Overclocking the Beige Power Mac G3

Apple has done some remarkable things with its third generation Power Mac, the Beige G3s. (The first generation Power Macs used NuBus, and the second switched to PCI.) The motherboard is smaller than in earlier Power Macs, leaving room for one more drive in the same type of desktop case used for the 7200-7600.

Beige Power Mac G3 (1997)

The Beige G3 is a third-generation Power Mac. It has a new motherboard with a faster system bus than earlier models, a third-generation PowerPC CPU, uses a completely different type of memory, has a different way of upgrading the CPU, and includes a personality card slot. The Power Mac G3 comes in desktop and minitower […]

Macs Need Parallel Ports

1997: Three months ago I wrote an editorial, “Why Macs Need Parallel Ports.” It struck a nerve. In response to “To Print or Not To Print” by JM Pierce, I present an updated version.

Kanga PowerBook G3

This PowerBook G3 was the first Mac designed around the PowerPC 750 (a.k.a. G3) processor, beating the first G3 Power Macs by less than a week. It was the world’s most powerful notebook computer when it was released in late 1997.

10 Years Since the First G3 Macs

Apple introduced the first G3-based Macintosh on November 10, 1997. The PowerBook G3, also called the 3500 or Kanga, took the proven Power Mac 3400 design and put it on overdrive.

DayStar Millennium

The Millennium was essentially a Genesis MP or MP+ built from components purchased from DayStar when it left the Macintosh clone market.

MaxxBoxx 960

The MaxxBoxx 960 is based on the Tsunami motherboard (also used in the Power Mac 9600) and shipped with 180-225 MHz PowerPC 604e CPUs. The cube-shaped case has 10 drive bays. MaxxBoxx clones were only sold in Germany.

MaxxBoxx 930

The MaxxBoxx 930 was based on the Tsunami motherboard (also used in the Power Mac 9600) and shipped with a 233-333 MHz Power PC 604e CPU. MaxxBoxx clones are cube-shaped and have a whopping 10 drive bays. MaxxBoxx computers were only sold in Germany.