A Revolutionary Database

Last week I wrote about revolutions and participation. Revolutions in technology are rarely what we think they are. When something is termed revolutionary, it is usually a marketing ploy. For something to truly be revolutionary, I think that it requires participation from the users. Revolutions can’t be done for you by someone else.

Sticker Voids Apple Warranty

2001 – Inside sources tell us a customer was denied warranty service because a Chiquita Banana sticker voided the warranty on his Titanium G4. The names and locations have been changed to protect the parties involved.

Universal All Purpose Mac Rumor Generator

Now you too can generate Mac rumors just like the professionals do! All you have to do is select one of the options in each of the pop up menus below; when you’re done, just print the rumor out or copy it and email it to your favorite news site! If you go to all […]

LapBottom ‘Book Cooler, CMS PC Card Hard Drive, PowerBook Hoods, and More

2001-07-27: LapBottom keeps ‘Books cooler. PC Card drive from CMS. PowerBook hoods. More ‘Book news. Willow i/Ti Slipcases Ease Slip-Sliding Away The LapBottom CMS Launches Mac Support with Pocket and PC-Card Hard Drives New PowerBook G4 Sleeve from J.R. Hill and Company Hoodman PowerBook Hoods Reconditioned PowerBooks Apple Is Honoring Both PowerBook Sales Promotions Bargain […]

A Guide to Rare and Collectible Macs

This is my guide to Macs that you probably don’t see every day and that might be worth more than the average Mac a few decades from now. Many of them are very solid systems and are rare for reasons other than their design, while several others are Road Apples.

I’m Not Paying $20 for My OS X Upgrade

THIS is for all the times you followed me round in stores…. And THIS is for the times you treated me like a nigger…. And THIS is for G. P. – General Principle….. – Nate McCall, Makes Me Wanna Holler It makes me wanna holler And throw up both my hands…. – “Inner City Blues,” […]

Revolutions and Participation

July 2001 – Last week’s Macworld Expo was a disappointment for many people attending the show. People wanted to be amazed or surprised – flat screen iMacs were hoped for by many. The surprise was that the products were evolutionary.

600 MHz iMac G3

There were two different 600 MHz iMacs, one introduced in February 2001, the other in July. The early 2001 600 MHz iMac retailed for US$1,499 and includes 128 MB of RAM (expandable to 1 GB), a 40 GB hard drive, and an 8x CD-RW drive. It uses Rage 128 Ultra graphics with 16 MB of […]

500 MHz iMac G3

The iMac first achieved 500 MHz in mid 2000, and the last 500 MHz iMac was introduced in mid 2001. The summer 2000 500 MHz iMac (also known as the 500 MHz iMac DV Special Edition) includes a 4x DVD-ROM drive, a 30 GB hard drive, 128 MB of RAM (expandable to 1 GB), and Rage Pro […]

MacWorld Expo, New iBook and TiBook Bags, PowerBook Upgrade Center, and More

2001-07-20: Macworld Expo report. New iBook and TiBook bags. PowerBook upgrade center. More ‘Book news. Macworld Expo Spire Introduces the Icon Backpack for TiBook and iBook Dr. Bott LLC Has iceBook Bags for iBook Tom Bihn BrainBag MadsonLine G4 Saver SmartDisk Introduces 8x FireWire Portable CD-R/W and FireWire Portable Thin Drive Designed to Match PowerBook […]

What Price Rankings?

