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6 Worst Apple Products Ever, Mac Growth Slowing?, Chip Choice Delays Next iMac, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2009.01.30

PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, and other portable computing is covered in The 'Book Review. iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV news is covered in The iNews Review.

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News & Opinion

Apple's Real Growth Rate in 2008: 49%

Seeking Alpha's Jason Schwarz says:

"Drumroll please... After recalculating the last two years of Apple's earnings to reflect the true revenue and earnings from iPhone sales, I have found Apple's real growth rate to be absolutely stunning. For full year 2008, Apple's revenues totaled $39,038 billion compared with $28,339 billion during full year 2007. This represents 38% revenue growth year over year. Profit growth rates are even better...."

Evidence of Slowing Mac Growth

Switch to a Mac says:

"Although Apple set a new Mac shipment record in the fiscal fourth quarter of 2008 (Q4 2008), Mac shipment growth on a year-over-year basis has shown shows signs of slowing growth (deceleration) for two consecutive quarters. This trend continued into the first fiscal quarter of 2009 (Q1 2009) as evidenced by the January 21, 2009 earnings release. Mac growth deceleration last occurred more than two years ago...."

Apple sales, 2006-2008

Editor's note: I fail to see how going from 33% year-over-year growth to almost 38% is a sign of decelerating growth. Yes, Apple took it on the chin in desktop sales due to stagnant product, but notebook sales continue their quarter after quarter and year after year growth. dk

Mac's Short-term Future Bright

Mercury News's Troy Wolverton says:

"Apple's Macintosh has been a trendsetting computer since its launch 25 years ago. But what about the next 25?

"In the near term, things look good for the Mac and its ability to influence the industry, experts say. Apple is selling more computers than ever these days and continues to introduce innovations large and small to the Mac line.

"But longer term, the Mac's influence could wane. The PC industry has adopted a common interface - the windows-style one that Apple popularized - and a small range of hardware designs and underlying architecture, making it harder for any computer to stand out...."

How Old Is Your Oldest Working Mac?

TUAW's Victor Agreda, Jr. says:

"A few months ago I brought my family's old Macintosh SE/30 to my home office. While it booted fine a few years ago, it looks like mine has developed SimasiMac, which means a trip inside the machine to replace a few capacitors (I hope). Along with the SE/30 I brought a PowerBook 540c, one of the more capable (and last) of the smaller, 68LC040-based laptops from Apple....

"You can see some really old Macs pulling serious duty over on Cult of Mac as well. But I want to know what you readers are running in the way of older Macs. What's the oldest Mac currently still living in your house, and what do you use it for? Oh, and if anyone has a copy of NetTrek they'd like to share..."

Editor's note: I have a working Macintosh 512K with an internal GCC HyperDrive - remember those? - although I don't do any actual work on it. I have a 400 MHz iMac (2000) that I use once in a while, but my workhorse is a dual 1 GHz Mirrored Drive Doors Power Mac G4 from 2002. By today's standards, it's low-end, but it does almost everything I need to do very nicely, thank you very much. (The current version of Yahoo Mail is the only sore spot.) How old is the oldest Mac you use regularly? dk

Mac Made Me What I Am, Says PCMag Editor

PCMag's Lance Ulanoff says:

"I grew up on the Mac and owe this groundbreaking platform a debt of gratitude....

"I'm EIC of PCMag now and I've spent a fair amount of time explaining to people that, despite our brand name, we do cover the Mac and its attendant peripherals and software, as well as other important Apple products (i.e. iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, etc,) all the time. That said, I have to admit that before I came to PCMag in 1991, I, too, thought of the publication as an IBM clone house.

"You see, up until '91, I was something of a Mac expert...."

"Sometimes I wistfully recall those early days with the original, boxy Mac, a 300 baud modem, and my first times with CricketDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and Aldus Freehand. Those were happy, innocent times and without them and the Mac, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be where I am today."

Mac Malware Tide on the Rise

The Register's Dan Goodin reports:

"Less than a week after researchers spotted new malware targeting naive Mac users, two additional titles have been spotted.

