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Best Buy 'Optimize' Service a Waste, FireWire vs. USB, 24-Port USB 2.0 Hub, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2010.01.08

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Best Buy's Service to 'Optimize' Macs Is a Waste

Slate's Heidi N. Moore (via reports:

"My mother's Mac had been commandeered by Best Buy's Geek Squad, which scared her into believing that new Mac computers are often faulty. The Geek Squad then 'optimized' it for $40 and sold her a $300 warranty to boot. My mother, like many new Mac buyers, paid an extra $340 to insure a computer that would have worked just fine if she had simply taken it home and plugged it in....

"...consumers should take note of one retail practice that will only intensify as strapped stores search for ways into the wallet: the upsell, in which consumers are pressed to buy services they don't need, usually out of fear.

"The best example of the dishonest upsell is the way that Best Buy tries to peddle Apple's Macintosh computers by implying to new buyers that Macs need to be 'optimized' to work....

"As even a computer novice might expect, 'Mac optimization' is useless."

Best Buy Computer Optimization a Big Waste of Money

Consumerist's Meg Marco reports:

"Over the past year, a number of you have been telling us that, due to 'pre-optimization' of computers, it's difficult - sometimes impossible - to walk into a Best Buy and leave with the advertised deal (in effect, you would be paying a $39.99 surcharge over the computer's advertised price). We decided to look into your complaints. We sent the Consumer Reports secret shoppers to 18 different Best Buys in 11 states, and one of our shoppers was denied the price advertised for a specific model because only pre-optimized computers were available. When the Consumer Reports engineers compared three 'optimized' computers to ones with default factory settings, there was no performance improvement. In one case, an optimized laptop actually performed 32% worse than the factory model."

Working with Multiple Browsers

Macworld's Joe Kissell says that thanks to a lively market of third-party Web browsers, it's not at all uncommon for Mac users to move back and forth between different browsers. For example, he regularly switches between Apple's Safari and Mozilla Firefox over the course of the day, using each for different tasks - and occasionally open any of 10 or so other browsers when he wants to use one of the features that browser excels at.

Read Joe Kissell's full commentary for tips on synching passwords, bookmarks, and downloads between multiple browsers.

Editor's note: I agree entirely and rarely have fewer than three browsers up and running at any time - on my Intel MacBook that would be Opera 10.10, the latest Google Chrome beta (Intel only), and either Firefox or Camino. On my PowerPC G4 laptops, it's Opera 10.10, Netscape Navigator 9, or a PowerPC optimized build of Camino, SeaMonkey, or Firefox, and either Safari 4 or iCab. cm

Editor's note: I concur and almost always have G4-optimized versions of Firefox (currently the 3.6b6 Namoroka build) and Camino. I also use Opera regularly and Safari on occasion. On my WallStreet PowerBook, which seems happiest running the Classic Mac OS, my first choice is Classilla, a version of Mozilla adapted for the Classic Mac OS. dk

How to Share an Internet Connection in OS X

Tech Radar's Hollin Jones says:

"Getting your Mac online is generally quite straightforward, especially if you run your own AirPort network or connect through a USB or ethernet cable directly to a router or cable modem....

"What you may not know is that OS X has for some time offered the ability to share a Mac's Internet connection to other computers across a variety of connection formats. The Sharing tab in System Preferences is home to an option to turn on Internet Sharing."

FireWire vs. USB: Which Is Faster?

Macworld's James Galbraith reports:

"Most modern Macs - except for the MacBook Air and some MacBook models - offer both FireWire and USB connections. When shopping for an external hard drive, then, you have many options for something that will work with your Mac. Today, USB hard drives are more common and less expensive than FireWire or even FireWire/USB combo drives....

"To get a sense of real-world performance.... we ran drive tests on both a 2.4 GHz 17-inch MacBook Pro with a 160 GB, 5400 RPM internal hard drive and a Mac Pro 3 GHz 8-core system with a 250 GB, 7200 RPM internal drive (each with OS X 10.6.2 and 2 GB of RAM installed)."

Editor's note: FireWire 400 has an overall edge over USB 2.0, and FireWire 800 offers a significant improvement over both of those protocols. This is even more true on PowerPC Macs, which has less optimized USB drivers. dk

Operating System and Browser Market Shares for December

Not much movement in OS market share in December. Five months ago NetApplications revised the methodology it uses to tally its HitsLink Market Share statistics to a new system of weighting the data which now gives more prominence to page views globally based on the estimated size of each country's Internet population, rather than focusing mostly on the US and other Western markets as had previously been the case.

