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27" iMac Issues, Windows 7 Drives Users to Apple, Flash Support Ending for G3 Macs, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2009.12.18

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27" iMac Issues

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27" iMac Issues

Apple Apologizes for 27" iMac Delays

Cnet's Jim Dalrymple reports:

"Apple on Sunday apologized to customers amid reports of shipping delays of its recently introduced iMac computer.

"'The new iMac has been a huge hit and we are working hard to fulfill orders as quickly as possible,' an Apple spokesperson told CNET. 'We apologize for any inconvenience or delay this may cause our customers.'"

Continued Problems for 27" iMacs

MacFixIt's Joe Aimonetti reports:

"Delays in the new 27-inch iMac are a result of display issues. AppleInsider is reporting that delays in shipments of Apple's iMac to third party resellers are a direct result of the display issues that left many customers with cracked or malfunctioning screens when receiving their orders."

Apple Cancels Christmas if You Want a 27" iMac

The Register's Joe Fay reports:

"Apple has slammed the brakes on shipments of its much coveted 27 inch iMac after users were driven cross eyed by flickering screens and other problems with the machines.

"The problems with the machines have been detailed on, where Mac apostles have been forced to openly question their faith."

The 27" iMac Aftermath: Does Apple Ship Too Early?

Gene Steinberg, the Tech Night Owl, writes:

"I suppose there's an eternal battle between a company's product engineering and marketing departments. The former wants to deliver something as close to sheer perfection as possible, while the latter needs something to sell and deliver income to the company. As you might suspect, these goals are usually out of alignment."

How to Check Your Fall 2009 iMac

Consumer advocate site says:

If you buy a new iMac and are wondering if it might have one of the common problems here are some things you can use to check things over.

  • Dead Pixels / Yellow Screen
  • Flickering Screen
  • Stuck iSight Pixels
  • Offset Screen Display

News & Opinion

Windows 7 Licensing: How Microsoft Lost Our Business

Foliovision's Alec says:

"We are moving half the office to Mac computers this month.

"Originally I was in the market for a couple of quads with Microsoft Windows. But to be able to buy those two computers, I had to figure out all the troublesome licensing of Microsoft. Originally we just wanted to stay with XP, as that's what we know and like. On the way, here's what I discovered about Microsoft Licensing:

  • licenses are extremely confusing (8 license levels? come on)
  • licenses are not portable
  • licenses are restricted to a single language
  • licenses have to be activated
  • hardware changes require reactivation
  • you need antivirus software for every Microsoft computer...

"In contrast, with Macs you just install the software. Of course you need the computer, but once you have that you can just copy a working OS from one computer to another."

Macs Retake Top Reliability Ranking

Computerworld's Gregg Keizer reports that Apple has reclaimed the top spot in the computer reliability ranking of Rescuecom as Asus' rating plummeted.

"Apple's Macs, which led all rivals in Rescuecom's rankings during 2007 and 2008, ceded first place to PCs sold by Asustek Computer (better known as Asus) in the first half of 2009, falling as low as third in the first quarter, behind both Asus and Lenovo.

"But Apple recaptured the top ranking for the third quarter...."

Adobe Dropping Flash Support for G3 Macs

Macworld's Lex Friedman reports:

"Were Macworld prone to tabloid-style controversy, we might use this paragraph to boldly declare that Adobe is dropping Mac support for Flash!

"But Macworld is about the cold, hard facts. And the facts are these:

"Adobe has announced that Flash Player 10.1, due in the first half of 2010, 'will be the last version to support Macintosh PowerPC-based G3 computers.'"

Editor's note: Adobe Flash Player 10.0 requires Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" or later, the last version of OS X to support G3 Macs. The last (and fastest ever from Apple) G3 Macs, the 900 MHz 12" and 14" iBooks, were replaced by G4 iBooks in October 2003. Adobe says dropping G3 support "is due to performance enhancements that cannot be supported on the older PowerPC architecture." dk

Clean and Disinfect Your Macs

MacFixIt's Topher Kessler says:

"The last time I needed to clean my computer I considered setting it on my patio and blasting it with the garden hose, then decided that probably was not the best idea. Apple has a knowledgebase document they've released with instructions on how to best clean various Mac models, but I should warn you if you care to read it, to be prepared for redundancy.

"After looking the article over, the main points boil down to the following...."

