Bill Gates Goes to Heaven

Bill Clinton, Jean Cretien, and Bill Gates were at a meeting discussing the fate the digital revolution in North America. In the meantime, Saddam Hussien decided he’d had about enough from those three and bombed them.

MacFlagstone Creek State School

Nestled in the foothills below the range from Toowoomba, Australia, and surrounded by lucerne fields, lies Flagstone Creek State School. For more than 100 years this school has served as the hub for the community and it is far from being a an old fashioned little school.

The Macintosh’s Secret Weapon

The very first computer that I really ever used (excluding the Tron, Spy Hunter and Gorf arcade games) was a VIC-20. I got it for Christmas when I was 6, back in 1984. I was absolutely happy to have something that would allow me to play video games on my computer, and I didn’t have […]

Macs Have Personality

They really do have personality, don’t they? Mac users think of their computer as a member of the family. We’re a little eccentric, we admit that, but there is something really endearing about that hunk of plastic and silicon on your desk.

Menagerie of Macs #6

A few words before we get started. I didn’t unsubscribe anyone who asked to be taken off the list last month, because I did in fact ask you not to do so since I was busy trying to keep this ‘zine alive at the time.

My Hard Drive Won’t Boot Inside My Mac

1999 – RR writes: First of all, I’d really like to thank you for the service you (and others, obviously) are performing for the Mac community. You are a tremendous asset, and Mac aficionados the world over owe you a debt of gratitude.

Mac OS X and the econoMac

1999: Our friends at the Macintosh Broadcasting Company (MacBC) are thinking different. In the article Is It Time for a Cheaper Mac?, they propose that Apple wait to release a new inexpensive modular Mac until it can ship with Mac OS X Client installed.

iMac iMpact

1999 – They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Well, Apple, I hope you’re flattered. Lately I’ve seen many iMac iMitations. From a real computer that had the same colors as the iMac to the iToaster, iToilet, and chiaMac.

It Isn’t Censorship, It’s Something Else

1999: In the wake of the U.S. Senate’s unanimous passage of a measure to require ISP’s to provide filters to subscribers, much debate has sprung up. Charles Moore warned of the thin edge of the wedge that this measure walks (Thin Edge Of The Wedge: Why Internet Censorship Is A Bad Idea, MacTimes [no longer […]

Censorship and Filtering

1999: To begin, I want to thank Charles W. Moore of MacTimes for bringing up the subject of censorship and Web filtering (see Thin Edge Of The Wedge: Why Internet Censorship Is A Bad Idea [no longer online]). Over the past two days, AppleLinks (It Is Too Censorship!) and MacBC (Is Filtering the Same as […]

A New Type of G3 Daughter Card

1999 – With the Power Mac 7500, 8500, and 9500, Apple introduced a new way of upgrading their computers: the CPU daughter card. Prior to this, all of Apple’s upgrades (except for PPC upgrades to 68K Macs) meant changing the system board.

A Student Bill of Rights

“Since Littleton, the cost of being different has gone up. Thousands of powerful e-mail messages have chronicled an educational system that glorifies the traditional and the normal, and brutalizes and alienates people who are or who are perceived as different under various names – geeks, freaks, nerds, Goths and oddballs. One of the powerful messages […]

It Isn’t Censorship

1999: Charles W. Moore objects to the United States government requiring larger ISPs to provide content filtering to its customers for free or at cost (see Thin Edge Of The Wedge: Why Internet Censorship Is A Bad Idea [no longer online]). Although I agree with Moore in general that censorship is a bad thing, I […]

Mac OS 8.6 Makes iMac More Stable

1999 – You yell as your iMac running Mac OS 8.5 crashes again. You’re getting tired of your iMac crashing many times a day. You also think the only way to stop it is to throw it out the window – but there is another solution.

SCSI Termination Power

Apple has used the SCSI bus since introducing the Mac Plus in 1986. The SCSI bus must have termination power for clean data transmission. Most Macs provide termination power for the SCSI bus, so most SCSI devices for the Mac don’t need to provide it.

Is Apple Missing the Boat?

1999 – Did it strike you odd that Apple completely ignored the iMac at the World Wide Developers Conference? Sure, the latest PowerBook G3 is an incredible machine, but what about the Power Mac, the consumer portable, the iMac?

Fixing and Preventing Hard Drive Crashes

1999 – Lately, many people have been telling me that their iMacs have been giving them many problems. They’ve been reporting crashes, freezes, and other various maladies. I’ve been able to relate to these people, since my own iMac (which I renamed “the useless green lump” – until I fixed it.) was crashing too, for […]

Lombard PowerBook G3

The 1999 version of the PowerBook G3 (a.k.a. Bronze Keyboard and Lombard) was announced on 1999.05.10 and reached stores by the end of the month. At nearly two pounds lighter and 20% thinner than the PowerBook G3 Series, toting Lombard was easier than any PowerBook since the 4.4 lb. 2400.

A Smaller, Lighter PowerBook Without Compromise

1999: PowerBooks have always been six of one, half-a-dozen of the other. Usually a step or two slower than their desktop siblings, in the past, PowerBooks often suffered from compromised screens, small hard drives, and serious memory limitations.

Mac Alive and Kicking

1999 – Lately, many people have been saying to me, “Ha! You have a Mac! Macs are dead!” Well, I don’t think they are. The Mac might’ve been a bit unconscious for a while, but it most definitely isn’t now.