A Look into Genesis MP:
Four Powerful Features

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Inside Genesis Image

Upgradable Multiprocessor Card
Four blazing fast PowerPC 604 processors on a removable daughtercard, so you can easily upgrade to more performance as new technology is introduced. It's just two steps!

Superfast PCI Add-In Slots
Genesis MP is designed to take advantage of technology that will be available now through the next century. That why we utilized PCI, the fastest expansion bus technology available. PCI cards are also less expensive than the NuBus alternatives too!

Easily Accessible Memory
Genesis MP's unique tower design allows easy and quick access to the entire motherboard. It's a simple two-step process to add memory!

Seven User-Friendly Hard Drive Slots
Not only does Genesis MP use extremely Fast SCSI-2 internal hard drives, but we've designed them to be easily removable too. Now you have the power and flexibility to configure a 32 MB/sec - or faster - disk array right in the box.

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