"Security mavens at Mac anti-virus provider Intego say Trojan-horse software dubbed OSX.Trojan.iServices.B hitches a ride on pirated copies of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac that are being distributed in warez channels. A program used to generate a valid serial number to unlock the Adobe app installs a backdoor on machines that makes them part of a botnet.

"The discovery comes four days after Intego warned of a trojan that piggybacked off illicit copies of Apple's iWork 09 productivity suite...."

Editor's note: To date there hasn't been a single self-replicating Mac OS X virus. All of the malware relies on social engineering - getting users to agree to install the program. The latest twist is including malware with pirated software, where users are less likely to think twice about allowing their installation. Beware warez! (If you think you may have been infected with OSX.Trojan.iServices.B, see Free iWorkServices Trojan Horse Removal Tool.) dk

The Six Worst Apple Products of All Time

Macworld's Adam C. Engst picks the six worst Apple products of all time:

  1. Macintosh IIvi and IIvx
  2. Macintosh TV
  3. Pippin
  4. Power Macintosh 4400
  5. Twentieth Anniversary Mac
  6. Apple USB Mouse

Editor's note: We emphatically disagree with any list that doesn't include the Apple III and Performa x200 series. dk

Mac Performance (January 2009)

Primate Labs Blog has posted their latest omnibus comparison of Geekbench performance stats generated from the user-submitted results in the Geekbench Result Browser. As there's no way to view all the results in any category on the Primate Labs website, we've adapted and reduced their results so you can quickly compare consumer desktops, pro desktops, pro laptops, and consumer laptops. Visit the Primate Labs website for more legible data.

Consumer Desktop Performance

This update includes the latest Apple hardware (in this case the MacBook, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro Apple released in November). Unlike other updates, this update doesn't just present all of the Macs together in one large chart; it also splits the Macs into four different categories making the results easier to view and understand:

  • Pro Laptops (MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and PowerBooks)
  • Pro Desktops (Mac Pros and PowerMacs)
  • Consumer Laptops (iBooks and MacBooks)
  • Consumer Desktops (eMacs, iMacs, and Mac minis)

If you're unfamiliar with Geekbench and how it measures performance, a score of 1000 is the score a Power Mac G5 @ 1.6 GHz would receive. Higher scores are better.

Pro Desktop Performance

Pro Laptop Performance

Consumer Laptop PerformanceAlso, keep in mind that Geekbench 2 only measures processor and memory performance which is why, for example, MacBook and MacBook Pro scores are so similar, despite both having radically different graphics adapters....

New iMac 'Almost Ready,' May Stay Dual-core

Electronista reports:

"Apple is nearing the release of its redesigned iMac but may not stick with the quad-core processors rumored for the system, Kaufman Bros. senior analyst Shaw Wu says. Investigations within the supply chain suggest that Apple is 'almost ready' to launch updated iMacs but is still determining whether it will use the low-power Core 2 Quads introduced just last week or else will use faster Core 2 Duos with extra cache, though it's not known whether these last chips would be desktop or mobile parts...."

Chip Choice Delaying New iMac

Appleinsider's Zach Spear reports:

"Apple's next-generation iMacs are being held up for business reasons and a minor technical obstacle, according to one Wall Street analyst.

"'We wanted to give an update on the Mac business from what we are picking up from our latest supply chain checks,' Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a report to clients Monday. 'While new the iMac appears to be almost ready for primetime, what is holding it up appears to be business reasons and a potential small technical hurdle.'

"Specifically, Wu said his sources indicate that external casing changes will likely be modest and that 'Apple is in the midst of figuring out whether to power the new iMac with Intel quad-core processors or more high-powered dual-core processors with larger caches.'"

Why the iMac Is Late

Apple 2.0's Philip Elmer-DeWitt says:

"Where was the new iMac that Apple watchers expected Steve Jobs - or rather, Phil Schiller - to unveil at Macworld?

