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6.6 Percent Mac Market Share, OS X Safe but Not Secure, Still Using Older Macs, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2008.04.18

PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, and other portable computing is covered in The 'Book Review. iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV news is covered in The iNews Review.

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News & Opinion

Apple Snags 6.6% of US PC Market

AppleInsider's Katie Marsal reports:

"Mac maker Apple Inc. enjoyed strong retail sales during the first calendar quarter of 2008, boosting its share of the US personal computer market above 6 percent, according to a report released Wednesday by market research firm Gartner.

"In total, the Cupertino-based company is said to have shipped over 1.01 million systems nationally, representing 32.5 percent growth and a 6.6 percent share of the US PC market, up from 762,000 systems and 5.2 percent share during the same three-month period last year."

Macs Safe but Not So Secure

Cnet's Tom Krazit reports:

"The scalp of Mac OS X has been waved trophy-like after being hacked in controlled environments, yet security researchers are hard pressed remembering the last time a Mac was compromised in the wild.

"Macs, according to most security experts and analysts, remain a safe computing option, however safe does not mean secure - its software, like software for PCs, is written by humans and contain flaws, which are technically exploitable."

Who's Still Using Older Macs?

MacUser's Cyrus Farivar says:

"While Arik Hesseldahl of BusinessWeek may be dumping his c. 2001 PowerMac, my G4 is still going strong....

"Who out there is still running old hardware on a regular basis?"

Editor's note: This is Low End Mac. Almost all of our writers are using pre-Intel Macs on a regular basis. At LEM HQ, we use our Mirrored Drive Doors G4 from 2002 as our main production machine. dk

IBM Offering Macs to Some Workers Using Windows

InformationWeek's Antone Gonsalves reports:

"IBM on Wednesday said it's testing the use of Apple Macs within its research labs as part of the company's strategy of offering employees more than just Windows PCs.

"About 100 researchers are using Mac computers in a small pilot program, an IBM spokeswoman said in an e-mail. The project, however, does not reflect a major strategy shift toward Apple inside IBM....

"Of the 22 testers who provided feedback, 18 said that compared with their previous computers, the Mac notebooks offered a 'better or best experience.'"

Another One Bites the Dust: Hard Drive Failure

MyMac's Rich Lefko says:

"Regular readers of my articles know that I am the back up king. I lost my main drive a while back and I will never let that happen to me again.

"At the time, I was backing up, and cloning my main drive, but had gotten lazy and had not run the back up in several weeks. Nowadays I back up my main hard drive (HD) to four external drives. Overkill? Probably, but I feel secure. I'm about to add a fifth backup that will be offsite just in case disaster hits my house.

"My main HD has all of my music, photos, the files that make up my website, business information etc. If I lose that drive, it will take me years to re-create some of the items, while others are irreplaceable. Think about what is on your main HD....

"Remember, its not 'IF' your hard drive will fail, its 'WHEN.'"

Home Made iMac-mini Case Mod

Wired's Charlie Sorrel says:

"There's a healthy (or perhaps unhealthy) scene for people who mod their Windows installs to look and feel just like Mac OS X, but German case-modder Phyro-Mane has done one better: The home-made iMacmini. He took an old Windows laptop, stripped it down and rebuilt into this custom aluminum case, complete with side-mounted USB ports."

Phyro-Mane's iMacminiPhyro-Mane's iMacminiPhyro-Mane's iMacmini


24" iMac 'Makes a Strong Showing'

Tom's Hardware's Benjamin Kraft reports:

"The iMac has had a firm place in Apple's product line ever since its introduction in 1998. This is hardly surprising considering that many credit it with practically saving the company and helping it re-emerge on the stage. Each of the iMac's generations came with its own characteristic design that may not have been everyone's cup of tea but certainly influenced other companies' design efforts in one way or another. Thus Apple's all-in-one consumer system quickly secured its spot in the limelight and shows no sign of relinquishing it any time soon....

