Where’s the 500 MHz Power Mac G4?

2000: Remember how Steve Jobs announced the Power Mac G4 on August 31, 1999? There would be a less-expensive 400 MHz model plus two faster machines with AGP video and more. The “Sawtooth” models would run at 450 and 500 MHz.

Mac 2000 Revisited in January 2000

This is a revision of a 3-part article first published in November 1998. A few things have changed since then, so we’re revisiting Macintosh 2000 in light of FireWire, the G4, AirPort, and other changes over the past 14 months.

Raising the Dead, Part 1

2000 – Well, it finally happened. After years of dispensing advice on how to revive dead Macs, I finally had one go dead on me while doing email. The Mac in question is an old one – a Mac II that dates back to May 1988 (based on the date on the PRAM batteries). In […]

The Compubrick 160

Tom Owad likes repackaging Macs with toy bricks.* The Compubrick 160 takes a PowerBook 160 and converts it into a very compact desktop computer. In fact, Tom says the design was inspired by Apple’s Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM).

SAM, the Sixteenth Anniversary Macintosh

2000 – “I am Sam.” If our sources are to be believed, Apple computer has licensed this phrase and the likeness of Sam from the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, for the forthcoming Sixteenth Anniversary Macintosh (SAM).

Mac Shopping at CompUSA

2000: My week started out with me deciding to upgrade to Mac OS 8.5. I hadn’t heard of too many problems with 8.5 running on a SuperMac S900. The only question that remained was where to find it because it is out of print.

The Main Difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Certainly Bill Gates doesn’t like to be characterized as a megalomaniac, and Steve Jobs doesn’t like to be described as a sociopath, but that’s what they are. Trust me.  – Robert X. Cringely, Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition, and Still Can’t Get a Date I am young […]

Installing Mac OS 8.1

2000 – These instructions were written specifically for installing Mac OS 8.1 on a large group of Power Mac 6100s. However, they can easily be adapted to almost any situation where you may be updating the Classic Mac OS. This was written when the I was the IT Manager at Baker Publishing.

Beyond the Box?

2000: Apple’s new breed of yet-to-be-announced “beyond-the-box” computers – which don’t fall into the four main categories of professional and consumer desktop systems and portables – will bring big changes to Apple’s marketing strategy.

The Bronze SE/30

From January 1984 through April 1987, all Macs were beige. Then Apple introduced “platinum,” a more business-like gray. That wasn’t enough, as we all discovered with the iMac in May 1998.

The S900 Chronicles

2000: This has turned into something of an interactive article. Everything in black was written by Eric. The blue text contains my comments as an S900 owner. Dan Knight, publisher Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was my SuperMac S900.

Low End Mac in 1999

Launched in April 1997 as part of my personal website, The New Low End Mac User has evolved and grown. At this point, we’ve served up somewhere around 6.5 million web pages. Wow! This article looks at some important site developments in 1999.

PowerBook Hard Drive Replacement Options

2000: As it approaches its first birthday, I am sorry to report that my PowerBook G3 Series 233’s 2 GB hard drive is beginning to get noisier, not as bad yet as my son’s identical machine became before it was stolen three days before Christmas, but it’s not the whisperingly quiet ‘Book it originally was […]

Adoption Notice for an SE/30

2000 – No, Annie and I have definitely not adopted a child. We haven’t given one of our many up for adoption either, although, on any given day, we might rent any one of them out cheap. :-) This is the short tale of an abandoned Macintosh SE/30 that I found sitting on the floor […]