Apple Updates

How to Clean Mac Products

A new Apple Knowledge Base article contains recommendations and guidelines for cleaning your Apple computer, display, or peripheral, including the iMac, displays, portable computers, desktop computers, the Apple Wireless Keyboard (2009), Apple's Magic Mouse, and the Apple Keyboard (2009)

How to Disinfect Your Mac's Keyboard, Trackpad, and/or Mouse

Apple also has posted instructions on disinfecting your computer's contact surfaces (keyboards, trackpads, and mice). The Knowledge Base entry predates the present H1N1 flu pandemic but has particular relevance as we transition through that, especially on machines with multiple users.

Apple says: "Multiple people using the same computer, people using the computer when they were ill, and the particular environment where the computer is used, are a few reasons you may wish to disinfect areas of the computer that people come into contact with the most."


Mac mini with OS X Server Will Serve You Well

Macworld's John C. Welch says:

"First, let's clear something up about the Mac mini introduced by Apple in October that's configured to be a server. This $999 Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server is not an enterprise-grade server, or even a big business server. It's not going to manage thousands of users, or massive data needs, or be the only email server for GE....

"Instead, the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server really is - besides a really awkward name - a fantastic little server for a little more than $1,000 (once you add in tax and a few options) that can be surprisingly useful to those who set their expectations realistically...."

Products & Services

Kensington SlimType USB Keyboard

The Kensington SlimType Keyboard has been my mainstay work station 'board for the past four years, and I can personally vouch for Kensington's claim that it delivers comfort and convenience. Indeed, it's the most comfortable desktop keyboard I've ever used - with an attractive retro style that will complement any desktop. Outside, the sleek, slim exterior reflects today's contemporary style, but inside are the latest keyboard technologies, notably scissor-switch keys - the type used in many laptops - delivering light action typing with a crisp, responsive feel. Kensington adds multimedia hot keys to provide one-touch control of volume, play/pause, track, mute, and eject. There are even hot keys for sleep and calculator modes (dependent on OS platform).

The standard SlimType will work with either Windows PCs or Macs, but there is also a dedicated Mac version in white (the model I have) for a somewhat stiff $10 price premium.


  • Sleek contemporary profile complements any desktop
  • Scissor-switch technology delivers crisp, responsive touch typing
  • Laptop-style keys with a lighter action for faster typing
  • Intuitive hot keys for one-touch multimedia control
  • Convenient hot keys launch sleep and calculator modes
  • Easy USB connection


  • Wired, cord: 53.5"
  • Laptop style keys
  • USB port
  • PC/Mac compatible

System Requirements

  • PC or Mac computer with USB port


  • SlimType Keyboard - PC USB is backed by the Kensington 5-Year Warranty and free technical support.


  • PC version: $29.99
  • Mac version $39.95

Purchase Links

MoFi 3G Network Router

PR: MoFi Network can be used as a fixed broadband Internet solution in homes that do not have a fixed DSL/cable service available. As a Wireless-N router, connect your DSL or cable modem to MOFI3500-3GN to share your hotspot wirelessly with multiple computers. Downloading large photo files, streaming High Definition (HD) video files, or running media-intensive applications such as online gaming, videoconferencing, VoIP wirelessly, or via ethernet is a breeze.

Mobility at Business Events

Simply dock your compatible 3G/3.5G USB modem to MOFI3500-3GN to create your personal WiFi hotspot. Enjoy the ease and convenience of sharing your hotspot with business partners and customers at off site meetings, trade shows, workshops, or conferences.

Mobility on the Go

Wherever your busy lifestyle takes you, you can now share your WiFi hotspot with family and friends for various personal reasons - reply to an important work email, book movie tickets, blog, Facebook, or check for route directions. Use it together with loved ones in your favourite café!

Emergency Response

At a site where you urgently need to share a wireless hotspot, you and your team members can stay connected to various contact stations to locate an important helpline, share important documents, or save a life.