"In a report to clients issued Monday, Kaufman Bros.' analyst Shaw Wu says it will be out before March, or June at the latest, and he offers three reasons that the refresh of Apple's best-selling desktop machine is running behind schedule...."

Easy Ways to Fix Mac Start-up Problems

TechRadar says:

"Statistically speaking, starting up from cold is the time when your Mac is at the greatest risk of suffering a problem.

"In many cases, it will be software rather than hardware that causes any strange behaviour, which is the lesser evil since it's usually easier to fix.

"Failure to boot up reliably can be symptomatic of something more serious, but much more common problems are slow boot times and slow logins. Let's look at these in turn...."

Windows 7 Won't Temp Switchers Back to PCs

InfoWorld's Galen Gruman says:

"After I installed Windows Vista in November 2006, I was perplexed. Why was it suddenly so much harder for me to use my computer? I knew XP cold, and I could use it without thinking. But with Vista, I felt a little lost and began to notice the extra work required to perform tasks that had become second nature. By hiding various features in an attempt to simplify Vista's interface, Microsoft was in fact adding overhead to my Vista transition, forcing me to learn a new UI.

"...Not surprisingly, users have rejected Microsoft's latest offerings in amazing numbers.

"Me, I took the easy route: I switched to a Mac and have been happy ever since....

"But here comes Windows 7, seeking to breathe life back into Windows where Vista had stumbled.... I decided to test-drive the Windows 7 beta to see whether Microsoft had redressed its UI sins.

"The bottom line: Nothing in Windows 7 will tempt a Mac user back to the PC."

How to Changing Home Folder Name/Account Name in Leopard

MacFixIt says:

"When users create an account on their systems, the home folder is named with the 'short' username; changing it, or the login name is not straightforward. In previous versions of Mac OS X, the easiest way to change the short name was usually to create a new account and transfer files to it. For Leopard users, however, the procedure is relatively simple...."


Take Control of Fonts in Leopard - 2 New Ebooks from TidBITS

PR: New ebooks help Mac users install, organize, and use fonts in Leopard, plus provide problem-solving assistance.

Managing fonts in Mac OS X is all too often like herding cats, but users can now corral their fonts with a new ebook,Take Control of Fonts in Leopard (TidBITS, $15.), and its sidekick, Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard (TidBITS, $10).

Written by font expert Sharon Zardetto, who has been publishing top-tier content about the Mac since 1984, these up-to-date ebooks cover not only the versions of Leopard up through 10.5.5, but also special font situations in software such as Adobe CS3 and CS4, Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008, iLife, iWork, and Safari. The ebooks may be purchased for $15 and $10 respectively, or in a bundle for $20 at <>

Take Control of Fonts in Leopard covers topics such as:

Making the most of character-rich Unicode fonts. The ins and outs of different font installation methods. Using Font Book to manage, validate, and organize fonts. Where fonts reside and in what order they load, and what - if anything - you should do about it. Organizing fonts from Adobe CS3 and CS4 so they appear when and where you want them. The quirks of fonts installed by Microsoft Office 2004 and 2008, and which ones you should keep. Using Apple's Character Palette and Keyboard Viewer to insert and explore special characters.

Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard answers questions such as:

  • Where do fonts belong on my hard drive?
  • In what order do fonts load, and what if I have multiple copies?
  • How do I use Safe Mode to troubleshoot a font problem?
  • How do I use another user account to troubleshoot a font problem?
  • How do I move a font file that doesn't want to move?
  • Why does bold and italic text look double-printed in Word?
  • Why does a font's name have brackets around it in the InDesign font list?
  • Why can't I install a PostScript Type 1 font?
  • Why doesn't the Input menu show up in my menu bar?
  • People keep telling me to "just delete the caches." Where are they? Why does deleting them help?

Sharon Zardetto has been writing about the Macintosh professionally since 1984, including nearly a thousand articles in Macintosh magazines and over 20 books. She's best known for writing several editions of The Macintosh Bible, along with The Mac Almanac.

