Upgrades for a Centris 610

1999 – ME writes: So, my Centris 610 . . . (I can hear you already. Hopelessly outdated; buy a 7500.) Okay, fine. Anyway, my Centris 610 cost me $30. (University surplus store; it’s raining G3 towers on campus right now, so they’re dumping these things like mad.)

Which Is Better, a Power Mac 6100 or a Performa 6300?

1999 – SB writes: I have the opportunity to purchase from a friend either a Power Mac 6100/60 or a Performa 6300/100. I know the 6300 is a Road Apple, but it does have the 603e processor. So should I buy the 6100 and add cache and RAM – or stick with the 6300

What’s the Best Used PowerBook in 1998?

JJ writes: Along the same lines as the current discussion about the best desktop Mac to have, what is the best used PowerBook when it comes to upgradability? I’m just finishing college and would love a brand new G3, but I’m still on a budget.

How Do I Speed Up a Performa 575 or LC 575?

1998 – GF writes: Just took my son’s Performa 575 out of storage. We added 32 MB of memory (which I think is the max), and my son upgraded to Mac OS 8.0. He also had RAM Doubler added two years ago to the original memory. Is the Doubler not needed now or not being […]

How Do I Set Up an LC 550 or Performa 550 for the Net?

1998 – DS writes: At our (the Atlanta Mac Users’ Group) annual swap-fest, I was unable to not purchase for a small amount an extremely clean and (I think) handsome LC 550 that had been used by a school administrator. [Readers, you may want to read that again. It’s a masterful use of the double-negative.]

Burned by 7200 Upgrade Options

1998 – JB writes: I have a question about upgrading the Power Mac 7200. I am rather irritated because, when I bought the machine in winter 95/96, the 7200 was advertised and promoted as upgradeable (to a 7300). Having been burned twice before with Macs that had no upgrade path, I thought I was making […]

Video Editing on a Power Mac

1998 – JW writes: I have a Power Mac 7600/120 with 96 MB RAM and a 2 GB hard disk. I intend to upgrade it in order to use it as a video editing machine for freelance work. Is it worth it to upgrade at all? What kinds of upgrades are viable: graphic card, video card, […]

How Can I Improve My 5200 on the Internet?

1998 – JT writes: I have what I think is a simple question: Which (if any) hardware or software enhancements should I consider to improve the Internet performance of my Performa 5200 CD? The model I own came with an external modem – a 14.4 Global Village – and the computer has its originally installed […]

Should I Speed Up My Power Mac 6100 or Replace It?

1998 – JF writes: I’m another Power Mac 6100 owner who wants a faster Mac. I primarily want the extra speed for Web surfing. I use a 6100 with 40 MB RAM, Apple 15″ monitor, 256 KB L2 cache, and Supra 28.8 modem. I see that I can get a 7×00 or 8×00 for $500-600, […]

Hard Drive Options for the Power Mac 6100

1998 – TH writes: I have a Performa 6110 CD. It has the 60 MHz 601 processor, a 250 MB hard drive, and I just upgraded to 40 MB of RAM. I would like to get a new hard drive for this machine, perhaps as large as 2 GB, but I am unsure of where to […]

How Should I Upgrade My Quadra or Performa 630?

1998 – ABV writes: Which version of the Mac OS would you recommend running on the following Quadra 630? The system has 20 MB of RAM, a 250 MB hard drive, an external Chinon 2x CD-ROM drive, 14″ Apple Trinitron Monitor, 33.6 kbps Supra Faxmodem, and a StyleWriter II inkjet printer. I want a version […]

How Can I Speed Up a Performa 6200 or 5200 on the Internet?

1998 – AH writes: G’day. I have a Performa 6220 CD, 32 MB RAM, 1 GB hard drive, 14.4 faxmodem, 603 processor (75 MHz), 17″ Sony screen, and System 7.5.5. I use it currently for Net surfing (exceedingly slow) and for various home projects (adequate). Is there anything to do to speed up Net travel?

Mac II, IIci, and LC III Questions

1998 – Damon writes: I was hoping you could help me with a couple of things. I wanted to know if the LC III can take the same type of 72-pin SIMM as your standard Intel machine? Also, can an LC III support more than 36 MB?

How Can I Use My Old Peripherals with My iMac?

1998 – VZ writes: Thanks for your intelligent musings on all things Mac. My Mac obsession is flaring at the moment, and I wondered if you’d given some thought to my current dilemma. I just bought an iMac to replace a beloved Performa 638CD that I’d maxed out on RAM, processor upgrade, etc. The iMac […]

Power Mac 7500: The Best Used Mac in 1998

AH writes: Thank you for the reply to my questions about the Performa 6220; I appreciate your time. In your opinion, what would be the best refurbished Mac to upgrade to as far as future flexibility for upgrades

Upgrading a Power Mac 7100

1998 – JF writes: I’ve got a Power Mac 6100/60av, and I’m getting a 7100/66 for free. I want to “gut” the 6100’s 1.2 gig hard drive, (2) 32 MB RAM modules, etc., and put them into the 7100.