Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac FAQ

Microsoft PowerPoint began its life as Presenter and was published for exclusively Macintosh by Forethought, Inc. Microsoft acquired Forethought in 1987 and renamed the app PowerPoint.

Tech News on Low End Mac

We’re going to give you a different take on tech news. No rumors. No press releases. No news based on a third-hand report. We’re going to give you real tech news with a low-end twist.

VAIO: Did You Miss Me?

We almost lost VAIO, Sony’s brand for its nicest looking PCs. Visually, Sony seems to be the only one trying to take on Apple design without simply copying what Apple is doing.

Security Glitch in Android 4.3 Impacts 10.6% of Devices

According to Security Intelligence, Android 4.3, the version just prior to current 4.4 Kit Kat, suffers from a security flaw in the Android KeyStore service. This is the part of Android that secures your password, PINs, login info, etc., making it a particularly nasty vulnerability. At this point, approximately 10.3% of Android users are version 4.3. (Not 86%, as […]

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We’re trying to do something different with tech news: no rumors, no reprinted press releases, no minor software update notices, and nothing based solely on a third-hand report. We take our tech news seriously.