For more information about Take Control of Fonts in Leopard, including table of contents, index, author bios, and cover graphic, see <>

For more information about Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard, including table of contents, index, author bios, and cover graphic, see <>

Free 30-page sample available.


Keep Your Resolve with MacGourmet Deluxe

MacGourmet DeluxePR: You already know that MacGourmet Deluxe organizes your recipes like iTunes organizes your music, but do you know about the resources for nutrition available in MacGourmet Deluxe? MacGourmet Deluxe is proud to use the abbreviated USDA National Nutrient Database for recipe nutrition analysis. From Adobo to potato chips, you can find the nutritional value for more than 7,000 foods. And since MacGourmet Deluxe is linked to the USDA Nutrient Data Bank, when the USDA updates their data bank, you'll get the update too.

With the MacGourmet Deluxe nutritional resources, you can:

  • Use the HUD window to view nutritional information per serving
  • Easily view the Nutrition Calculation Details for each recipe
  • Scan the Nutritional Database in MacGourmet Deluxe to see the values from calories to saturated fatty acids
  • Can't find your food in the listing? Add your own from available packaging

We want to help you get back on the winning side. Until January 31, you can buy MacGourmet Deluxe for only $34.95. That's a savings of almost 30%!

Free iWorkServices Trojan Horse Removal Tool

PR: SecureMac announces it has released iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool, a free utility created to remove the iWorkServices Trojan from infected Macintosh computers running OS X.

This tool is in response to a new trojan horse in the wild that comes bundled with pirated copies of Apple's iWork 09. Intego recommends "users [do not] download iWork 09 installers from sites offering pirated software (As of 6 am EST, at least 20,000 people ha[d] downloaded this installer)."

When infected copies of the iWork 09 installer are run, they install a hidden trojan program called iWorkServices with full access rights to the target computer. Once the trojan is installed, it will attempt to connect to a remote server and provide the server with the infected computer's network location. It then listens for further instructions from the remote server, which may include instructions to download additional components.

Users who feel they might be infected can use SecureMac's free removal tool to remove the trojan horse. The removal tool can be downloaded by visiting; Intego's security alert is available at in the News section.

MacScan quickly detects, isolates and removes spyware from Macintosh computers using both real-time spyware definition updating and unique detection methods. The software also manages internet-related clutter on your computer. It is designed for Mac OS X version 10.2.4 and later.

Rainbow Painter 3.0b2 HDR Image Editor Released

Rainbow PainterPR: Rainbow Painter 3 is an advanced image editor aimed at both professionals and amateurs who want to retouch photos, paint, and draw. It's currently in open beta and will be free throughout the beta period. After that, it will be sold at a reasonable price as shareware.

The previous version, enjoyed its share of accolades, including being named as one of "Ten Tools You Shouldn't Be Without" in the book "Internet For iMacs For Dummies".


  • Everything in this program supports 32-bit float/channel in HDR, which lets you make adjustments back and forth without losing quality.
  • Support for layers. Lots of blend modes, tools, effects etc.
  • View and edit seamless tiles in true WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) style. All you have to do is switch on the repeat function (horizontally, vertically or both) and start working. All effects and tools support this mode and the brush strokes will continue over the edges.


  • Although Rainbow Painter has supported layers since 1999, we have continued to develop this useful feature into something considerably more advanced. Today, the graphics layers have different blend modes and other settings.

HDR & Floating Point Precision

  • Conventional programs use 8 bits per channel (red, green, blue, alpha), an integer value of 0-255, which is only 256 possible levels. Rainbow Painter uses 128 bits per pixel and each color component is a 32-bit floating point value with literally billions of possible levels! Even if you didn't grasp everything about the bits, components and floating points above, you only need to know one thing: Having billions of levels gives you much more precision than just having 256!
  • In addition to this higher precision, all of Rainbow Painter's tools, effects and operations support HDR (High Dynamic Range). This gives you even more precision, since they actually work beyond what is visible to the human eye. What's the point of this, you ask. Well, here's a concrete example: Suppose you use a tool or an effect to, for instance, drastically increase the brightness in an image. You continue working on your picture, only to later decide that you want to lower the brightness in some areas. In a conventional program, these areas will now look posterized and ugly. In Rainbow Painter, on the other hand, all that super precision has worked its magic and the picture is as crisp and vibrant as ever!
  • Also, photographers can import their HDR images and retouch them in Rainbow Painter without losing their high dynamic range.