So here's the Operating System Total Market Share rundown of the significant players for December 2009, based on the new calculating methodology (November figures in parentheses) showing little change during the past month, with the the Mac OS slipping a tiny bit, but Windows likewise. JavaME has nudged the iPhone OS out of fourth place, and Android's share is up 66% over the month.

  • Windows: 92.21% (92.52%)
  • Mac: 5.11% (5.12%)
  • Linux: 1.02% (1.00%)
  • JavaME: 0.53% (0.46%)
  • iPhone: 0.44% (0.36%)
  • Symbian: 0.23% (0.19%)
  • iPod touch: 0.09% (0.07%)
  • Windows Mobile: 0.06% (0.04%)
  • Android: 0.05% (0.03% )
  • Playstation: 0.04% (0.03%)
  • BlackBerry: 0.03% (0.03%)
  • Palm: 0.01% (0.01%)
  • FreeBSD: 0.01% (0.01% )
  • SunOS: 0.01% (0.01%)

In terms of OS specific versions, Windows 7 continues to gain ground on Windows XP and Vista, and Snow Leopard has now doubled Tiger's share:

  • Windows:
    • Windows XP 67.77% (69.05%)
    • Windows Vista 17.87% (18.55%)
    • Windows 7 5.71% (4.00%)
    • Windows 2000 0.62% (0.69)
    • Windows NT 0.10% (0.09)
    • Windows 98 0.09% (0.09%)
    • Windows ME 0.05% (0.04%)
  • Macintosh:
    • Mac OS X 10.5 2.47% (2.65%)
    • MacOS X 10.6 1.60% (1.38%)
    • Mac OS X 10.4 0.80% (0.84%)
    • iPhone 0.53% (0.36%)
    • Mac OS X (no version reported) 0.19% (0.22)
    • iPod 0.09% (0.07%)
    • Mac OS X Mach-O 0.06% (0.06%)
  • Linux: 1.02% (1.00%)

Browser Share

Turning to browsers, Internet Explorer is still losing ground, but somewhat slower, presumably due to Windows 7 growth. Firefox browser slipped a bit and remains just shy of one-quarter of the browser market, while Safari gained a tenth of a point in December - but still got bumped to fourth place behind surging Chrome, which now has a Mac public beta out. Opera is hanging in at fifth and gained some ground, and Opera Mini remains the 6th place browser.

Browser Total Market Share (August figures in parentheses)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - 62.69% (63.62%)
  • Firefox - 24.61% (24.72)
  • Chrome - 4.63% (3.93%)
  • Safari 4.46% (4.36%)
  • Opera - 2.40% (2.31%)
  • Opera Mini - 0.53% (0.46%)
  • Netscape - 0.32% (0.30)
  • Mozilla - 0.13% (0.10%)
  • Konqueror - 0.04% (0.05%)

iMac CS Coffee Maker Mod

iMac CS Coffee Maker ModKlaus Diebel has done a cool hardware hack transforming a teardrop iMac into a coffee maker - but not just a coffee maker transplanted into an empty iMac enclosure, but remaining a fully functional Mac thanks to incorporating a Mac mini inside as well, and as a bonus, a working, subwoofer-amped stereo system too. The Mac mini's optical drive slot lines up perfectly with the gumdrop iMac's, with no other alteration necessary. To use the iMac CS as a desktop computer, just hook up an external display, mouse, and keyboard, since the iMac's built-in screen now squirts out java. A JBR subwoofer amps up the audio output of the Mac mini, and can also channel iPod output through the iMac CS's speakers.

If this all seems too much and a DIY project, Diebel will custom-build you one.

Needed components

  • Fully functional Mac mini
  • JBL Subwoofer
  • Integrated WMF1 Pad-Coffeemaker

This iMac mod is not just a gadget. The high quality JBL subwoofer the system provides impressive audio quality. Main volume is adjustable via touch control on the front panel of the iMac.

The WMF1 is a high quality pad-coffeemaker for standard pads (7cm). Heating up and brewing in barely one minute. Handling is very easy.

The Mac mini requires absolutely no modifications and switches on with the iMac's front-button. The ports of the lateral board of the iMac are connected to the corresponding ones of the Mac mini.

