No FileMaker 5 Here

1999: After looking over the requirements for deploying FileMaker 5, my employer has decided to cancel the upgrade order. We have a network of about 80 Macs, most running System 7.5.5 and many running 68040 processors (including IIcis with Sonnet upgrades), and everyone uses FileMaker with shared databases on our file server. The cost of […]

My Three iMacs

1999: Three iMacs? Well, Apple’s done it before. Despite the amazing success of the iMac, there always seem to be two previous versions available on the close-out and refurbished market. But three different iMac models in production at the same time? What is Apple thinking?

How the G4 Compares to the G3

1999 – I disagree about the G4 being a “marginally better” CPU than the G3. Given the 603 vs. the 604, where the 603 cannot handle multitasking properly and has a bus utilization rate that is so high that it cannot be configured for multiprocessing, nor can it handle intensive floating point calculations. The 604 […]

USB Cards for PowerBooks with CardBus

1999: Getting kinda antsy waiting for USB connectivity for your WallStreet PowerBook? I know I am. There were supposed to be USB CardBus adapters for Macs shipping months ago. Originally the delay was reported to be the release date of Mac OS 8.6, but that came and went, and we’re almost ready for OS 9’s […]

The Beginning of the End

1999: I am a PC user. I’ve been one professionally for about six years. Working on PCs has truly been bliss, I so enjoyed maintaining them, tweaking them, and making them run efficiently. Throughout the years, I have moved up through the ranks very quickly. I started out as a technician and am now working […]

My Menagerie of Macs

1999 – After a summer of swimming and camping, summer jobs, and/or just generally lounging about, kids across America have been back in our nation’s classrooms for several weeks. My school started back on August 16!

Automatic Frustration Machines, Part 2

1998: Last week, I wrote about ATMs from a human interface perspective. I suggested graphics and color and a modicum of intelligent programming could go a long way in making ATMs more friendly and less frustrating.

Short Takes 9/23/99

Short Takes, Sept. 23, 1999 Cinema Display DFP – DFI Confusion Correction Why Doesn’t iBook Have A Sound-In Port? CD-R/RW Expansion Bay Drive For Wall Street PowerBooks Lombard SCSI Disk Mode Problems Discussed How To Beat The High Price Of Wall Street Internal Modems Trackpad Clicking Not Default-Enabled On iBook Moore’s Mailbag

PowerBook Upgrades, Bootleg and Otherwise

1999: Last month, the PowerBook Guy was offering 292 MHz/1 MB cache daughter cards to upgrade Series I WallStreet 233 (no cache) PowerBooks. The bad news is that (a) the 292 MHz card wouldn’t work in my WallStreet Series II 233 MHz (512 KB cache), and (b) they sold out in a couple of days.

PowerBook 150, a Compromised Mac

For the most part, the PowerBook 150 was a very nice computer. It was the fourth and final model in Apple’s economy series that started with the PowerBook 140 in October 1991. The 140 ran a then-decent 16 MHz 68030, shipped with 2 MB of memory (expandable to 8), and had a 20 or 40 MB […]

My Almost iMac

1999: I’ve been running The iMac Channel since May 1998. I still don’t own an iMac, but my home computer is getting closer to the iMac’s specs all the time. (For the record, we now have two iMacs at work. Our web server is a Rev. B iMac; the other is a 333 MHz iMac […]

Short Takes 9/16/99

Short Takes, September 16, 1999 Jeremy’s CSM Bundle 2.0.1 Available No PRAM Backup Battery in iBook Apple Extends Repair Support for WallStreet 13.3″ Screens Beyond Warranty Period Another PowerBook USB PC Card Adapter Apple’s 22″ LCD Cinema Display Support not Limited to Sawtooth G4s 400 MHz Upgrade for PowerBook 2400? MacCave Journal On Line MR […]

PowerBooks For All

“The book is here to stay. What we’re doing is symbolic of the peaceful coexistence of the book and the computer.” Vartan Gregorian, on computerization of the New York Public Library card catalog

Short Takes 9/13/99

Short Takes, September 13, 1999 USB CardBus Adapter for PowerBooks Gerry’s ICQ d32 Released Possible Data Corruption When Reading Audio CDs with PowerBook G3 Series Lombard “Help” Files Missing after OS 8.6 Clean Install Moore’s Mailbag

iCab Preview 1.7: The Best iCab Yet

1999: Now that I’ve been using the latest v1.7 preview build of the German iCab browser for several days, I’m happy to report that it is definitely more stable on my computer than its predecessor, v1.6a, was – and I can’t overemphasize how much more convenient I’m finding the new Save As Text function, which […]

Blocked G4 Upgrade Uproar Continues

1999: Apple has responded to the uproar over the inability of Blue & White Power Mac G3s with certain ROM upgrades to accept G4 processors. The following is from Apple’s Tech Exchange. (Because Apple considers this an off-topic discussion, this page was removed from their site.)

A Subscriber’s Guide to Macjordomo

I maintained several email lists using Macjordomo, a freeware email list server from Leuca Software. The purpose of this page is to explain how Macjordomo works and how you can add, delete, or change your subscription – although the examples provided in this article are no longer in use. (Take that, spammers!)

Gilding the iMac Lily

1999: I’ll admit it: I read PC Magazine. No, I’m not planning on selling out to the dark side. I have DOS roots, but I don’t even want to know how to use Windows. I read PC Magazine to learn about the hot new technologies and get the perspective from the other side of the […]