"Apple tends to polarise its audience. People tend to either fall in love with its designs or reject them. Either way, the iMac certainly has the 'Wow-factor' on its side. It's hard to imagine that full-fledged a PC could be this thin, especially after having looked at the list of components the slim enclosure houses. Although it sounds like an overused cliché (not to mention an advertisement) by now, iMac owners should get used to the question 'But where's the computer?'"

iMac vs. Gateway One

Popular Mechanics' Glenn Derene reports:

"We all know the stereotypes. Apple's popular commercials have painted the picture in stark terms: There are two types of people, Mac people and PC people. And if the marketing is to be believed, the former is a hip, sport-coat-and-sneakers-wearing type of guy who uses his computer for video chatting, music mash-ups and other cool, creative pursuits that starchy, business-suited PC users could never really appreciate unless they tried them on the slick Apple interface. Then again, Windows PC enthusiasts probably think that Mac guy is a smug slacker with an overpriced toy that can't do any serious computing anyway. Funny thing is, both stereotypes are wrong. With a 7.5 percent market share, Macs are no longer just the computer choice of artists and unemployed writers. (Apple is, in fact, the fourth largest computer manufacturer in the world.) And now, more than ever, the guts of both platforms are remarkably similar. Both types of machines use Intel processors (although some PCs can be configured with processors from AMD). Both buy memory, hard drives and graphics cards from the same small pool of suppliers. The underlying operating systems have distinctly different flavors, but in terms of functionality, Microsoft Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard have surprisingly similar built-in multimedia, Internet and productivity applications....

"Usability surveys are like taste tests - a useful look at the subjective appeal of a device. (Is it fun? Is it easy? Would I be happy to live with this thing?) But beneath their packaging, computers are data-crunching machines that can be run like racehorses. So the second component of our test regimen was about pure performance....

"In both the laptop and desktop showdowns, Apple's computers were the winners."

Apple Updates

Intel-based iMac: Installing Available Updates

A new Apple Knowledge Base article says:

"The tables in this article list the update or updates you should install on your Intel-based iMac computer. Under each iMac model is the list of updates that should be installed on your computer. If you are unsure if your iMac has a particular update installed, download and open the update installer. If the update is already installed, the installer will alert you to this fact."


Big Book of Apple Hacks: Tips and Tools for Unlocking Your Apple Devices

PR: When you get a new Macintosh computer, iPhone, or iPod, the device comes preconfigured in the way Apple feels will be the most useful to the greatest number of their customers. But what if you want your exciting new gear to conform to your wishes and requirements rather than Apple's preferences?

Big Book of Apple HacksIf you long to individualize your gadgets and make them your own, just consult the latest release from the folks who bring you Make magazine - "The Big Book of Apple Hacks" (O'Reilly, $34.99). Bigger in size, longer in length, and broader in scope, author Chris Seibold's new collection of tips, tricks, and hacks helps you to get the most out of Mac OS X, your iPhone, the new line of iPods, and Apple TV.

Into the weather? With a few tools Seibold shows you how you can turn your Mac into a weather-monitoring beast. Got an old MacBook? Seibold can help you soup it up. Got Leopard? Find out how to gain control over your widgets with three simple tricks.

"Most of the hacks in the book are answers to questions or problems people have had when using their Apple products," says Seibold. With wit and style, Seibold takes you under the hood with complete and clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions to help you personalize your stuff.

"One of my favorite hacks is from a contributor (Rich Lefko). After he left a job he wanted to keep his work data (he used a PC at work) without having to buy a Windows PC. Rich's hack was brilliant. He discovered a way to swap out the hard drive of the MacBook and install the hard drive from work and boot into Windows. So now, on the rare occasions he wants a Windows machine, he just switches out the drive in his MacBook."