The iMac CS mod makes an ideal wireless Coffee & Sound system for kitchen, bath, garden, or bedroom, or an ultracompact media system for small fair stands and point of sale purposes, or for locations without enough space for separate computer, coffee maker, and sound system accommodation. Three units in one housing also minimizes cable mess, while the "screen" of the iMac can be imprinted with a picture of your choice. An optional configuration can be made without Mac mini and including a Bluetooth-audio receiver.

iMac RMS (Real Mail Server) Mod

Another variant is the iMac as a mailbox - literally. It can handle letters and packages up to 28 x 21 x 20 cm (approximately 11" x 8.25" x 7.9").

All upper air vents are sealed, and the Fiberglas hatch has a magnetic closure. Screws and hinge are made of stainless steel for weather tolerance.

The "screen" of the iMac RMS can be imprinted with a picture of your choice, and an "Extended Version" is possible with bell/intercom/video.

The Mac mini That Wouldn't Boot

Macworld's Dan Frakes says he took advantage of some vacation time to catch up on around-the-house tech maintenance, including moving a Mac mini from his data closet to his desk so he could use it for hands-on testing. The mini hadn't been restarted in a couple of months and refused to boot, with a long delay followed by an image of a folder with a flashing question mark, meaning it couldn't find a startup volume, even though it had been working perfectly as a media server just half an hour earlier.

Frakes tried the usual things (and even some quite unusual ones), even resetting the parameter PRAM, but nada....

He eventually did find the problem, after spending what must have been the better part of a day sleuthing it out, and it's an issue - not a hardware problem - you probably should be aware of.

Mac mini: Apple's New Entry-level Server

ZD Net's David Morgenstern says:

"Apple keeps upping the specs on its Mac mini. Last spring, it gave it near parity with the iMac desktop. With its fall update, the hardware combined with Snow Leopard Server sounds just right for small businesses and workgroups, according to a recent review."

Magic Mouse Helps Apple Double Share of Mouse Market

AppleInsider's Neil Hughes and Kasper Jade report:

"Apple's new Magic Mouse helped Apple see a twofold increase in its share of domestic mice sales last month, AppleInsider has learned, garnering the Mac maker a double-digit slice of the market for the first time ever....

"'Sales in November were through the roof,' Stephen Baker, analyst with the market research firm, told AppleInsider. '[The Magic Mouse] had the best month for a mouse product from Apple that we've ever seen.'" Reports Spike in Web Traffic During Holiday Season

PR: Christian Worldwide Marketing, d.b.a., the top Bible resource on the Web - reports a spike in traffic to its website during this holiday season. The site, which attracts over 2.5 million visitors a month, has seen a 20% increase in the number of visits to over last month.

Company CEO Stacy Fornara says this change in volume is to be expected this time of year. "The holiday season in particular is a time when present day stresses, uncertainty about what the New Year will bring, or feelings of isolation from loved ones drive people to seek solace somewhere," says Fornara. " provides them with the resources they need to find words of comfort and affirmation." She has witnessed similar spikes in activity on the site during momentous national events such as Hurricane Katrina and the 2008 US presidential election. "People always search for answers during tumultuous times," adds Fornara.

The uptick in clicks to has also driven up the number of requests for a free copy of the book, Tortured for Christ, from The Voice of the Martyrs, a nonprofit organization that assists persecuted Christians worldwide. " is a valuable platform for promoting our organization's mission," states VOM spokesman, Steve Cleary. "We are thankful for its partnership." Tortured for Christ is the true-life account of the underground church in communist-era Romania and the 14-year imprisonment suffered by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand. The Voice of the Martyrs is currently offering the free book through banner ads on the website. offers its visitors a non-denominational online search engine that encompasses various translations, languages, scriptures, studies, and dynamic Biblically-based content. Its online Christian Community provides an open forum to gather, learn, interact, and share the Bible's teachings. Website users can also access a host of tools, news, articles, and areas dedicated to kids, family, culture, and more based upon Biblical principles. is the #1 online Bible resource that facilitates access to and education about the Bible. The website offers the Old and New Testaments in numerous translations and languages, as well as tools, Christian news/articles, communications, and Interactive media to engage kids, adults, families, and diverse peoples and cultures on the values that prevail within the Christian heritage of the Bible.