  • Rainbow Painter offers lots of different tools, ranging from basic tools like pen and eraser to oil, water-color, airbrush and more.
  • When you draw or paint in this program you will always get the best result, thanks to extra precise anti-aliasing (where both the brush and the actual brush strokes are anti-aliased)


  • You have a wide selection of effects to choose from, whether you want to do something spectacular or just remove red eyes from a photo.

Revolutionary Pattern Editing

  • View and edit seamless textures and patterns in true WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) style. Just switch on the repeat function (horizontally, vertically or both) and start working!
  • It's like having your artwork on a wallpaper, in a repeating pattern. You can apply effects or paint/draw anywhere on this wallpaper and see the true results immediately

Windows & Dialogs

  • Virtually all windows and dialogs in Rainbow Painter can be transformed into re-usable permanent windows, by clicking in the lower left-hand corner of the window, marking it with a capital 'P'. A permanent window can be moved around and will, as the name implies, stay open until manually closed instead of automatically closing after one use.
  • Also in the lower-left hand corner, you will find a button with a '-' sign on it. Clicking on this button will make the window significantly smaller, but still fully functional! Clicking again on the button (which now has a '+' sign on it instead) returns the window to normal size.

New in Version 3.0 beta 2:

  • [New Effects] Channel Mixer and Mother Of Pearl Splash.
  • [New Tools] Dodge and Burn (in the Photo category).
  • [New Tool Setting] Draw Mode, where you can select Standard/Freehand ('S') or Line ('/').
  • [New Selection Features] Splash (in the Selection panel's Create list). Grow, Shrink, Blur, Contrast and Invert (in the Selection panel's Modify list).
  • [Improved Effects] All Splash effects now have an optional 3D look.
  • [Improved Coordinates] The Coordinates panel now shows the coordinates with subpixel accuracy and also displays additional data (width, height, length) when applicable.
  • [Improved Import] Added new file formats (including PNG and Tiff), and improved the support for Jpeg.
  • [Bugfix] The two Unsharp Mask effects could cause a crash.
  • [Misc.] Some other minor features, improvements and bugfixes. We also fixed a problem that prevented the (Mac) .dmg file from being downloaded/opened correctly in some cases.
  • Get the open beta here

System requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

System Support: PPC/Intel


Folx Beta - Free Internet Download Manager

PR: Folx (currently in beta stage) is a free downloader for Mac OS X. It helps you download files of any size via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP. Folx supports auto-resuming and guarantees maximum speed possible thanks to our multi-thread download tasks. With Folx you will be able to download not only separate files, but the whole folders with all the contents via FTP.

Folx allows you to download everything you need, but at the same time it doesn't prevent you from surfing the Internet. With our download manager you can simply limit the download speed and save your bandwidth for more important tasks. Folx is simple and fast, has zero learning curve and is free, still offering quite a number of advanced features!

Full Features List

With Folx Downloader you can:

  • &#149; Schedule, resume, intensify your downloads: Folx increases your download speed by hundreds and hundreds of times! It transparently splits your downloads into multiple threads downloaded simultaneously, also giving you full control of them.
    Whenever your Mac loses Internet connection, Folx will automatically resume downloading asap, not losing a single byte of the download task. Folx also features a powerful scheduler which lets you automate your download activity and never miss the possibility to download more and faster!
  • &#149; Organize files the way you like: No more chaos in your Downloads folder! With Folx you can add tags to your downloads, which are sorted and categorized by these tags automatically. Try it! If you add three tags to a file, it will appear in all of the three folders named after those tags. Isn't that handy? Your downloads are stored in one searchable list, and can immediately be found via Spotlight!
  • &#149; Enjoy dozens of features absolutely FREE: Folx download manager integrates in all Mac OS browsers and captures all of the download links automatically. Folx makes it easy to manage all your downloading aspects! It provides you with full download speed control, lets you pause and restart your downloads at any time, and prioritize them to obtain what you are dying for first, and what you just want later.

