Does iOS 8 Mark the End of 8 GB iPhones?

I have an 8 GB iPhone 4S, and the only way I was able to install iOS 8 without using iTunes was by wiping it back to its original state. No matter how many apps and files I removed, I could not create enough free space for the iOS 8 installer otherwise. Apple brags about […]

iOS 8: A Brief Introduction

iOS 8 has one steep requirement for those who want to upgrade to it directly on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You need 5.6 GB of free space to load and run the installer – even though the core iOS 8 installation is under 1 GB. That can be a real problem with 8 GB iDevices.

Resuscitating a 17” Aluminum PowerBook G4

I purchased a badly abused 17” Aluminum PowerBook G4 in the summer of 2012. It had a badly smashed lower case assembly, missing Enter key, a nonfunctional LCD, a bum battery, and not very many screws holding her together. I’ve always liked the design of the 17” PowerBook and felt the Aluminum PowerBooks have the best […]

FireWire Networking Resolves Vacation A/V Dilemma

I just vacationed in Myrtle Beach, SC with the wife and kids, and like many other tech savvy media fanatics with children who visit hotels and resorts, I was well aware that you just don’t know for sure what kind of WiFi, data connectivity, or display/HDTV you are going to have at your disposal to […]

iOS 8: Not Quite Yet

Low-end Mac and iOS users have a love-hate relationship with Apple. We love new hardware and new operating systems and new features. We hate old hardware and operating systems being left behind.

Motorola StarMax Bootable CD-ROM Guide

It’s been a perennial topic of discussion on our StarMax email list: Which optical drives are bootable in the Motorola StarMax computer and which ones are not. This is important, since Motorola used CD-ROM drives of different makes in StarMax computers – and many users are interested in faster drives or CD-RW capability.

Overclocking the PowerPro PPC Upgrade

The DayStar PowerPro and Sonnet PrestoPPC upgrades made it possible to run a 68040-based Mac with a PowerPC 601 CPU, taking it to the next generation of CPU technology. The 80 MHz version can be overclocked to further improve performance, and it may be possible with the 100 MHz card as well.

Overclocking a PowerBook Duo

Apple’s PowerBook Duo notebooks were very lightweight and very portable, but they are very limited in connectivity unless you can acquire a Duo Dock. The Duo 201, 230, and 280c can all be overclocked. If other Duos can be overclocked, we have not found reports.

Overclocking the Quadra AV Models

The AV Quadras stand apart from the rest of the Quadra line with their AT&T Hobbit coprocessors and GeoPort serial ports. both the 660av and 840av can be overclocked.

Overclocking the Mac LC Series

Only two Mac LC models can be overclocked to improve performance. The LC II and LC III can be chipped; the original LC and LC III+ cannot be overclocked. You can also upgrade LC models using third-party accelerators the plug into the LC processor direct slot (PDS), which will bring more performance at a higher […]

Overclocking a Compact Mac

Many Mac models can be “chipped” to run at a higher speed, but none of the compact Macs can. That said, some can be upgraded with third-party accelerators, so you’re not necessarily stuck with the original CPU speed – although finding those upgrades nowadays may be difficult.

What About the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?

As widely rumored in recent months, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 this week – and in the two sizes expected. The smaller model, with a 4.7″ display, is called the iPhone 6. The larger one, with a phablet-sized 5.5″ screen is the iPhone 6 Plus.