Share Your 3G Mobile Broadband on Wireless-N Router:

  • Perfect for high-speed Wireless-N router at home or SOHO
  • Perfect for students, business executives or anyone on the go
  • Quick and easy cost effective substitute in place of fixed DSL/Cable Line.
  • Compatible with major 3G/3.5G USB modem
  • OS-independent - suitable for Windows and Mac users


  • Dual-function router for two types of usage - Use as 3G Mobile Broadband router with your 3G/3.5G USB modem for convenience at on site meeting or as Wireless-N router at home or office
  • Wireless-N with Smart MIMO technology for increased throughput and
  • wireless coverage range
  • Wireless encryption to ensure safe and secure networking
  • Easy pairing wireless setup button
  • 3G/3.5G easy connect/disconnect button
  • 4-Port fast ethernet connection for Internet sharing with multiple users
  • USB host for 3G/3.5G USB modem* or printer/storage device
  • Detachable antennas for upgrade to higher gain performance types

MoFi 3G Network Router

MoFi 3G Network Router

A. 4-ethernet ports
B. Wide Area Network Port (Incoming)
C. Reset Switch D. USB 2.0 port for 3/3.5G modem/rocket stick
E. Power adapter port (12V Car adapter available)
F. Adjustable Antennas

Full Product Specs:

Dual Function as HSPA Support for 3G Mobile Broadband Router and 4-Port Wireless-N Broadband Router

HSPA Support for 3G Mobile Broadband Router to Enjoy Full Mobility, and Wire-Free for Internet Connectivity Anywhere MoFi Network MOFI3500-3GN 4-Port Wireless-N Router plus HSPA Support for 3G Mobile Broadband is an IEEE 802.11n wireless broadband Router with HSDPA/HSUPA 3G support. With a 3G HSDPA USB modem simply plug in the Router, an Internet connection can be accessed and shared virtually anytime anywhere within a wireless broadband network.

4-Port Wireless-N Broadband Router to Share Wireless Internet Connection with More Users

MoFi 3G Network RouterMOFI3500-3GN also integrates router function so that Internet can be accessed through WiFi connection simultaneously. MOFI3500-3GN 4-port wireless-N router function provides an excellent solution for sharing a wireless Internet connection and files such as High Definition (HD) video, music, photos and documents with the wireless speed up to 300 Mbps.

Advanced Wireless Security

MoFi Network MOFI3500-3GN creates a secure WiFi network by supporting the latest wireless security features to prevent unauthorized access. It supports for 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, and WPA2 to ensure that you will be able to secure your WiFi network, regardless of your client devices. In addition, the 3G Mobile Router utilizes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks from across the Internet.

Wide Wireless Coverage

The product integrates with smart MIMO technology which overlays the signals of multiple radios that can successfully reduce dead spots, increase in throughput and increase the wireless coverage range.

Easy to install and Use

By connecting a HSDPA/HSUPA USB modem into the USB Host port of MOFI3500-3GN, surfing the Internet can be accessed and shared virtually anywhere within a wire or wireless broadband network. You can also directly connect Ethernet-based devices to its built-in 4-port full-duplex 10/100 switch.

Main Features

  • Dual function as 3G mobile broadband router and 4-port wireless-N router.
  • Support HSDPA/HSUPA (3G/3.5G) USB modem connection to offer a network connection with full mobility.
  • 3.5G Easy connect/disconnect button for manual connection option.
  • Convert single user 3G USB modem into a multiple users ready WiFi Router.
  • Support WAN connection via DSL/Cable modem to work as a wireless router.
  • Support IEEE 802.11b/g and 11n wireless standard with the data transfer rate reaches up to 300 Mbps.
  • Internet access sharing through high speed wireless and 4-Port 10/100M Ethernet.
  • Support for 64/128 bit WEP, WPA, and WPA2 ensure secure WiFi network, and prevent unauthorized access
  • Adopt smart MIMO technology to increase throughput and increase wireless coverage range.
  • WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button allow easy configuration of a wireless network.
  • Detachable antennas allowing flexible gain performance antennas.
  • Slick, clean design and wall mountable to save space.

Suggested Retail: $129.99

Introductory Price: $99.99

Now shipping - Order Direct from website.

For ordering information (1 to 10,000 units) contact MoFi Network's worldwide distributor: Amazing Electronics, located in Toronto, Ontario, and Los Angeles, California.

1-866-459-5596 1-866-459-5596

WarMouse Meta: '18-Button Freak' Gets Freakier with High-Res Laser

WarMouse MetaPR: WarMouse today announced that its revolutionary 18-button joystick mouse, rechristened the Meta, will ship with a high-resolution laser sensor instead of an optical sensor. With a patented design featuring 18 buttons, an analog joystick, and a 5600-cpi laser sensor, the Meta provides a radically efficient user interface that has been shown to increase mouse input speeds by an average of 30 percent in comparison with conventional two-button mice utilizing toolbar icons and pulldown menus. Formerly known as the OpenOfficeMouse, the WarMouse Meta will be black with dark gray buttons.