Products & Services

24-Port USB 2.0 Hub

PR: How many USB Gadgets do you have? 4, 5, 7 or more? Now, no matter how many USB Gadgets you have, this Super USB Hub could help you

How many USB Gadgets do you have? 4, 5, 7 or more? Now, no matter how many USB Gadgets you have, this Super USB Hub could help you.

It has 24 ports, you can connect up 24 USB Gadgets, you may even use it to charge as it comes with a AC Adaptor of 4A (100~240 VAC).

24-Port USB 2.0 HubFeatures:

  • Super USB Hub - 24 Ports (1 Upstream to 24 Downstream USB Ports)
  • with Super AC Adapter - 4 A (100~240V AC)
  • USB 2.0 and back compliance with USB 1.1
  • Plug and Play

Package Contents:

  • Super USB 24-Port Hub x 1
  • AC Adapter (US Style) x 1
  • USB Cable x 1


Editor's note: I don't know about you, but I have no less than three 4-port USB hubs connected to my MacBook at its office workstation. This looks like a much more elegant solution, although not a cheap one. cm

Editor's note: The most ports I'd run across prior to this was a 13-port Synchrotech USB 2.0 hub, which we reviewed in 2008. That hub is available for $35 directly from Synchrotech. Because Apple never provides enough built-in USB ports, it makes sense to look into a USB hub that you won't outgrow. dk

LaCie WhizKey USB Flash Drive

LaCie WhizKey USB Flash DrivePR: With the LaCie WhizKey, you can carry all the data you need on your keychain. The triangular design helps it stand out from other USB keys, and with up to 32 GB of storage available, it's easy to fit an enormous amount of data in a small flash drive.

  • Sturdy metal ultra-thin design; fits on a key ring
  • Fast transfer rates (up to 30 MB/s)
  • 4 GB of online storage on Wuala for 2 years
  • Gold SIP technology, water- and scratch-resistant

With the universal Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface, the WhizKey can be used with both PC and Mac. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 not only offers universal compatibility and cross-platform convenience, but features a hot-pluggable connection and fast transfer rates, and is Windows ReadyBoost!™ compatible. With its fun, playful design, the WhizKey is sure to get noticed, but its gold SIP connector is both water- and scratch-resistant, making it one of the most functional choices on the market. Protective edges on the connectors ensure that you ll always insert the LaCie WhizKey properly, every time you use it. In addition, the LaCie WhizKey comes with two years and 4 GB of online storage from Wuala, which helps you easily back up, store your files, and share them with friends.

Price: 4 GB, $19.99

Other Capacities

  • 8 GB, $29.99
  • 16 GB, $54.99
  • 32 GB, $99.99

Belkin Washable USB Mouse

PR: A hand-washable design that lets you keep your mouse dirt and germs free. With all the functionality and performance you'd expect of your mouse - including optical technology and a versatile one-touch scroll pad - this one-of-a-kind mouse can be washed with warm soap and water, ensuring that you can stay comfortable and sanitary while you work or play.

Belkin Washable USB MouseWe all know what it's like to return to the same mouse day in and day out. Yesterday's sandwich and this morning's donut have created a sticky, unsanitary sheen that makes working messy business.

This is where the Belkin F5L007-SCROLL Washable Mouse comes in. With all the functionality and performance you'd expect of your mouse - including optical technology and a versatile one-touch scroll pad - this one-of-a-kind mouse can be washed with warm soap and water, ensuring that you can stay comfortable and sanitary while you work or play. With a water-resistant design, the washable mouse can endure spills and you can hand-wash it right under a running faucet. Dirt, food, liquids, germs, bacteria - all wash right off with some soap and water.

Belkin Washable USB MouseOf course, this washability doesn't come at the cost of features: the mouse employs an optical engine with 1200 dpi for high sensitivity that works on many household surfaces, including upholstery, glass, and wood. A scroll pad allows both vertical and horizontal scrolling with one easy touch. (Horizontal scrolling is only available when used with Windows Vista.)

The mouse features an ergonomic design that works for both righties and lefties.

System Requirements:

  • The Belkin Washable Mouse is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X v10.4, and it connects via USB.

Technical Details

  • USB mouse is hand-washable with soap and water
  • Optical engine features precise 1200 dpi resolution
  • Scroll pad allows vertical and horizontal scrolling at touch of button
  • Works on variety of surfaces, including glass, tile, upholstery, and wood
  • Device measures 6.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 8 ounces

Backed by a 3-year warranty.