Using Folx, you will actually see how your downloads are doing. A vivid progress bar will show you how fast your download is going and how long it will take to make your file ready. Try Folx - your new and free download manager for Mac.

PC Tools Launch iAntiVirus Version 1.0

PR: PC Tools recently announced iAntiVirus Version 1.0 and it is available as a free download at:

New in version 1.0:

  1. iAntiVirus Version 1.0 was designed to detect and remove Mac specific threats only
  2. Its detection technology has been designed exclusively for Macs without unnecessary information about Windows-based threats that would take up excess memory - so minimal footprint
  3. Like the Mac OS, iAV has been designed with the Mac user in mind and has a familiar, simple and functional interface making it easy for users to scan, remove and manage infections and threats.

The BETA version of iAntiVirus Version has already been downloaded 250,000 times and was the #1 Antivirus download for Mac OS on, and is also currently listed as a "top download" on the Apple website.

PC Tools light-weight anti-virus and anti-spyware tool is designed specifically for the Mac operating system. Providing real-time protection and comprehensive system scanning, iAntiVirus is designed to detect and remove Mac specific threats ensuring your Mac remains safe.

"While the Mac has a solid reputation for remaining relatively threat free, the Mac community has been very receptive to the BETA launch of iAntiVirus with over 250,000 downloads from the iAntiVirus website and was the #1 Antivirus download for Mac OS on, the world's largest download site. iAntiVirus was also recently listed as a 'top download' on the Apple website," said Simon Clausen, Vice President, PC Tools.

"We are confident that the Mac community has been responsive because uniquely, iAntiVirus is a dedicated Mac-only solution that does not contain unnecessary information about Windows based threats keeping the memory footprint and system impact to an absolute minimum," said Clausen.

"iAntiVirus is also designed with an interface that is familiar, simple and functional, making it easy for users to scan, remove and manage infections and threats," said Clausen.

iAntiVirus detects and removes viruses, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans and in particular socially engineered threats which, for example, can propagate without user awareness through instant messenger and P2P file sharing applications.

Key Features

  • Customized Mac protection: iAntiVirus detection technology has been designed exclusively for the Mac operating system - to detect and remove Mac specific and socially engineered threats. The iAntiVirus database does not contain unnecessary information about Windows-based threats and is a dedicated Mac only solution.
  • Minimal system impact: iAntiVirus is designed to work silently in the background when in monitoring mode - threats are automatically blocked and removed with minimal system impact. A small alert window is displayed to advise you that your Mac has been protected against an attack.
  • Simple, Functional and Familiar: Just like Mac OS, iAntiVirus has been designed with the user in mind. The interface is functional, familiar and user-friendly, making it simple to scan, remove and manage detected infections.
  • Real-time protection: Protects your Mac against infections in real time by automatically placing detected infections in quarantine, allowing you to also view and restore items, if required. When an infection is detected and blocked, an alert is displayed below the system menu bar
  • Custom Scan options: You may perform a variety of scan types using iAntiVirus, allowing you to strike a balance between how comprehensive the scan is and the time taken to execute the scan.

File Size: 4400KB

System requirements: Intel based Mac with OSX.5 (10.5) and 20MB of free hard disk space

Free, $29.95 full support & business use

Intego VirusBarrier X5

PR: You know very well that your Mac contains important information and files. If you use it for your work, you are aware how much time and money it would cost if you were to lose these files. Even if you just use your computer at home, you certainly have files you would hate to lose. On top of that, if a virus were to erase all of your files, even if you did not lose anything important, you would have to spend a great deal of time reinstalling your system and all of your programs.

