iMac, Trendsetter

1999 – When I first saw the original iMac, I knew that it would definitely be a trend setter, and definitely make a big iMpact on the world. I was right – the Bondi Blue Bombshell is definitely a trend setter, not only for other computers, but for many other things as well. Let’s review […]

A Legacy Power Mac

1999: I got a lot of positive feedback on last week’s column, I Was Wrong about the iMac, but also a lot of negative feedback on two paragraphs:

Apple Is a Leader

January 1999 – The following letter was sent to the technology coordinator and members of the school board of the South Kitsap (WA) School District in response to Macs Under Fire in South Kitsap (WA) School District. A few clarifications have been added between [brackets].

The iMac Ahead

1999: For over a dozen years, the personal computer industry has been producing incremental upgrades. The 4.77 MHz IBM clone gave way to 8 MHz “turbo” models, then 10 MHz, and sometimes more. With the 80286, speeds leapt from 6 MHz to 8, 10, 12, and 16 MHz.

What’s the Best G3 Daughter Card Upgrade?

1999 – KS writes: I’m considering upgrading my Umax J700/180 with one of the new cards from Vimage, Newer Technology, or PowerLogix. I upgraded my RAM to 96 MB when I bought the machine, but other than that I have not enhanced it in any way.

Where Are the G3 Upgrades for My Power Mac 5400?

1999 – KSJ writes: I was wondering if you could help me figure something out. I have a Power Mac 5400/120 that I bought a couple of years ago. I am looking into a PCI-based G3 upgrade, but no one seems to acknowledge the fact that my machine has a PCI slot (as evidenced by […]

Follow Up Report: Macs Under Fire in South Kitsap (WA) School District

January 1999 – Response to the article Macs Under Fire in South Kitsap (WA) School District is really great! Unfortunately, the district has just recently approved their course of action in the matter. I’m just hoping that the school board gets enough email to possibly reconsider changing the policy. It’s never too late with this […]

I Was Wrong about the iMac

1999: In all the excitement over the iMac, I got a bit carried away. I wrote editorials calling for a headless iMac (The Tiny iMac), a headless iMac with a DVD player and TV output (iMac TV), a behemoth 17″ iMac, a drive bay iMac, an expansion slot iMac, and more (see iMac: First of […]

Performa 6360 Upgrade Options

1999 – No, the Performa 6360 (also sold as the Power Mac 6300/160) isn’t part of the dreaded x200 family. It uses the same improved system board architecture that later made their way into the 6400 and 6500.

iMac iMproved

1999 – I remember the day I first heard of the iMac. I thought to myself, “Hey, this new computer can’t be much cooler.” But I was wrong. At Macworld Expo in San Francisco, one of the coolest new computers was announced, the new iMac.

Connecting to a Shared Internet Connection via Modem

1999 – GA writes: I read this article (Using a IIcx for Shared Internet Access) and liked it. I use IPNetRouter at my wife’s office (I guess that means she used it) for five Macs sharing a DSL line. Here in USWest-land, you must use the DSL modem/bridge they provide or they won’t support you. […]

Beyond Bondi

1999: Apple unleashed the iMac 266 in five fruity flavors last week. Besides yellow (lemon? banana?), the only significant color missing was Bondi Blue, the color of the original iMac.

Upgrading a Quadra 610

1999 – RK writes: I just got this old Quadra 610, and the only way I am going to get rid of this wonderful box is if somebody pries my cold lifeless fingers off of it’s case. :)

Apple’s Small World

1999: The title of the PCWorld article is supposed to say it all: Apple’s World Is Still Small: Mac Sales Are Successful but Still Lag Behind Windows’.

G4s and More

For all those questions that you have about what runs your Mac, here is the definitive article that explains it all. Here’s lesson number one; it isn’t a little mouse that runs around on a wheel, it’s a ferret, on speed.

New Toys at MacWorld Expo

“Collect them all!” exclaimed Steve Jobs as he finished debuting the new iMacs. They now come in five different colours: lime, strawberry, grape, tangerine, and blueberry.

Menagerie of Macs #3

Ah, freedom. It truly is amazing that we can put the power of a 45 pound computing ensemble into the case of a book and have it weigh in at about five pounds. The freedom that a laptop gives you is beyond compare. You can write, compile, archive, or even edit that new action flick […]

The New iMac: What Color Do You Want?

1999: Apple surprised us again. Everyone expected that Apple would announce a faster iMac at Macworld – more speed at the same price (most of us expected 300 MHz). And just about everyone figured on a February 1 release.

Upgrades for a Performa or Quadra 630

1999 – ABV writes: Please give pros and cons for the upgrading my current Performa 630 CD. I have System 7.5, 8 MB of RAM plus RAM Doubler, the TV and video tuner, a 250 MB internal hard drive, a 500 MB external drive, and an HP DeskWriter 550C. I’m trying to upgrade the system to […]

Upgrades for a Centris 610

1999 – ME writes: So, my Centris 610 . . . (I can hear you already. Hopelessly outdated; buy a 7500.) Okay, fine. Anyway, my Centris 610 cost me $30. (University surplus store; it’s raining G3 towers on campus right now, so they’re dumping these things like mad.)

Blue and White Power Mac G3

Bold best summarizes the Blue & White Power Mac G3. With an entirely new minitower case design and huge graphics on the side, this Mac would stand out even without the bright color. In a big step forward, these models have 4 PCI slots, one more than previous models, and the B&W G3 is the first […]