Can Apple Ever Win?

When you buy the latest and greatest, you expect it to last. Here at Low End Mac, we know that even the best of the best eventually becomes low-end. It appears, however, that some folks out there didn’t get that memo.

I Hate iPhoto/Photos – and iMovie Too

On January 9, 2001, Steve Jobs famously introduced the idea that Apple’s Macintosh personal computers were ideal in the role of ‘digital hub’ – users would use their Mac to access, organize, and edit content created or stored on tools like digital cameras, personal music players, and camcorders.

Tandy’s PC Compatible Computers

In November 1983, Tandy entered the world of PC compatibles with one of the most powerful MS-DOS computers to date, the 8 MHz 80186-based Tandy 2000. This was long before IBM released the 6 MHz IBM Personal Computer/AT in August 1994.