Indeed, by tinkering in ways Apple never envisioned, you'll learn how to:

  • Optimize your operating system, whether you have Mac OS X Leopard or Tiger
  • Customize the applications that come with Mac OS X, including Mail, Safari, Dashboard, and the iLife suite
  • Tweak system and device settings in minutes with Quick Hacks
  • Perfect your peripherals with hacks that hone your hardware, from Apple TV to the new iPod touch
  • Protect your data with backups and keep your secrets by tightening security
  • Open up the iPhone and iPod to all kinds of possibilities
  • Run Windows and other operating systems on your Mac

Indeed, with help from the "Big Book of Apple Hacks," you can truly be the unbending overlord of all your Apple gadgets and systems!

Chris Seibold is a senior writer for Apple Matters and spends his non-writing time surrounded by Macs in various states of disassembly. Chris has never broken a Mac, but there are several that have been in pieces for an inordinately long time. Naturally, he streams his music with AirPort Express, watches TV with an Apple TV, and uses an iPhone exclusively for telephone communication.

Big Book of Apple Hacks
Chris Seibold
ISBN: 9780596529826
$34.99 US

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro

PR: The Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT features 512 MB of dedicated GDDR3 memory, uses the PCI Express interface, and includes two dual-link DVI ports.

For advanced graphics performance, choose the latest-generation Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT with 512 MB of GDDR3 video memory. With a unified shader core and massive memory bandwidth, the Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT brings advanced performance to graphics-intensive applications like motion graphics, 3D modeling, rendering, and animation. It features a PCI Express interface for a high-bandwidth connection to the Mac Pro and two dual-link DVI ports for connecting up to two 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays.


  • Requires Mac Pro (bus speed 1.33 GHz) with PCI-Express
  • Includes a DVI to VGA connector for easy connection to VGA-based displays

Note to owners of Mac Pro (early 2008): Please select the Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT (early 2008) Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro.


Free Shipping

Ratoc USB 2.0 to Ultra SCSI Converter U2SCX Supports OS X

Ratoc USB 2.0 to Ultra SCSI ConverterPR: Features:

  • Connect U2SCX to your SCSI device, and plug its USB cable to the USB port. Available to use in just a second.
  • Allows hot-swappable as a USB device. No need to restart the OS, open the case, install SCSI board, or change SCSI ID setting.
  • Allows to use your favorite Ultra SCSI device as the latest USB 2.0 device and to attach directly to SCSI 50P High-Density port - MacOS X 10.5 ready.
  • Fully compatible with both USB 2.0-enabled port and USB 1.1-enabled port. Automatically detected and mounted as an USB 1.1 Full Speed device with USB 1.1-enabled port.
  • U2SCX gets it's own power through the Term Power pin from the SCSI device.
  • Supports High-speed USB 2.0. Date transfer rate up to 480 Mbps.
  • Fully compatible with various SCSI devices or SCSI based Application Software; Scanners, Film Scanners, CD-ROM, CD-R/W, DVD, Zip, Jaz, HDD, MO,VueScan, WinBench and more.
  • The U2SCX has two different operation modes and switches automatically.
    [USB mass storage mode]
    With Microsoft standard Mass Storage class driver. Supports only one SCSI device per one U2SCX.
    [SCSI emulation mode]
    With RATOC original driver. Supports up to seven SCSI devices in daisy per one U2SCX. You must use this mode for image scanners, film scanners or other SCSI devices except mass storage devices.
    *SCSI emulation mode is only for Windows.
  • Ultra-slim and compact design allows you to use with another SCSI connector either side-by-side or stacked.