The virus threat is real. More and more viruses are being discovered every day. While the Macintosh is relatively privileged, compared to Windows, there is still the danger of existing viruses or new viruses spreading to your Mac and damaging your files.

Intego VirusBarrier X5 is the simple, fast and non-intrusive antivirus solution for Macintosh computers. It offers thorough protection against viruses and malware of all types, coming from infected files or applications, whether on CD-ROMs, DVDs or other removable media, or in files downloaded over the Internet or other types of networks.

VirusBarrier X5 protects your Mac from viruses by constantly examining all the files that your computer reads and writes, as well as watching for suspicious activity that may be the sign of viruses acting on applications or other files. With VirusBarrier X5 on your computer, you can rest assured that your Macintosh has the best protection available against viruses of all kinds.

VirusBarrier X5 works in the background and checks everything that your Mac does, looking for viruses. It knows the unique signatures of all known Macintosh viruses, and whenever a new virus is discovered, Intego's Virus Monitoring Center goes into action to provide updated virus definitions, which you can download using Intego NetUpdate.

When you purchase VirusBarrier X5, you have access to virus definition updates for one year from the date of installation. After this time, additional subscriptions, allowing you to extend your access to virus definition updates, are available from Intego, and can be purchased by using NetUpdate.

VirusBarrier X5 was designed according to specific concepts. The main idea is that an antivirus program should not require the user to do anything once it is installed and configured, unless a virus is detected. The VirusBarrier X5 philosophy can be summed up in three words: simple, fast and non-intrusive.

Simple: VirusBarrier X5 is the easiest to use antivirus program for Macintosh. After you install it, it works in the background, keeping a close eye on your Mac, and verifies your files silently.

Fast: VirusBarrier X5 is fast and efficient. It does not slow down your Mac, and you can work normally while it's active. Each time a file is created, opened or saved, VirusBarrier X5 checks the file to make sure it is safe.

Non-intrusive: VirusBarrier X5 is non-intrusive. It will not constantly ask you about "suspicious" activity, each time you want to install a program, nor will it generate endless false alarms. Once you have installed it, you probably won't notice it's there, unless it detects a virus and alerts you. In addition, you do not need to deactivate VirusBarrier X5 when installing new software, regardless of what the program's installer or manual may say. VirusBarrier X5 can run all the time, in the background, protecting your Mac without you needing to worry about it.

New features of VirusBarrier X5

  • Real-time and on-demand virus scanning
  • New proactive and behavioral analyses
  • Quarantine Zone to isolate infected files
  • Trusted Zone to disable Real-Time scanning on selected files or folders
  • Improved logging for better scan analysis
  • Scans can be scheduled at multiple times
  • Scans can be launched automatically when volumes are mounted or when virus definitions are updated
  • Command-line control for remote scans
  • Archive scanning can be activated by archive type
  • Scanning for Windows viruses can be deactivated
  • Scans for malware on the iPhone and the iPod touch

Other features of VirusBarrier X5

  • Detects and eliminates all known viruses
  • Repairs infected files
  • Heuristic and behavioral analysis
  • Blocks virus execution
  • Scans e-mails on receipt and sending
  • Scans files for Windows viruses
  • File analysis by the Intego Virus Monitoring Center
  • Easy integration with other Intego programs
  • Manages compressed files
  • Contextual menu for quick scans
  • Full logs can be saved and exported
  • Intego widgets for program and update status
  • Turbo Mode technology for faster scans
  • Choice of alerts (voice, dialog or e-mail)
  • File analysis from the Dock
  • Runs in the background
  • User manual in the Help menu
  • Downloadable virus definitions and updates via NetUpdate

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Tiger and Leopard)
  • 40 MB free hard disk space

VirusBarrier X5

  • The acclaimed antivirus program for the Mac
  • For Mac OS X 10.4 and higher
  • VirusBarrier X5* - One-seat license $69.95
  • VirusBarrier X5* - 5-seat license $199.95
  • VirusBarrier X5* - 10-seat license $359.95

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