List Price: $29.99

Road Mice Wireless Mice

PR: Cruise the Web in Style! with Road Mice's Wireless Optical Mouse with USB receiver utilizing the latest RF and optical technology. These unique mice are high performance accessories with 800-dpi resolution for enhanced accuracy and precision movement. PC and Mac compatible. Road Mice's car mouse designs have the look of a replica automobile and the functionality of the best pointing devices on the market. The functioning headlights and smooth lines give the car a realistic look and feel.

Camaro, Mustang, and Corvette Road Mice
Camaro, Mustang, and Corvette Road Mice

Technical Details

  • IBM and Mac Compatible for Desktops and Notebooks
  • Accurate 800 DPI Optical Wireless Mouse
  • Suitable for Desktops and Laptops
  • Six Month Limited Warranty
  • On / Off Switch for LED Headlights
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required. (included)

Price: $44.99


cocoAspell: Open Source Spell Checker for OS X

PR: Anton Leuski writes:

"Aspell is an Open Source spell checker designed [by Kevin Atkinson] to eventually replace Ispell. Its main feature is that it does a much better job of coming up with possible suggestions than Ispell does. In fact recent tests shows that it even does better than Microsoft Word 97's spell checker or just about any other spell checker I have seen. It also has support for checking (La)TeX and HTML files, and run time support for other non English languages."

Leuski has compiled Kevin's code for the Mac OS X platform. There are two major improvements over the original Unix project:

  1. cocoAspell is created as a service provider for the systemwide spelling services on Mac OS X. It means that any Mac OS X application that uses system's spell checking APIs can take advantage of Aspell's features. For example, Mail, OmniWeb, Project Builder, and TextEdit can use Aspell's ability to check spelling in different languages.
  2. A preference panel named Spelling is provided with cocoAspell as an interface for dictionary selection and setup. Multiple Aspell options are available through this panel and allow the user to tune up the dictionary properties to his or her needs.

New in version 2.1:

  • Updated for Snow Leopard (10.6). There is a single distribution that includes both 64- and 32-bit binaries. This release updates Aspell engine to version 0.60.5.

System requirements:

  • cocoAspell 2.1 and higher requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • cocoAspell 2.0 supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher
  • Both PowerPC and Intel architectures are supported.

There are dictionaries for more than 90 languages. The dictionaries can be downloaded from

System Support: PPC/Intel


PaintDS: A Paint/Graphics Program for Mac OS X

PR: I'veBeenThinking Software releases PaintDS - an inexpensive yet powerful bitmap/image editor for Macintosh computers

PaintDS is a full-featured bitmap/image editor for the Mac that is easy to use, but sufficiently powerful to handle most of your basic graphics needs. PaintDS is the perfect tool for creating simple images, cropping photographs, and other tasks similar to MSPaint for Microsoft Windows, or the now missing MacPaint program.

PaintDS can handle graphics in PNG, JPG, or BMP formats

The current version 0.25 of PaintDS is for Intel-based Macs only.


*NEW* in v0.25!

  • Support for Transparent PNG
  • Freeform Drawing
  • Select/Cut/Paste
  • Eraser/Color Eraser
  • Fill with Color
  • Choose Any Color [up to 16 Million]
  • Zoom from 25% to 1600%
  • Built in Text Editor
  • Built in Shape Gallery
  • Airbrush
  • Lines
  • Curves
  • Rectangle
  • Oval/Circles
  • Polygons
  • Resize or Rescale Images
  • On Screen Color Meter
  • Adjust RGB levels
  • Control Brightness
  • Convert to Grayscale
  • Convert to Sepia Tones
  • Convert to Black & White
  • Crop Photographs/Graphics
  • Built in Thumbnail Navigation

System Requirements: The PaintDS Programmers Editor requires Mac OS X v10.5 or greater.

Registered users of the PaintDS Graphics Editor are eligible to receive this [and all future upgrades] for free.

Price: $15

Car Maintenance 1.4

PR: Car Maintenance helps you keep track of all of your car's maintenance services.

The following are the features included in the current version of Car Maintenance:

  • Record your car's year, make, model and vin number.
  • Display a current picture of your car.
  • Record when the next service is due by mileage and date.
  • Keep a history of your service mileage by service type.
  • Alerts you when you are overdue for a particular service.