"We were frankly shocked by the overwhelming response to our original announcement of the mouse," said Theodore Beale, Lead Designer at WarMouse. "We sent out three emails and ended up getting three million hits on our website that weekend; no one seemed to believe that an 18-button mouse with a joystick could be anything but a joke. But it's real, it's brutal, and it's going to fundamentally change what people expect of their input devices. There are some of the opinion that the Meta is insane, but we believe there are many gamers and power users who want to be able to do more than stroke their mouse with two fingers."

The Meta is one of the first computer mice to incorporate an analog joystick and is the first mouse to permit the use of the joystick as a digital keyboard interface. In the three digital joystick modes, the user can assign up to sixteen different keys or macros to the joystick, which provides a very fast interface regardless of whether the user is flying through the cells of a large spreadsheet in Calc or on the back of an epic flying mount in World of Warcraft. In analog joystick mode, the player can select between having up to seven joystick buttons available or using all 18 buttons as keyboard and mouse commands instead.

WarMouse MetaThe features of the WarMouse Meta include:

  • 18 programmable mouse buttons with double-click functionality
  • High-resolution laser sensor with adjustable resolution from 100 to 5,600 DPI/CPI
  • Five assignable button modes: Key, Keypress, Macro, Mouse, and Mouse-Key Combo
  • Analog Xbox 360-style joystick with five analog and digital modes
  • Clickable scroll wheel
  • 512k of flash memory
  • 63 on-mouse application modes with hardware, software, and autoswitching capability
  • 1024-character macro support
  • Meta Modeware for creating, managing, and customizing game and application modes
  • Import and export of custom modes in XML format
  • Optional audio notification of mode switching with customizable wave files
  • Taskbar display of active application mode
  • PDF export of application mode button assignments
  • Graphical popup map of application mode button assignments
  • 25 default modes for popular games and applications, including Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Writer, Calc, and Impress, 3D Studio Max, Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Chris Park, the lead designer of the popular independent strategy game AI War: Fleet Command, remarked: "I've been using a 5-button mouse for many years now, and there was once a time when I thought I'd never need more than two buttons - I shudder at the thought, now. So I'm interested to see how the Meta handles in practice when I actually get my hands on one. The thing that most interests me is the analog stick on the side of it. For AI War, I imagine that this would make panning much simpler, and it could be really handy for panning in other applications, as well. It is a feature that seems to fit tidily on the side of the mouse and which I could see eventually becoming as indispensable as the fourth and fifth buttons on my current mouse."

The WarMouse Meta

The WarMouse Meta has been alternately described as "the most insane mouse ever", "a Photoshop gag", and "too much of a good thing".

WarMouse MetaIt's almost the complete opposite of Apple's approach with their new mouse. The Magic Mouse has one giant button that can do 10 things, we have 18 buttons that can each do two or more things. And a scroll wheel. And a joystick. And 512k of memory.

WarMouse designed the Meta with the goal of creating the best and most useful mouse the digital world has seen to date. Initially inspired by the keyboards on the Treo smartphones, it was created by a game designer who was annoyed with the paltry number of buttons available on high-end gaming mice two years ago. Because gaming mice have historically been designed primarily for FPS games, not MMO and RTS games, they do not possess sufficient buttons for the dozens of commands, actions and spells that are required in games that make heavy use of icon bars and pulldown menus. After discovering that the World of Warcraft mice available at the time were nothing more than regular two-button mice decorated with orcs, dwarves, and Night elves, the Meta concept was born. After much experimentation, it was determined that 16 buttons divided into two 8-button halves were the maximum number of buttons that could be efficiently used by feel alone. And in the process of design and development, it quickly became apparent that many non-gaming applications would also benefit from having dozens of commands accessible directly from the mouse, especially applications with many functions utilizing nested pulldown menus and hotkey combinations.

