Think Smarter? Just the Advice Gateway Needs

2002: Gateway is not exactly a PC company that anyone envies. Right off the bat, the company seemed to have a really unusual (to put it gently) way of selling computers. After all, how many retail outlets would let you try something on – and then make you wait while it came in the mail? […]

Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar

Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar was released on 2002.08.24 and was last updated on 2003.10.03, when the 10.2.8 update was released. There were rumors that 10.2.9 would be released in mid-2009 to address several bugs and vulnerabilities that remained in version 10.2.8, but that never happened.

More on the History of Apple’s Command Key

A short while back, I wrote an article about the history of the Apple Command key and why it looks the way it does. One of the many benefits of writing for Low End Mac is all the interesting people you get to correspond with – and I got mail from all sorts of folks […]

Is Apple Looking for a Smack in the Head?

2002: Everyone remembers those old milk churns that were used to transport milk all over the country. Most of these churns have found new life at country fairs and as overpriced flowerpots. If you haven’t seen one before, it’s essentially a cylinder with a hinged lid on the top. There is an old Dutch saying […]

Mirrored Drive Doors Power Macintosh G4

Apple hit the 1 GHz mark with the Quicksilver 2002 in January 2002 and 1.25 GHz with the Mirrored Drive Door (MDD) in August 2002. Even the entry level 867 MHz Power Mac G4 now has dual processors. This was the last Power Mac to natively boot Mac OS 9.

Linux and BSD Unix for Older Macs

Not long ago, I threatened you all with the end of the PPC Linux column. In response, many of you wrote in to ask for it to stay. (One person suggested that I let it die a graceful death for reasons which I happen to agree with, but he was outvoted.)

AOL 10.2 Preview Is Pretty Impressive

America Online started in 1985 as Quantum Computer Services, offering Q-Link, an online service with a graphical user interface for Commodores; it expanded to include Apples (AppleLink) and Macs in 1989, adding Tandy and other DOS PCs (PC-Link) in 1991.

More on Macs in the Workplace

The late Douglas Adams once said, “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly past.” It is in this spirit that I present the latest Mac Life.

Faster Internet Access for Mac Users

Internet access on the Mac has been getting a lot of bad reports, since it is slightly slower opening a page on the Mac than opening the same page on a PC. Choosing a good Internet connection is key to getting pages to load quickly on your Mac.

xD-Picture Cards

2002: All memory cards are not created equal. CompactFlash and SmartMedia have been duking it out over price, speed, size, and capacity for several years. Sony threw a wrench in the works with its Memory Stick technology (which hardly anyone except Sony uses), and just recently the tiny Secure Digital card has come into play […]

iApps? My Eye!

As the dust settles on Apple’s decision to charge us for the intangible iTools services (see Kiss iTools Good-Bye, Free Email Becomes Fee Mail, and The iTools Bait and Switch), people begin to ask how this will affect Job’s plans for the digital hub.