the end the Mac OS won the battle.
  31. Rekindling a lifelong love of computers, Simon King, 08.23. Rabid PC upgrader loses first love - then discovers the Mac.
  32. From Beebs to PCs to Acorns to PCs to Macs, Fred W., 08.28. BBC Microcomputers, Acorn Archimedes, Windows, and Macs.
  33. Thanks for the IBM PC, Dad, L. Victor Marks, 08.30. Thanks for bringing home that first IBM PC back in 1981.
  34. Early Lisa user and beyond, Frank Acevedo, 09.04. Memories of computers past - and today's low-end solution.
  35. The little Mac that could, Chris Lozaga, 09.06. How could a little 20 MHz Mac IIsi possibly compare with a big powerful 200 MHz Pentium?
  36. Hello again, Valjean Robidoux, 09.11. That first Mac was unlike any other computer - and the iMac brought back those old feelings.
  37. 128K and beyond, Nick Canterucci, 09.18. Recovery and restoration of an original Macintosh, the author's first Mac.
  38. More in love each day, Jim Williams, 09.25. "I fall in love with the OS more every day as I use it and become more and more familiar with it."
  39. Full circle Mac Plus, Aaron Stillman, 10.02. A first Mac comes home to become a current Mac.
  40. The therapeutic Mac, jobaron, 10.16. On old Mac helps in a time of loss.
  41. The little Quadra that could, Brett Bell, 10.23. $10 yard sale bargain lead PC user in the Macintosh way.
  42. Two years on a $5 Mac, Dan Sniadoski, 10.31. A Mac Plus for $5 in 1993 - and it lasted a good two years.
  43. I'd rather use a Mac, Joseph Prisco, 11.06. Given the choice, the IS guy and long-time PC user chose a Power Mac over a Pentium.
  44. Soured on Windows, Douglas Metcalfe, 11.08. Driven to distraction by Windows, the author decided to follow a different path and go Mac.
  45. All because of an SE, Anne Frederick, 11.13. An SE purchase in 1992 leads to long-term vintage Mac addiction.
  46. Eight-year-old PowerBook is enough, Andrew Lawman, 11.15. When it comes right down to it, a PowerBook 145b is plenty of computer for almost anything except using the Web.
  47. Saved by the Clones, Alex Dalmady, 11.21. Calculators, pocket computers, and how clones kept one business from going to the dark side.
  48. Hooked by Apple engineering, Eric McCann, 11.27. Well designed hardware and a friendly OS win over a Windows user.
  49. Macs an inseparable part of my life, Dave Mitchell, 11.29. A dozen years with Macs and encounters with crashing Window machines confirm the Mac's superiority.
  50. Macs for writing and typesetting, Laraine Anne Barker, 12.04. How the Mac displaced dedicated word processors and phototypesetting machines.
  51. Love at first use, William J Rose, 12.11. Five minutes with an SE led to seven years of longing for a Mac.
  52. Resistance was futile, Evan Kleiman, 12.13. Hooked on computers, then slowly converted to the Mac.
  53. Yes, the rumors are true, Chris Edwards, 12.18. I couldn't work on those cumbersome Windows 3.1 PCs. I went out and bought a PowerBook....
  54. Everything made sense, Twig Gravely, 2010.12.20. Everything made sense. I thought to myself that this machine had to have been created by some very smart people....
  55. From a Mac Plus to a home network, Mark Burch, 12.28. The Mac Plus was just a first step in one family's Mac addiction.
  56. The wonders never cease, Frank Ieraci, 12.31. Abort, retry, ignore, or discover the wonders of the Macintosh.

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