Now, what can you do with 18 buttons, 52 commands, and an analog joystick? The answer is anything you like. The ability to assign application functions to both clicks and double-clicks, combined with the ability to use the joystick as an analog joystick or as the equivalent of 4,8, or 16 additional mouse buttons, significantly expands your options beyond the mere addition of more buttons. For example, you can use the joystick as arrow keys to move around the spreadsheet cells in Calc or Excel, then use it as a joystick to rotate 3D objects in 3D Studio Max. In Writer or other word processing programs, you can click a button once to Copy, double-click the same button to Cut, and click another button to Paste. In Adobe Reader, you can turn the page, switch between views and zoom levels, or search for text with single button clicks. In AutoCAD, you can assign a function that is nested four menus deep to a single button click. In Adobe Photoshop, you can rapidly switch between layers without ever taking your hand off the mouse or moving the pointer away from the pixels that you're painting. Macros can be recorded and assigned to button clicks, double-clicks, joystick movements, or scroll wheel positions. You can even use it as a number pad for fast data entry! The OOMouse puts 12x more functionality at your fingertips than the generic two-button office mouse and 4x more than the most expensive gaming mouse.

The autoswitching works so smoothly that it helps to have an easy reference telling you which mode the mouse is in. We're interested in knowing what color you think the L1/R1 buttons should be; so feel free to make your opinion known. Right now, the prototypes are dark blue and red, as shown below. They're going to start taking preorders on January 15th when they open the store.

For more detailed information about the Meta visit the Meta specifications page at . The Meta is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems and will retail for $74.99 in the first quarter of 2010.

32 GB High Performance Multichannel 1066 MHz DDR3 Upgrades for 2009 Mac Pro Models

PR: Other World Computing (OWC) announced the first available third party 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC memory upgrade for all Mac Pro Quad-Core Pro models, including the newest 3.33 GHz model announced by Apple earlier this month. OWC memory upgrades offer all Mac Pro users up to double the original factory memory with kits of up to 32 GB for all Mac Pro Dual-Core, Quad-Core, and 8-Core Models.

OWC Lab Confirms 'MAXRam' of 32 GB for Apple's 4-Core 2009 Mac Pro

By maintaining its own lab of nearly every Apple Mac model ever made, including all of the latest 2009 Mac Pro models, OWC continues its first-to-market streak as the first independent provider to test, confirm, and ship memory kits that exceed the factory memory options offered. OWC Memory Upgrade Kits for the Mac Pro are engineered with premium quality components for cool, reliable operation and meet, if not surpass, AppleDesign Specifications, including specific required thermal EEPROM, board design, chip components; and are fully RoHS and JEDEC compliant. Also, like all OWC memory upgrades, these new OWC Upgrade Kits for Mac Pro Quad-Core models are fully tested and are backed with a Money Back Guarantee and OWC's Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty.

Quality Memory At A Competitive Price

OWC's Memory Upgrade Kits for Mac Pro models offer configuration options not available from the factory as well as thousands of dollars in savings over same sized factory kits. In addition to 12 GB and 16 GB options with savings up to 66% compared to same size factory upgrades, Mac Pro Quad-Core owners can also choose two 8 GB module-based upgrades not offered by the factory: 24 GB (3 x 8 GB) and 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) for the maximum performance configuration. Mac Pro 8-Core owners seeking to expand their memory configuration to 32 GB via the factory will find it costs $3,700, compared to the OWC 32 GB Memory Kit priced at only $1,217.99 - a savings of $2,482. In addition to the savings offered by OWC Upgrades, Mac Pro users also retain their original factory memory modules that can either be set aside for future use or be sent to OWC for a cash back trade-in of up to $25 per Apple factory 2 GB memory module.

Pricing for OWC Memory Upgrade Kits up to 32 GB for 2009 Quad-Core Mac Pro:

  • OWC 12 GB DDR3 ECC Memory Kit - $467.99 (3 x 4 GB matched memory modules) 65% lower price than factory 12 GB upgrade.
  • OWC 16 GB DDR3 ECC Memory Kit - $619.99 (4 x 4 GB matched memory modules) 66% lower price than factory 16 GB upgrade.
  • OWC 24 GB DDR3 ECC Memory Kit -$1579.99 (3 x 8 GB matched memory modules) Not available as factory memory upgrade option.
  • OWC 32 GB DDR3 ECC Memory Kit - $2099.99 (4 x 8 GB matched memory modules) Not available as factory memory upgrade option.

Pricing for OWC Memory Upgrade Kits up to 32 GB for 2009 8-Core Mac Pro:

  • OWC 24 GB DDR3 ECC Memory Kit -$929.99 (6 x 4 GB matched memory modules) Not available as factory memory upgrade option.
  • OWC 32 GB DDR3 ECC Memory Kit - $1217.99 (8 x 4 GB matched memory modules) 67% lower cost than factory 32 GB upgrade.

