x86? Apple Has Other Plans!

2002 – Aren’t you sick to death of everyone on the other platform telling us how Apple has to adopt “x86” (i.e., the same Intel and AMD processors used for Windows and most Linux boxes) to survive? I know I am.

Peak Performa

It’s not often I get to write anything but groundless rumors for Luddite Mac, but the opportunity to look back at one of Apple’s finest computers ever got my interest.

iPod Spawns Family

Okay, the iPod is overpriced. Steve Jobs has heard our complaints and plans to release four new iPod units after the holidays, according to our secret sources at Apple – not to mention the guy who pumps Jobs’ gas.

Hello, Newton

2001 – Apple (read: Steve Jobs) killed off the Newton on February 27, 1998. At least one company attempted to buy the Newton OS from Apple, only to be told that it was unavailable since Apple had future plans for it.

Sticker Voids Apple Warranty

2001 – Inside sources tell us a customer was denied warranty service because a Chiquita Banana sticker voided the warranty on his Titanium G4. The names and locations have been changed to protect the parties involved.

Windows PPC Coming

REDMOND, WA. Remember back in the early 1990s when Apple and IBM had big plans to offer several different operating systems for PowerPC? The goal was to offer the next generation of Mac OS, OS/2, AI/X, and Windows on the new hardware platform.

Why Does Adobe Hate Apple?

2001 – Thanks to some articles posted this week, I’ve finally figured out why Adobe is shunning Mac users and skipping Macworld Expo this month – they’re trying to pressure Apple into not releasing one or more new software products.

Firmware Truth

Remember last weekend? Apple quietly released a firmware update Friday evening that disabled third-party memory in a lot of newer Macs. By Saturday morning, the Mac Web was abuzz with warnings and theories.

10 GHz Power Mac G5 Coming

If you’ve followed computer news recently, you’ve seen links to articles about 10 GHz processors from Intel (Intel Plans $1500 10GHz PC) and IBM (IBM Reveals 10GHz, 0.13µ PowerPC Chip Tech). Well, Apple certainly hasn’t been left out in the cold – rest assured that Steve Jobs is prepared. Taking a page from the Intel […]

Apple Ditching G4

8/17/2K: Intel has announced that the Pentium 4 will hit 2 GHz next year, forcing Apple to completely rethink its game plan. It’s decision: Abandon the G4 except on graphics workstations.

Borg Sue Apple Over Cube

2000 – Late Tuesday evening, Apple Computer was served legal papers by the Borg. They are suing Apple over the shape and name of their newest computer, the Power Mac G4 Cube.

Apple’s New CineMini

2000 – Getting a good rumor from Apple is harder than pulling teeth these days. The Jobs regime may have made the Apple campus more secure than the CIA.

PowerBook Cinema Coming Soon

2000 – Sometimes bigger is better. Taking a page from the Dell Inspiron 7500 (good luck finding it on their horrendous site), which weighs in at a hefty 9.4 pounds and has a simply huge 15″ 1400 x 1050 display, Steve Jobs unveiled the PowerBook Cinema at the Worldwide Developers Conference last night.

FireFly PowerBook on Tap

5/8/2K: IBM had announced a laptop with a “night light” that illuminates the keyboard, making it easier to use in the dark. Rumors of a PowerBook with illuminated keys have been around for months – in fact, some rumor sites were noticeably disappointed when Pismo didn’t include illuminated keys.

Apple Abandons Motorola, IBM

2/16/2K: Frustrated at Motorola’s inability to deliver 500 MHz G4 processors and the infighting between IBM and Motorola over the G4 design, Apple has unilaterally pulled out of the AIM consortium.

SAM, the Sixteenth Anniversary Macintosh

2000 – “I am Sam.” If our sources are to be believed, Apple computer has licensed this phrase and the likeness of Sam from the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, for the forthcoming Sixteenth Anniversary Macintosh (SAM).

Topless iMac Revealed!

1999.10: Take that, AppleInsider, MacNews, and all the rest! At the suggestion of John Farr, I hereby take the lid of the “new iMac” controversy. As Amy Hoy noted on The Daily Mac, all those photos we saw last week were clever Photoshop creations designed to mislead the Mac faithful.