System Requirements

  • Mac: Works as an USB 2.0 device with USB 2.0 enabled Macintosh with Mac OS X 10.2.7 or later, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5.
  • Windows PC: Windows Vista/XP/Me/2000/98SE
    Note: USB 2.0 embedded controller or add in host adapter required for USB 2.0 speed, otherwise it works as USB 1.1 device.
  • SCSI device
    • Hi-Density 50 pin female SCSI-2 connector
    • Term-Power output capability
    • Single-End interface
    • Internal or external Termination


  • Bus interface
    • [USB] USB 2.0/1.1
    • [SCSI] Ultra SCSI
  • Data transfer rate [SCSI]
    • 20 MB/sec with Ultra SCSI devices (synchronous)
    • 10 MB/sec with FAST SCSI devices (synchronous)
    • 5 MB/sec (asynchronous)
  • Data transfer rate [USB]: 480 Mbps(High Speed)/12 Mbps (Full Speed)
  • Connector Type [SCSI]: Hi-Density 50 pin Male SCSI-II connector
  • Connector Type [USB]: USB Type A Plug with 1 meter (3.9') USB 2.0 certified cable.

Package includes

  • U2SCX USB 2.0 to UltraSCSI converter
  • U2SCX software CD-ROM
  • U2SCX software CD-ROM for Windows Vista
  • If the package doesn't include Vista software CD-ROM, refer to Software Download Page.
  • [MacOS software]
    • SCSI Configuration Utility
  • [Windows software]
  • Format Utility
  • SCSI Configuration Utility
  • User's Guide

Physical characteristics: 51 mm(W) x 52 mm(D) x 18 mm(H), 98 g

Operating requirements: - DC +5V 300mA (Max).

SCSI device must provide the power through SCSI Termination Power output pin. If SCSI termination power is not available, you need to connect an OPTIONAL AC adapter (sold separately).

USB Bus Power 2 mA (Max)

Available at RATOC Web Mall

Warranty: 1 year


XRackPro Server Rack Models Updated with Air Filtration

PR: GizMac Accessories, a leading manufacturer of noise reducing equipment racks for rackmount servers, RAID systems and audio/video equipment, is now shipping the smaller capacities of XRackPro server racks with air filtration.

4U and 6U models of XRackPro2 server racks now feature an air filtration system in addition to reducing noise. The air filtration provides cleaner air into the server rack enclosure and ultimately into computer and other electronic equipment located inside. The controlled airflow of the XRackPro2 server rack aids cooling, improves noise reduction and allows for an air filtering system to function.

"Our smaller server racks may be two of the best values on the market for a limited amount of equipment," says Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing for GizMac Accessories. "With noise reduction, key lockable doors and now air filtration standard, 4U and 6U XRackPro2 server racks have a lot to offer."

Air filters used in the XRackPro2 computer racks are custom made and particularly suited for this application. The pleated design of the filter provides greater surface area for trapping more particles while allowing superior air circulation. The custom air filters are reinforced with a metal grid to prevent collapsing due to the high airflow volume created by the XRackPro rack cooling fans.

The noise reduction feature of the XRackPro2 is perfect in post production facilities for film, video and audio editing; television, cable and radio broadcasting stations; business and medical offices, schools or any other environment that requires low noise. With the air filtering system addition, the XRackPro2 server rack is also a much needed solution for environments with higher than usual levels of dust and other air born particulates.

XRackPro2 4U and 6U server rack models with the new air filtration system are available now; US retail prices are $549.99 and $749.99 respectively. The XRackPro2 noise reducing server rack can be obtained from authorized domestic and international resellers and distributors or purchased directly from the XRackPro website and by calling the corporate headquarters at (800) 475-1677.

FirmTek SeriTek/SpyderHUB: Boot from External SATA and Share Data with Any Computer

PR: FirmTek provides versatile, cutting-edge, SATA enclosures and host adapters for computer users looking for high performance data storage solutions. These SATA enclosures provide extremely high data transfer rates with JBOD or RAID configurations. The only issue holding back the adoption of SATA enclosures with all computers has been that many models do not provide the ability to add SATA host adapters.