To assist all Mac Pro owners in selecting the correct memory upgrade for any 2006-2009 Dual-Core, Quad-Core, or 8-Core Mac Pro model, OWC has created a simple to use guide that shows what RAM type and speed each Mac Pro model utilizes. To use the guide to select and order OWC Memory Upgrade Kits for Mac Pro models, visit:

Free "Do-It-Yourself" Video for Easy Installation

OWC Memory Upgrade Kits for 2006-2009 Mac Pro models are fully supported with free online instructional videos to make user installation an easy 15-minute procedure. To watch the step-by-step installations, visit <>

OWC memory upgrades are available from 16 MB to 32 GB for nearly every current and past Apple notebook and desktop computer manufactured during the past twenty years, including Mac Pro Xeon, iMac, PowerMac, Xserve, iBook, and PowerBook computers. By maintaining an active state-of-the-art test lab, OWC ensures its memory upgrades offer the highest product quality and reliability and backs them with a Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty and Money Back Guarantee.

The full OWC Memory line, as well as a compatibility guide for the correct upgrades for each specific Apple model, can be found online.

CaseCruzer: Mac Pro Gets Travel Upgrade with Shockproof Portable Rack Case

PR: First-class fare may please travel weary creative professionals. But the cushy seats and extra leg room won't reduce anxiety about the delicate computer that was tossed into storage. Turbulence. Air pressure. Baggage handlers. Now media artists and editors can enjoy fearless flying with the Apple Mac Pro Shock Case - the permanent, indestructible upgrade for priceless digital data by CaseCruzer.

CaseCruzer for Mac ProStress and shock have been grounded by the new rotationally-molded Mac Pro Shock Case. Fear no loss of the 32 GB of memory and 4 TB of storage offered by the portable Apple Mac Pro Tower. With an ATA 300 rating and continuous shock-absorbing protection, all trade-show exhibitors, motion picture artists, photographers, videographers, engineers, editors, web and graphic designers are free to roam about the country with their essential digital companion. The one-time price of protection is a ticket to peace of mind.

The shockproof carrying case is equipped with TSA trigger latches and low profile injection-molded pull handles for easy manhandling. All Apple Mac Pro towers can be vertically mounted in the rugged case because it is fitted with front and back steel rack rails. Elastomeric shocks in each of the eight corners make the case vibration-proof and ideal for transporting heavy loads.

CaseCruzer knows creative business people want fast access to their data once they reach their trade show or board room. So the Mac Pro rack case has been designed to be fully operational as soon as the front and rear lids are removed. And for those who travel with more than one Mac Pro Tower, secure stacking of the carrying case is a cinch thanks to the added protection in the lids and sides that rotationally-molded engineering provides. Also, the doors can be opened and closed even when the cases are stacked.

Inside dimensions of the innovative CaseCruzer traveling case are 19" rackable x 20" deep x 7" high. And rail to rail, rack depth is 20". When empty, the protective computer case weighs 49 lb.

Other standard advantages of the water-resistant Mac Pro Shock Case include: a sliding retractable handle, ambient pressure relief valve, oversized snap-down handles on each side, roller blade wheels for swift and safe mobility, and gasket-protected front and rear doors. The Mac Pro Shock computer case is virtually indestructible as it absorbs the shocks, impacts and vibrations that cannot be avoided when in the air on a train or merely driving this nation's highways and byways.

Graphic artists, gamers and media professionals of all kinds know the value of their Apple Mac Pro Tower workstations. They also realize costly breakdowns and setbacks are simply not an option. If the show must go on, go anywhere and everywhere with the CaseCruzer Mac Pro Shock Case.

The CaseCruzer network of companies provides the community with the most comprehensive packaging solutions available on reusable carrying cases for applications such as Communications, Photography, Computers, Electronics, Weapons, Medical, Transportation and other industrial shipping and carrying case uses.

Call 800-440-9925 in the US or 909-613-1999 internationally; fax 909-465-5598; or write to CaseCruzer at 4665 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763


MouseWizardMouseWizard: Get More from Your Magic Mouse or Trackpad

PR: Do you want more from your Magic Mouse? MouseWizard is a simple utility to enhance the use of your Magic Mouse. You can easily customize your Magic Mouse to increase your productivity.

