An iBook as Your First Mac

1999: One-third of iMac owners bought their iMac as their first computer. For those of us who have been computing nearly forever (I got started in 1979), it’s weird to think that some people don’t even have their first computer yet. But it’s true – a lot of people have yet to take the personal […]

iBook Makes Its Debut

July 1999: The suspense is over! In one of what has to be the longest-anticipated and one of the most eagerly awaited product introductions in its history, Apple computer unveiled its new compact iBook consumer notebook on Wednesday at Macworld Expo New York.

The iBook Market

1999: Admit it, Mac fans, you’d love one. Sure, it may not be the right Mac for you, but the iBook (like the iMac) calls out to be embraced. Buy me. Use me. Show the world your colors.

iBook: The Price Is Right

1999: I’ll admit it right up front: I was expecting the iBook to come in at about $1,400, not $1,600. But then, I was expecting a different computer. A lot of us were expecting something smaller and lighter than the Lombard PowerBook G3.

Enter the iBook

1999 – Many people have tried to copy Apple’s idea of a cool translucent plastic space age looking computer. Well, now Apple’s done it themselves. Enter the iBook.

Original iBook

Apple’s first consumer portable since the PowerBook 150 was discontinued at under US$1,000 in late 1995, the $1,599 iBook was available in blueberry and tangerine. Apple billed it as the world’s second fastest portable computer – only the Lombard PowerBook G3 outperforms it.

No Email Tax

1999: The United Nations has proposed an email tax to subsidize internet connectivity in the two-thirds world. The latest rumor is that the United States government also wants to tax email. From the perspective of the taxman, email has got to look like one incredible revenue opportunity.

How Fast Is Fast?

One of the cardinal rules of computers: Things keep getting faster. There are a lot more parts to the speed equation than processor speed, although the CPU is certainly part of the equation. This article looks at how fast the computer moves data.

A Computer on Every Desk

1999 – A new age of Macintosh computing is among us. For many years, the Mac has just been waiting to defeat the Windows-based box as the computer of choice. Apple now has a chance.

Menagerie of Macs #7

I have a confession to make. I’ve been faltering. Yes, the die hard Mac user who has spent a good amount of time saying how much PCs suck has been peeking at what IBM and Compaq have to offer.

Avoiding Wintel Nightmares

I first came into contact with Apple Macs back in the early 1990s when my friend’s father purchased a Mac LC II. At the time I thought it was a load of rubbish (hey, I’d only ever used Nintendos and an Amstrad 6128+).


1999.07.07 – They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I’m sure Apple isn’t flattered.

My Last Mac: Maybe Not

1999: Walter writes, “I have used Macs since 1993. I have three at home. My first one was a Performa 200 (Classic II). I have always loved the Mac, and I have actively encouraged people to buy them. I have ‘forced’ one on my wife who works in a PC environment – with all the […]