The SeriTek/SpyderHUB Changes Everything

This ultra small, four-ounce device is a great travel mate for computer users that want to have the ability to connect to external eSATA hard drives. Imagine MacBook "Air" on the road with the capability to attach up to two eSATA hard drives at a remote location. Computer labs wanting access to eSATA enclosures on any computer in the lab will love the SpyderHUB. Computer repair facilities that want to use eSATA hard drive enclosures for computer repair and backup will find the SpyderHUB is indispensable. Professional users looking for a way to expand their eSATA enclosure use to include computers that do not support a SATA host adapter will find the SpyderHUB provides an amazing solution. Apple users that want their external eSATA hard drive to be bootable will find the SpyderHUB can also provide this feature.

Instant Boot Capability

Many MacBook Pro users love their high performance SATA ExpressCard but they also desire the ability to boot from the eSATA enclosure for maintenance or testing. The SpyderHUB provides Mac OS X boot capability to any direct connect eSATA enclosure using the built-in, high quality, FirmTek eSATA to FireWire 800/400/USB 2.0 converter. This feature not only increases connectivity options but also enhances flexibility by providing instant eSATA boot capability for all currently shipping Macintosh computer models.

Instant Delivery

When professional users are creating videos, audio or other multimedia content they typically use the powerful Mac Pro. When the final presentation is delivered to the client a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac or Mac mini may be used. The SpyderHUB allows the same eSATA hard drives used in the creation process to also deliver the presentation which reduces time, energy and equipment needs. There are many ways that the SeriTek/SpyderHUB can enhance productivity with the use of eSATA direct connect enclosures.

The FirmTek Solution

The FirmTek SeriTek/SpyderHUB addresses the issue of eSATA interface compatibility with an entirely new approach. The SpyderHUB can be installed to connect up to two SATA hard drives with a FireWire 800, (400 with an optional adapter) or a USB 2.0 host connection when an SATA host adapter is not available. When a SATA host adapter is available, the SpyderHUB is removed and the FirmTek eSATA connectors are used. This method provides compatibility while maintaining the high performance eSATA direct connect interface. The SpyderHUB allows FirmTek direct connect enclosures to be used with MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac or Mac mini FireWire/USB 2.0 connections for expanded connectivity options.

Two eSATA + FireWire

When the SeriTek/SpyderHUB is connected to a computer via FireWire it can also be used to daisy chain additional FireWire devices. This feature expands the storage connection options of the SpyderHUB to include FireWire devices. The FirmTek SeriTek/SpyderHUB is the only device on the market that allows existing direct connect SATA enclosures to interface with a FireWire host connection. FirmTek customers can now enjoy the expanded capability of using their direct connect SATA enclosures with any computer system.

Hardware RAID

The SeriTek/SpyderHUB supports JBOD, RAID 0 and RAID 1 using Disk Utility. It also provides hardware RAID 0 and concatenate options for users that would like to configure a hardware RAID that can be used with a PC or Mac OS X. This embedded hardware RAID feature allows a SpyderHUB hardware RAID to be moved between PCs and Macintosh computers when Master Boot Record is selected as the partition format.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides Mac OS boot capability to eSATA enclosures
  • Allows content to be shared between different Macintosh and/or PC models
  • Provides FireWire Daisy Chaining capability
  • Operates using bus power (power adapter optional)
  • Expands eSATA direct connect enclosure connectivity to include FireWire 800/400/USB 2.0 host interfaces. (FireWire 400 requires optional adapter)
  • Features dual external eSATA and a FireWire device port
  • Features a FireWire 800 or a USB 2.0 host port
  • Power and activity LEDs for each hard drive
  • Supports JBOD or Hardware RAID 0/Concatenate modes
  • SATA II compliant; auto-negotiation between the latest 3 Gb/s and legacy 1.5 Gb/s Serial ATA drives
  • Attractive design
  • Features Kensington Security Slot
  • Easy to set up, easy to transport, compact and portable


  • Platform and Operating system independent; compatible with all Macintosh and PC computers running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Works with any brand of direct connect SATA enclosure. Designed to work optimally with FirmTek products
  • Not compatible with port multiplier enclosures

Package Contents

  • One FirmTek SeriTek/SpyderHUB
  • One CD-ROM containing the SeriTek/SpyderHUB User Manual
  • Optional power adapter


Skobos Announces Personal Television Software for Macs

PR: Skobos have released their new flagship personal television program called 'Skobos'. The program is currently available for OS X operating systems and runs as a Universal program on both PPC and Intel built microprocessors.