By using MouseWizard, you can give your Magic Mouse three extra buttons, 'pinch', 'bloat' and 'tap to click' trackpad gestures, and special features such as 'coverup' to make your Mac go to sleep.

MagicWizard is the ultimate companion for the Magic Mouse.

New in version 5.5:

  • Fixed battery indicator for leopard
  • Login bug fixed
  • Memory issue fixed
  • Memory optimised for less workload.
  • Expose fixes for Leopard
  • Plugin fixes
  • New help document
  • MousePreview speed updated
  • Battery indicator works after sleep
  • MouseWizardBattery indicator has faster updates.
  • Gesture fixes
  • System detection added
  • New dmg
  • Changes in interface
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut custom action
  • New mouse information screen
  • Added sleep options
  • Many more bug fixes
  • Many more enhancements
  • Gesture fixes
  • System detection

System Requirements: Magic Mouse

Platform Support: PPC/Intel

$2.50 shareware

TypeIt4Me 4.2.1 Released

PR: Riccardo Ettore has released the latest update to his text macro utility TypeIt4Me, version 4.2.1.

Available since 1989, TypeIt4Me is the original text expander for Mac OS. Any time you enter text in your Mac by typing it at the keyboard, TypeIt4Me can help you do it faster and more accurately.

Define a number of abbreviations and the full text (or picture) clippings that they represent, then watch the Mac expand them on the fly even as you continue typing.

Type a short abbreviation and have it expand to a word, a phrase, even several pages worth of text in the blink of an eye.

Expand your custom-defined shorthand: some words and phrases are both common and awkwardly long. Find yourself using the word "qualifications" a lot? With TypeIt4Me you could just type "quls". Similarly, "ue" could become "user experience", "infsy" could expand to "information systems", and so on.

Breeze through your email correspondence.

You'll find TypeIt4Me is a real boon if you write lots of emails. Once you get it up and running, you need never type your full name, address or email signature again. Common greetings, pleasantries and signoffs, too: "ds" could be "Dear Susan", while you could define "tyvmfye" to become "thank you very much for your email" and so on. "rrgbmch" could become "I've read your report and it's great, but I'd like you to make a couple of changes". You get the idea.

TypeIt4Me is not just great for short snippets, though - it will help you type those long messages with multiple paragraphs faster, too. It's particularly useful if you find yourself wearily writing very similar messages time and again to multiple individual recipients. With TypeIt4Me, you can write it just once then add it to your list of abbreviations so that it's available on tap as an expansion. No more repetitive brain strain injury for you!

Once you get used to this way of doing things, you'll honestly wonder how you ever coped without TypeIt4Me. It's the business.

TypeIt4Me puts all your boilerplate texts right at your fingertips

Perhaps you work at a law firm and you constantly find yourself hunting around for that generic Terms of Service clause you're always copying and pasting into contracts. With TypeIt4Me it could always be just a couple of keystrokes away. Or maybe you work in desktop publishing and are always fumbling around for the Latin text you use to populate sample layouts: simply typing 'loremtxt' could instamagically paste whole paragraphs of filler content into your InDesign or Quark document.

You don't have to remember all your abbreviations, though. You don't even have to type them at all if you don't want to. TypeIt4Me stays in your menu bar and allows you to see all your abbreviations in a handy dropdown list. Click on one and the full text or picture will instantly be inserted in your current active document or window.

TypeIt4Me can manage your passwords

If you're anything like we used to be, then you're probably up to your eyeballs in email accounts, blogging accounts, social networking accounts and myriad other web services that require passwords to log in and get to the good stuff. Most of these services insist that you should use hard to guess combinations of letters and numbers . . . but the trouble is you also find it hard to remember them. That's where TypeIt4Me steps in to save the day: you could store your Google services password as "gpw", your twitter password as "tpw" and so on. Piece of cake. You don't need to remember them any more.