New in Version 1.4

  • Integration with iCal for next scheduled service
  • New Help Features

Minimum Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Intel or PowerPC
  • 1 MB RAM

New in version 1.4:

  • Integration with iCal for next scheduled service
  • New Help Features

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • 1 GB of RAM.

System Support: PPC/Intel

$10 shareware

myRichTexts Word Processor with Built-in Smart Document Management

PR: Whatever you need to write, myRichTexts offers an intuitive way to just focus on writing without to worry about your documents, text files, backups, or how to regain them myRichTexts takes care of it all for you! All of this is done in a self-explanatory and user-friendly way. myRichTexts saves your documents in the background and creates a backup at every startup if you wish.

All of your documents are just one click away at the left-hand side menu and are completely searchable. For your convenience, myRichTexts allows you to add tags to your documents, which, in turn, can be added to your Spotlight searches and grouped into 'Smart Folders' as well; thus, you will never again lose or misplace another text document.

Best of all you can easily sync all your documents/entries/writings across multiple Macs. myRichTexts supports iDisk/Dropbox sync, will automatically save and backup all your documents/entries in the background and even supports the use of OpenMeta tags.

Work on multiple documents with ease, open them in a second and independent view, store individual notes to each entry and merge/combine documents/entries for printing and export them with a single click. Self-evident that myRichTexts offers all comforts you know from other mature word-processors like rich text formatting, word- and character count, statistics, fullscreen, customizable defaults and even printouts with footer.

Additionally myRichTexts has some nifty goodies on board to help you get all your writings better done even perhaps with a smile. To name some: Document/Layout preview, Define words, Word frequency statistics , Highlight text, Mark text spots as inline comment and lots more.


  • You've much better to do than to study a manual. Just start working the second you've opened the app
  • Never worry again about scattered files, folders, backups and missing texts. Just select one and write
  • Advanced writing tools - Sophisticated features that are very easy to use. myRichTexts gives you all the tools you need to write
  • iDisk/Dropbox sync

Working with multiple Macs? From multiple locations? Not a problem! Always have your latest writings with you

Key Features

  • rich text formatting
  • built-in document management
  • smart folders for grouping
  • combine/merge entries for print/export
  • export/print single/arranged/all
  • export/print with date/title/notes
  • footer for page numbers/title/date/author
  • statistics | preview | word frequency | etc.
  • customize colors | font | size | margins | etc.
  • inline comments | highlight text spots
  • fullscreen mode
  • zoom to easily change the view scale
  • autosave
  • auto-backup
  • iDisk | Dropbox sync
  • tag your texts
  • OpenMeta | Spotlight support
  • iTunes-like search
  • all your texts at your fingertips
  • apply notes to each text | entry
  • word/character count
  • supports .txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .xml, .html
  • lots of more nifty features

New in version 1.0.1:

Bug fix update

  • resize bug in fullscreen mode
  • inspector (first responder) bug
  • bug in 'define word' action
  • bug when backup volume is unavailable
  • typos
  • some other bugs

Legacy Versions

  • myRichTexts_lite (Tiger, English)
  • myWords (Tiger, English)
  • Editor (Jaguar, English)

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.8+

Price: $21, EUR 15

MiniUsage Displays Various System Stats on Menu Bar

PR: MiniUsage displays various data like CPU usage, amount of network flow, battery status and process names which uses much CPU time in a menu bar. It takes little space and can display various data, so it's suitable for notebook.

MiniUsageWhile the application is running, this information can be referred via AppleScript.

When it's launched, it displays CPU usage, amount of network flow or battery status on menu bar.

When it's clicked, it shows a menu and displays more detailed data.

CPU usage, amount of network flow or battery status is chosen via menu, the selected data will be displayed on menu bar. If any application name is selected, the selected application is be activated.

The data type which should be displayed on menu bar can be selected via "Data Type to Display" item. If "Toggle" is selected, selected data will be displayed on menu bar by turns.

The interval to refresh each data can be determined via "Refresh Time" menu.

Number of processes to be displayed in menu can be determined via "Number of Processes" menu.

While the application is running, this information can be referred via AppleScript.

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

This software is "Donationware". If you want to continue using it, please make a donation to a charity like the Red Cross, UNICEF, or any organization you are interested in. It doesn't imply any donation to me.

Please note that the author takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this software.

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