Skobos - the first major broadband, all digital, software television for the Mac has arrived. The time of TV entertainment being delivered to your computer is here and it's going to allow you to travel the world, one channel at a time.

This is not Video-On-Demand where you receive broadcasts that you must preselect in order to view. This is real TV in every sense of the word. The differences between Skobos and the television you have in your home is that Skobos is software based and the only hardware you need is your computer.

"The time for the acceptance of a software television by the public-at-large is fast approaching and we (Skobos) are going to be in the lead when it arrives. For a few years now IPTV, made mostly available for Microsoft operating systems have created a huge lead among the personal usage of IPTV, up until now that is." says Chuck Grieves, owner of Skobos.

While the term of 'Personal Television' conjures up memories of a small B&W 5" battery operated television, this software is far advanced from that technology.

"We wanted the Skobos program to be as interactive as possible with each users personality in mind. From the see-through windows that matchup seamlessly for any desktop background image, to the opportunity to control via real-time voting; what channels are kept and what ones are excluded from the next bimonthly update. It becomes pure user interactivity in every sense of the word."

"As for Social Networking, the act of conversing with people half-a-world-away that may be watching the same channel you are in real-time, is amazing and offers as yet untapped opportunities that Skobos is uniquely poised for. The future of Internet Television is here and now."

Skobos is a software television that allows the user to view preset and updateable channels via a high-speed Internet connection on a Mac computer. The software has been in development for the past few years (beginning with the Widget Television VF1 through VF3) and is now a stand-alone package. The television programming design of Skobos, was written in its entirety in AppleScript using Apple's Xcode environment, AppleScript Studio.

The program's viewing capabilities relies on the user's installation of the top three (free) video players, available over the Internet. The channels are encoded using one of several technologies and then are broadcast over the Internet using specific video codecs.

The availability of these channels to the enduser depends on the user having the three players, QuickTime, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player, installed on the computer that Skobos is installed on. The players are free to the enduser and can be downloaded from the sites detailed here.

Skobos is designed completely with the enduser in mind. From the ease of channel selection, volume control, and full-screen viewing, to the ability to set favorites, channel voting, and instant messaging, Skobos will fast become a program favorite for any user.

Skobos is currently under development in four versions. Details concerning version one (v1) which is now available from this website, can be found under the top heading of 'Products'.

Version two (v2) is intended for most educational institutions and commercial business's. It includes not only our Skobos viewer but also live event programming for class usage. If combined with a class or auditorium projector, Skobos makes a great tool for event scheduling and live 'chat with the Presenter' additions coded into the software.

Version three (v3) is a combination of the first two and includes everything they have to offer individually, plus V3 also gives any registered user the ability to broadcast any live event to all other registered user's 'Live' specific channels.

Version four (v4) is the creme of the crop and includes everything that previous versions have plus v4 is a maintenance version that has several built-in system tools for the Mac savvy person. It also includes a browser, a notes section, PDF output from notes, and several other items for the experienced Mac user.

Please be aware that at this time, only Version 1 (V1) is currently available for purchase and download.

The current 160+ channels of the Skobos program (version 1.0.1) links to the broadcasts of everything from 24 hour News, Music, & Variety shows, to live broadcasts streaming from around the world. Watch Television from Russia to Iraq, China to someplace in Hometown USA, or Lebanon to Czechia at the speed of a mouse click.

The Skobos program offers its users a friendly, interactive, and low-cost effective way to travel the world, one channel at a time.

For additional information concerning this release or of the Skobos program, you can visit their website.

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