Correct misspellings - with zero effort

You know those annoying typos that are always catching you out? Tell TypeIt4Me about them and they'll be a thing of the past. Because "tihs" can become "this", "taht" can become "that" and "optalmoscope" can become "ophthalmoscope". You'll be able to type a lot faster, without stumbling over the common misspellings that used to slow you down. Add all of your most common misspellings to your TypeIt4Me abbreviations list, then type as recklessly fast as you like, leaving TypeIt4Me to instantly fix those mangled mistakes as you go along

More feature info:

New in version 4.2.1:


  • Restores clipboard after expansion
  • No longer accepts older registration codes only to reject them later
  • Triggering expansion with TAB no longer leaves first letter of abb behind
  • Restores contents of clipboard no matter what other modifiers are pressed on cmd-v

New features:

  • Handles older as well as latest SpellCatcher XML export
  • Handles CR (return) in a similar way to TAB when expanding in spreadsheets

System Requirements

This product is designed to run on PPC and Intel Macs with the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.6
  • Mac OS X 10.5
  • Mac OS X 10.4


  • Single user license: $27
  • Student price: $14
  • Upgrade: $9

MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.8

PR: MacSpeech, Inc. has announced the release of MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.8, an update to the premier speech recognition solution on the Macintosh.

MacSpeech DictateThe MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.8 update addresses an issue with audio input that only impacts the new iMacs with Core i5 and i7 quad-core processors. Customers of the MacSpeech Dictate family of products, including MacSpeech Dictate Medical, MacSpeech Dictate Legal and MacSpeech Dictate International, can update to the corresponding version 1.5.8, also by using their "Check for Updates" feature. Detailed information on the change can be found online.

MacSpeech Dictate is the only desktop speech recognition solution for the Macintosh. MacSpeech Dictate provides unprecedented speech recognition accuracy with minimal training and works with existing Mac applications. MacSpeech Dictate delivers a true Mac user experience, and conforms to behaviors already familiar to Macintosh users worldwide. Beyond dictation, MacSpeech Dictate lets people perform basic navigation of their Mac and control it with their voice to launch applications, open new windows, execute menu commands, etc.

Compatibility and Availability:

MacSpeech Dictate requires Intel-based Macintosh hardware and requires Mac OS X 10.5.6 Leopard or higher, including Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. New MacSpeech Dictate solutions, with a choice of headsets, are available today starting at $199. Registered MacSpeech Dictate customers can purchase MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 at a special upgrade price of $54.95.

MacSpeech Dictate is currently available in English in the US, the UK, at Canada, Australia, and in other countries through International resellers and distributors.

A Little Holiday Cheer from MacSpeech

MacSpeech offers holiday discounts on upgrade to Snow Leopard compatible Dictate 1.5.8 and Plantronics Calisto Headset with Bluetooth USB Adapter

MacSpeech Dictate 1.3 users who've upgraded to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or plan to do so soon will want to be sure to upgrade MacSpeech Dictate to brand new version 1.5.8.

MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.8 is 100% compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and supports all MacSpeech Dictate products, including MacSpeech Dictate Legal, MacSpeech Dictate Medical, and MacSpeech Dictate International.

If you have MacSpeech Dictate 1.3 or earlier, you can order an upgrade to the latest version through the MacSpeech web site from now through December 31, 2009 for the special price of $49.95. Use coupon code UPGRADEDISCOUNT during checkout*. Treat yourself or a special MacSpeech Dictate user on your gift list.

MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.8 also adds a nifty feature with support for the Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth Headset.

Let Freedom Ring

Plantronics headsetThe MacSpeech Dictate family of speech recognition products provides unparalleled freedom - freedom from your mouse, freedom from your keyboard. And now MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.8 provides unmatched freedom of movement when used with the Plantronics Calisto Headset with Bluetooth USB Adapter bundle.

Certified by MacSpeech for exclusive use with MacSpeech Dictate speech recognition products, the Calisto headset provides state-of-the-art features you're sure to love, including:

  • Industry-leading sound clarity and noise canceling technology
  • Range of up to 10 meters (up to 33 feet) from headset to adapter
  • Up to 8 hours of talk time, and up to 240 hours of standby time
  • Extremely comfortable ear interface and single button control for volume
  • Easily adjustable for left and right ear

You can purchase any MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.8 speech recognition product bundled with the Calisto headset, or you can get the Calisto headset on its own (see system requirements: below).*

For complete details or to make your purchase, visit And at checkout enter coupon code CALISTO by December 20th, 2009 - that code will score you a $50 discount on your Calisto headset purchase.**

* Discounts and special offers only available in the USA. Discounts and special offers only available on purchases through

** The Calisto headset requires version 1.5.8 or greater of any MacSpeech Dictate speech recognition product and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

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