July 2001 – This week, Apple will undoubtedly make several announcements at the Macworld Expo in New York. Among these will be some product revision announcements, Mac vs. PC benchmarking demonstrations, and sales figures showing how Apple has regained the lead position in educational sales. What won’t be announced are some of the unfortunate tactics […]

iMac G3 (Summer 2001)

The last revision of G3 iMacs was released in July 2001 in speeds of 500, 600, and 700 MHz – the fastest G3 iMac Apple ever shipped. All of the models introduced in July 2001 include an 8x CD-RW drive, the same Rage 128 Ultra graphics (with 16 MB of RAM) used in the previous generation, […]

700 MHz iMac (Summer 2001)

The July 2001 iMac came in speeds of 500, 600, and 700 MHz, although the 700 wasn’t available until August. All models included CD-RW drives and at least 128 MB of RAM. Except for the $799 indio-only model, each version was available in snow (white). The 500 MHz models were available in indigo, and the […]

600 MHz iMac (Summer 2001)

The July 2001 iMac came in speeds of 500, 600, and 700 MHz, although the 700 wasn’t available until August. All models included CD-RW drives and at least 128 MB of RAM. Except for the $799 model, only available in indigo, each version was available in snow (white). The 500 MHz models were available in […]

500 MHz iMac (Summer 2001)

The Summer 2001 iMac came in speeds of 500, 600, and 700 MHz, although the 700 wasn’t available until August. All models included CD-RW drives and at least 128 MB of RAM. The $799 CD-ROM model was only available in indigo. The CD-RW model was available in indigo and snow white.

Ergonomics Tips to Avoid Pain and Stress

When you use a computer frequently, whether it is for leisure or work, you risk repetitive stress injuries. Most stress injuries can be avoided easily if you are careful enough to position your body correctly and remember to spare your wrists from unnecessary strain.

Quicksilver Power Mac G4

Code named Quicksilver, this was the fiftth computer to share the name Power Mac G4, but the first to be housed in an obviously different case. With processor speeds ranging from 733 to 867 MHz, the G4 had the power to outperform any Pentium 4 machine made at the time. The top of the line was […]

The Fastest Mac

July 2001 – A recent news article said that IBM had made a breakthrough in semiconductors. Typically computers have been getting faster because the transistors in the CPUs have been getting smaller. Which each decrease in size, the chips get faster or use less energy.

Brenthaven Cases at Apple Store, Micro USB Flash Drive, OS 8 for $22, and More.

2001-07-13: Apple Store selling Brenthaven cases. Tiny KangururMicro USB flash drive. Get OS 8 for $22. More ‘Book news. Brenthaven ‘Book Cases at Apple Store MacCase and MacPacks on Special at Jam Online Store Interactive Media Corporation USB Flash KanguruMicro Drive My Replacement WallStreet Power Adapter Is on Its Way A Really Expensive PowerBook Hinge […]

75 Mac Advantages Revisited

Once upon a time Apple Computer issued a document called 50 Macintosh Advantages, which became 75 Macintosh Advantages in 1997, a document that purported to list 75 different advantages the Mac OS had over its chief competitor, Microsoft Windows 95.

PowerSpeak: Forgotten Fundamentals of Presentation Speaking

2001 – If you had to do a presentation to the city council regarding radioactive emissions from your local nuclear plant, first you’d do a bunch of research and then sit down to create your presentation. Although your material may be important and your research thorough, you may not be able to get your point […]

Windows PPC Coming

REDMOND, WA. Remember back in the early 1990s when Apple and IBM had big plans to offer several different operating systems for PowerPC? The goal was to offer the next generation of Mac OS, OS/2, AI/X, and Windows on the new hardware platform.

DSL Diary

Monday, July 9, 2001: I finally got DSL up and running over the weekend. It’s been a long story that started last summer when EarthLink announced DSL service for Grand Rapids (MI). I put my name on the waiting list – and waited and waited and waited.

The Curse of Being Apple

2001: Another Macworld Expo has come and gone, and Apple has decided not to wow the crowd with some gee-whiz innovation. However, solid performance upgrades were the norm and, I suspect, welcome for a lot of people.

Setting Up a Personal Firewall

2001 – You are not very likely to face direct attacks from hackers because you use a computer, because those people mostly target businesses and large networks. On the other hand, the security of your files is never 100% guaranteed, even though you use a computer that less people know to hack than, say, Windows.

Silent Computing

I detest the background noise of computers; I’m not alone. On several other websites (especially Slashdot), the topic of quiet computers comes up on a regular basis.