Sonnet Ships Presto Plus for LC Series Macintosh Computers

For Release: April 5, 2000

For More Information, please contact:
Joy Hsu

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - April 5, 2000. Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh™ computers, ships an innovative multi-function upgrade card, the Presto™ Plus, that provides all the necessary capability to enable 68020- and 68030-based Macintosh models to access the Internet, and run memory-hungry and performance-intensive applications under Mac OS 8. The card features OS 8 enabler technology, built-in 10-base-T Ethernet, a 66/33 MHz 68LC040 processor, and 128K level 2 cache, delivering up to 650% overall speed improvement. It also includes an on-card 32 MB RAM SIMM, which is recognized in addition to motherboard memory. A second version of the card is available with a 68040 including FPU (Floating Point Unit) for faster mathematical calculations.

Simply Fast

Sonnet cards have unequaled ease-of-installation and reliability. The Sonnet Presto, Crescendo and Encore cards work in every compatible Macintosh without the need for the antiquated methods of hardware configuration. Free from switches, jumpers, and control panels, the Sonnet upgrade cards are Simply Fast™. Sonnet products are guaranteed to operate reliably over variations of machine, time and temperature. The ability to move an upgrade card from one machine to another without the need to tweak any jumpers, switches or control panels is a significant advantage to resellers and organizations that want to maximize their flexibility, while minimizing the long term technical support requirements.

Designed for K-12 Schools

The Presto Plus multi-function card was designed specifically to meet the internet connectivity needs of schools who still use hundreds of thousands of the '020- and '030- based Macs. "K-12 Schools represent a large portion of our customer base, having purchased thousands of our popular Presto processor upgrade cards," said Robert Farnsworth, President and CEO of Sonnet Technologies. "School administrators told us they need to connect their existing computers to the internet, but most of their early Macintosh computers lack built-in Ethernet support, sufficient memory to run Web browsers, enough performance to run modern applications, and the ability to run Mac OS 8. The Presto Plus is the answer. One affordable card achieves all of their goals while preserving their investments."


The Presto Plus supports applications that require a 68040 or greater, System 7.1 through OS 8.1, and virtual memory. The Presto Plus is compatible with the following Macintosh Models:

Price and Availability

  • Presto Plus with 68LC040, $299.95
  • Presto Plus with 68040 FPU, $349.95

Sonnet Metronome

Every Sonnet processor upgrade includes the Metronome Profiler Utility software, giving users useful system performance information such as processor type, speed, and bus speed.

About Sonnet Technologies, Inc.

Sonnet Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, is the worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh™ computers. Founded in 1986, Sonnet upgrades more Macintosh models with processor upgrade cards than any other company. Sonnet processor upgrade products are easy to install, are backed by a three-year warranty, include free technical support, and require no switches, jumpers, or control panels. To locate an authorized reseller or purchase product, visit the Sonnet Technologies web site at <http://www.sonnettech.com>, or call the company at 1-800-786-6260 (USA and Canada) or 1-949-261-2800.

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