iBook SE (FireWire)

The second-generation iBook Special Edition (SE) adds key lime as an alternative to graphite. It replaces the 366 MHz G3 processor of the earlier iBook SE with the new G3e running at 466 MHz. The G3e includes an on-chip L2 cache that runs at full CPU speed for improved processor efficiency (the larger backside cache in first generation iBooks ran at half of CPU speed).

graphite iBookOther big changes include a DVD-ROM drive, FireWire, and video output. Like the original iBook, it has full AirPort support and a battery rated at six hours.

key lime iBook

The iBook Special Edition is the least expensive DVD-equipped laptop in Apple’s line, and it offers nearly the same speed as the 500 MHz Pismo PowerBook G3. And because OS X 10.4 Tiger almost always came on DVD, it’s the only clamshell iBook that can install Tiger directly.

Other than the new colors, the most visible difference between the second-generation iBooks and the first is the colored button in front of the trackpad on the newer models.


  • introduced 2000.09.13 at US$1,799; replaced by dual USB iBook 2001.05.01
  • requires System 9.0.4 through OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • CPU: 466 MHz PPC 750CX (a.k.a. G3e)
  • Bus: 66 MHz
  • Performance:
    • Geekbench 2 (Tiger): 222
    • Speedometer 4.02: 36.7 CPU, 1300 FPU (Quadra 605 = 1.0)
  • ROM: 4 MB, NewWorld ROM in RAM architecture
  • RAM: 64 MB of SDRAM, expandable to 576 MB via one 1.25″ 3.3V PC66 compliant SO-DIMM
  • Level 2 cache: 256 KB on-chip cache
  • Video: ATI Rage Mobility 128 with 2x AGP
  • VRAM: 8 MB
  • display: 12.1″ 24-bit 800 x 600 SVGA 83 ppi color active matrix, resolution scaling supports 640 x 480
  • Video out: composite video
  • Hard drive: 10 GB 9.5mm IDE
  • DVD-ROM: 6x
  • floppy drive: external USB only
  • expansions bays: none
  • USB: 1 USB 1.1 port
  • FireWire: 1 FW400 port
  • Ethernet: 10/100Base-T
  • Modem: v.90 56k
  • WiFi: 802.11b AirPort optional
  • PC Card slots: none
  • size: 11.6 x 13.5 x 2.1″ (29.4 x 34.4 x 5.2 cm)
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds (3.0 kg) with battery
  • Model identifier: PowerBook2,2
  • family number: M2453

Online Resources


  • Apple’s iLife ’05 software requires a 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution and cannot be installed on clamshell iBooks.
  • There is an incompatibility between the Kensington Startup ADB extension (part of Kensington MouseWorks) and the Trackpad control with Mac OS 9.0.4. The trackpad will respond during boot, but not after the extension loads. The solution is to disable the extension. This may apply to other versions of Mac OS 9 on ‘Books with USB ports.
  • Portable Computers: Models Which Do Not Have a Backup Battery notes the iBook has no backup battery to retain time and other settings when the main battery is removed. A small capacitor holds enough energy to maintain PRAM contents for 20 seconds, so switch batteries quickly.

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