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The Menagerie of Macs - Issue 7

The Menagerie of Macs

Issue #7 - July 1999

My Grandmother Uses a Macintosh

Jon Harahush

The ease of use of the Macintosh can't be beat. A few hours ago I ordered a present for my grandmother from MacMall - a modem for her LC III.

She has finally decided to get online. At 84 years of age, she's still going strong. She drives, goes to aerobics, and travels. And, as of last year, she's learned how to use the computer to type letters, play games, and keep her chequebook balanced.

It's amazing to see how easily she learned the Mac OS. Having never used a computer before, I thought she would have a harder time learning than she actually did. All I had to do was show her the very basics, like file, mouse, keyboard, starting and quitting programs, etc., and she was hooked. We started her on an old Mac SE, but the screen was a little hard on her eyes, so I found a secondhand Mac LC III. She loves it. To me, the LC III is an old Mac, especially since I'm used to computers with PPC chips but to her its the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Her plans for the internet include looking up travel information, trying out MapQuest, e-mailing relatives in Florida, California, and western Pennsylvania, and keeping up with weather and news. I think this is great. Remember, she's 84 years old and is going to be doing all of the above mentioned activities. This is something that she would find more difficult if she was stuck with a Windows machine. I just thought I'd share this tidbit of info - if you have a mother, father or grandmother, etc., who wants to learn how to use a computer, the ease of use of the Macintosh can't be beat.


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